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Central Shroud.

Central Shroud is a location in Final Fantasy XIV.

It largely serves as a starting zone for players who begin in Gridania.



Central Shroud, as the name implies, lies at the heart of the Black Shroud. It is situated to the south of the city-state of Gridania, on the other side of the Jadeite Flood.

This zone connects to East Shroud through Greentear, to North Shroud through the Standing Corses, and to South Shroud through Bentbranch. The Blue Badger Gate and White Wolf Gate connect to New Gridania.


The only Aetheryte is located at Bentbrach Meadows, roughly at the center of the map.


The river in Bentbranch area.

Central Shroud contains the following areas:

  • Jadeite Thick - Central-most paths.
  • Greentear – Eastern glade.
  • Bentbranch – The central and southern paths.
  • Sorrel Haven – A dangerous area located atop a cliff to the west.
  • The Standing Corses - A clearing far in the west with an impact crater.


The Bannock[]

The training grounds for the Order of the Twin Adder.

Bentbranch Meadows[]

Bentbranch Meadows.

Situated on a wooden causeway, this trading post houses a major chocobo ranch.


The Central Shroud's climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

Weather Frequency or conditions
Clear Skies Clear Skies 30%
Fair Skies Fair Skies 30%
Rain Rain 15%
Clouds Clouds 10%
Fog Fog 10%
Thunder Thunder 5%
Tension Tension Occurs when Steel Reign Steel Reign is active anywhere in the Black Shroud.

Places of Interest[]

Lifemend Stump[]


A structure initially built in the days of Gelmorra, Spirithold has found new use as a prison to hold enemies of the forest while they await judgment - though whether the same can be said after the Calamity is unclear. Some also refer to the crumbling ruin as Warren's Hold, after the cells' first gaoler.

The Tam-Tara Deepcroft[]

These catacombs have long been tombs of the Gelmorran nobility. But these days, it has been infested by the Lambs of Dalamud.

The Mirror Planks[]

Located along the Mirror lake, this pier contains ferry services to Lavender Beds.


The Guardian Tree.

A secluded valley located between Bentbranch and Sorrel Haven in which can be found the Guardian Tree. This ancient tree is said to be oldest arbor in all of the Black Shroud. It is sacred to the Gridanians, being home to an elder elemental that watches over the forest.

Haukke Manor[]

Haukke Manor.

This mansion in Sorrel Haven was formerly owned by the Seedseers as a place of respite, but was generally viewed as a symbol of excess by Gridanians. Public opinion eventually swayed them to sell it to a Duskwight noblewoman named Amandine.

Amberscale Rock[]

Spriggan Dig[]

A dig into the crater located at the Standing Corses. What exactly the spriggans are digging for is a mystery.



The Tam-Tara Deepcroft.

The Tam-Tara Deepcroft The Tam-Tara Deepcroft
Level 16
The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (x19 y28)

Since its establishment during Gelmorran times, this subterranean crypt has been used for generations as a final resting place for the remains of rulers and nobles. Since the Calamity, however, the tunnels have become overrun with the Lambs of Dalamud─a deadly cult who worships the now-fallen satellite as their savior. It is in the Deepcroft that these twisted souls silently plot revenge against those who fought to prevent the advent of Dalamud, summoning any dark presence who will aid them to this matter what the cost.
Haukke Manor.

Haukke Manor Haukke Manor
Level 28
Haukke Manor (x9 y22)

Once used by seedseers as a place for spiritual reflection and meditation, Haukke Manor was long frowned upon by the people of Gridania as a symbol of excess. After years of protest, the building was finally sold to a wealthy Wildwood Elezen by the name of Lady Amandine.

While little is known of the lady, it was said that she was exceptionally vain, and that to maintain her impeccable beauty, she would spare no expense. From facial creams concocted from rare Coerthan honeys to shampoos derived from the milk of exotic phurbles, her daily ritual of beauty treatments escalated until it was rumored she was bathing in the blood of her virgin maidservants. No amount of man-made tinctures, however, could hide the hideous scars she eventually suffered during the Calamity, and from that day forth she was forced to turn to a darker solution, signing away her very soul in a final effort to literally "save face".
Haukke Manor (Hard).

Haukke Manor (Hard) Haukke Manor (Hard)
Level 50
Item level 48
Haukke Manor (x9 y22)

Scarred by the Calamity and warped by vanity, the lady of House Dartancours has made a bargain with the voidsent─and lost her soul, as is so often the case with such sketchy arrangements. Now, her manor house is a lair to all manner of dark beings, and the elite band of Wood Wailers sent to purge them has failed to report back. A second try is now in the works.
The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard).

The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard) The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard)
Level 50
Item level 70
The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (x19 y28)

When the guiding light of one's life is extinguished, it takes uncommon strength of spirit to clamber out of the black pits of despair. Those who want for resilience may yet be pulled up by a friend's helping hand, but what becomes of a broken-hearted maiden who has neither the strength nor the succor to overcome the darkness that threatens to consume her? The answer shall be revealed through the tragic tale that begins with the arrival of a single letter...

Guildhest Guildhests
Level 10
Bentbranch Meadows (x22 y21)

Hall of the Novice.

Hall of the Novice Hall of the Novice
Level 15
The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (x19 y28)
Haukke Manor (x9 y22)


Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Battle FATE. One Enchanted Eve 4-9 Jadeite Thick (x25 y18) 15 minutes Defeat the enchanted funguars.
Some foul sorceress has enchanted the forest's funguars, transforming them into man-eating menaces!
Battle FATE. Clever Girls 5-10 Jadeite Thick (x26 y18) 15 minutes Defeat the anoles.
The anoles of Naked Rock have ventured forth from their territory to hunt. Eliminate the pack before they begin feeding on the smallfolk!
Defense FATE. Training Day 5-10 The Bannock (x21 y19) 15 minutes Help the serpent recruit defeat Miraudont the Madder.
Assist the new recruit to the Order of the Twin Adder who has found himself outmatched in a training exercise with his commanding officer, Miraudont the Madder.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the serpent recruit.
Battle FATE. Lady Killer 7-12 Greentear (x29 y21) 15 minutes Defeat the little ladybugs.
Ladybugs are more than welcome to dine on the aphids which infest the orchards of the Central Shroud; however, some have acquired a taste for the honeybees who pollinate the crops. See that this meal is their last.
Boss FATE. Something in the Water 8-13 Jadeite Thick (x23 y23) 15 minutes Defeat the stagnant water sprite.
Aetherial corruption has rendered one of the forest's water sprites extremely violent. Slay the creature before it harms the smallfolk!
Battle FATE. A Mother Scorned 8-13 Greentear (x30 y23) 15 minutes Defeat the charging hogs.
After losing several of their hoglets to the Trappers' League, massive wild sows have become overtaken with rage, gouging anything and everything that moves. To ensure the area's safety, the beasts must be put down.
Boss FATE. Leader of the Pack 9-14 Naked Rock (x31 y21) 15 minutes Defeat the alpha anole.
A new alpha male has emerged within the local pack of anoles, emboldening the lesser beasts. The leader must be slain before the pack grows even more deadly.
Boss FATE. Alux of the Draw 9-14 Spirithold (x25 y25) 15 minutes Defeat Alux.
A markedly mischievous monster known as Alux has been spotted hiding in Spirithold. Ambush the voidsent, and slay him before he can escape.
Battle FATE. Lethe on My Mind 10-15 Bentbranch (x18 y19) 15 minutes Defeat the arbor buzzards.
The Matron's Lethe serves as an important thoroughfare for merchants and travelers, and to ensure they arrive safely at their destinations, the area must be kept clear of deadly predators.
Battle FATE. Spirithold Run 10-15 Spirithold (x27 y23) 15 minutes Defeat the trickster imps.
A cadre of Spirithold-dwelling imps is planning a mass exodus into the Twelveswood to make their merry mischief. Trap them in the abandoned dungeon and see that they never leave.
Battle FATE. The Sting 11-16 Lilystone (x27 y29) 15 minutes Defeat the hornet swarms.
Aggressive hornet swarms nesting near Lilystone are preventing the smallfolk from tending to their daily tasks. Exterminate the pests and bring peace to the area!
Battle FATE. Love Is in the Air 11-16 Galvanth's Spire (x22 y26) 15 minutes Defeat the diremites.
Scores of diremites have crawled from their nest holes and gathered near Galvanth's Spire to search for mates. Join forces with the local Wood Wailer guard and see that the vilekin die spouseless.
Battle FATE. Sleep Tight 12-17 Bentbranch (x18 y27) 15 minutes Defeat the zombies and magicked bones.
Someone or something has awakened souls laid to rest long ago in the Tam–Tara Deepcroft, and now the restless revenants seek blood!
Boss FATE. Bleeding Green 13-18 The Hedgetree (x20 y30) 15 minutes Defeat Matagaigai.
Help prevent the spread of leafbleed─a sickness causing the death of local foliage─by slaying Matagaigai, an overgrown landtrap known to carry the bane.
Boss FATE. There's Something about Lou 14-19 Everschade (x14 y25) 15 minutes Defeat Lou Carcolh.
A giant slug known by the playful moniker Lou Carcolh has been seen near the Guardian Tree. Slay the beast before he consumes the sacred monument.
Battle FATE. Sprig Cleaning 30-35 Sorrel Haven (x15 y18) 15 minutes Defeat the spriggans.
Ever in search of scrumptious stones, a pack of spriggans has descended into the forest. Join the Wood Wailers to send the scamps back whence they came!

This FATE has been removed from the game.

Item FATE. What's Your Poison 30-35 Hopeseed Pond (x15 y21) 15 minutes Deliver dustings of poisonous mushroom spores to the Wood Wailer lance.
The Wood Wailers seek poisonous mushroom spores to create an antidote...for poisonous mushroom spores. They will purchase any brought to them, as long as the product is pure.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the Wood Wailer Lance.
Boss FATE. My Baby Green 31-36 Hopeseed Pond (x13 y22) 15 minutes Defeat Jaded Jody.
An overgrown tangle of vivified vines lovingly named Jaded Jody is drinking up all the water of Hopeseed Pond. If action is not taken quickly, the whole area will be dry by the next moon.
Battle FATE. The Lindwurm Has Turned 31-36 Sorrel Haven (x15 y17) 15 minutes Defeat the lindwurms.
A pair of lovers on their way home from Hopeseed Pond were brutally attacked by a pack of lindwurms drawn by the sweet smell of the day's catch. See the scalekin slain so that they can never harm another.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the greatloam farmer.
Battle FATE. Revenant Things 31-36 Sorrel Haven (x12 y20) 15 minutes Defeat the revenants.
Sometimes, people are unaware when the end knocks, and their souls miss the opportunity to journey back into the Lifestream. These wretched creatures are known as revenants, and they need your help in realizing there is no place for them in this realm.
Item FATE. If I Only Had a Soul 33-38 The Standing Corses (x11 y16) 15 minutes Deliver golem soulstones to the nameless conjurer.
Many mysteries still surround golems and how the creatures are animated. Stillglade Fane seeks to unlock the secrets of the lithic creatures and require soulstones to do so.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the nameless conjurer.
Boss FATE. Asipatra Attacks 34-39 Sanguine Perch (x17 y22) 15 minutes Defeat Asipatra.
Once believed only a creature of legend, the terrible winged Asipatra has been spotted in the Twelveswood. Slay the monster before he can claim any victims.
Boss FATE. In Spite of It All 43-48 Spriggan Dig (x11 y18) 15 minutes Defeat Spiteful.
Deep within the Twelveswood lives a spriggan with a heart blacker than his stygian shock of fur─his name, Spiteful. So filled with malice, this creature does not distinguish between friend or foe, mercilessly attacking any who cross his path. The elementals have spoken. Spiteful's time in the forest is done.
Boss FATE. Steel Reign 50-70 Hopeseed Pond (x14 y21)
Sorrel Haven (x14 y18)
Does not appear on the map.
30 minutes Defeat Odin.
Atop his mighty steed, clad in armor darker than the void, the elder primal Odin has returned to Eorzea to exact his brutal judgment upon the realm.

Spawn conditions:

  • 36 hour spawn window begins after server reset or after 36 hours have passed since last appearance.
  • Changes weather in the entire Black Shroud to Tension Tension while active.



  • Little Ladybug
  • Ground Squirrel
  • Forest Funguar
  • Treant Sapling
  • Water Sprite
  • Syrphid Swarm
  • Black Eft
  • Chigoe
  • Bog Yarzon
  • Anole
  • Hoglet
  • Microchu
  • Trickster Imp
  • Diremite
  • Tree Slug
  • Roselet
  • Arbor Buzzard
  • Hornet Swarm
  • Firefly
  • Magicked Bones
  • Toadstool
  • Lindwurm
  • Deathgaze
  • Floating Eye
  • Revenant
  • Stroper
  • Spriggan
  • White Joker (B-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Forneus (A-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Laideronette (S-Rank Elite Mark)

Musical themes[]


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