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But seriously...This place sure is strange...
—Laguna Loire

The Centra Excavation Site is an unrevisitable location in Final Fantasy VIII. It is visited during the second Laguna dream, when Squall's party is heading toward Galbadia Garden.

Story Edit

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Esthar was excavating what would become the Lunatic Pandora, and Laguna, Kiros and Ward were part of the G-Army sent to spy on Esthar's activities. The trio wandered to the site by accident and discovered the site was a crystalline maze, wondering what Esthar was doing there. They found their way to the top where they viewed the ocean below and some Galbadian vessels they thought would take them home.

Estharian soldiers cornered the trio atop the excavation site, and though Laguna, Kiros and Ward won the battle, they were wounded. Ward began to lose his voice, but Laguna coached his friends to jump down the cliff to the ocean. He pushed them over the edge himself but when it was his turn, he chickened out, and slipped and fell down the cliff. He was later rescued and brought to the town of Winhill to recuperate, never returning to the employ of the Galbadian army.

Buried at the excavation site was the crystal pillar originating from the moon that had fallen to the earth during a Lunar Cry. Seeking to control the Lunar Cry phenomenon as a weapon of mass destruction, Esthar had the pillar excavated and brought to Esthar to be made into the Lunatic Pandora.

During the present Squall's party can spot blue crystals on the former excavation site, but nothing of value outside a Demi draw point is to be found there.

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Layout Edit


Excavation Site Entrance.

Excavation Site Entrance

Leading in from the forest surrounding the site the excavation's entrance consisted of a complex network of metal catwalks, iron ladders and lead beams patrolled by Esthar soldiers.


Excavation Site Depths.

Excavation Site Depths

The site itself seems alien of nature with walls and floors made up of some glowing bluish rock unlike anything seen on the planet. A network of tunnels travel throughout this unique location.

  • Draw points - Cure




At the top of the site cliff overlooks the ocean far below.

Location Edit

Centra Excavation Site Loc

Location of the excavation site, indicated by the crosshair.

The excavation was located within the Centra continent just north of the Centra Crater among the mountains. In the present day, all that is left of the site are blue markings on the ground (a draw point for Demi), which reveal its exact location.

CentraExcavation location

Quests Edit

Some of the actions played out here have a direct consequence when Lunatic Pandora is invaded by the party later. For example, opening up the floor compartment to halt the Esthar soldiers allows the player to find a draw point, and old keys open up new rooms to explore later on.

Old keys Edit

While wandering through the tunnels as Laguna it is possible to find two old keys. Laguna will lose them straight away, but these events trigger new items becoming available later when Squall enters Lunatic Pandora later.

  • Picking up the left-most key (when taking the right fork from the start) opens a door to an Ultima draw point later.
  • Picking up the other key (back tracking to the ladder at the end of the straight path) opens a door to a LuvLuv G later.

Trap-doors, boulders and the detonator Edit

Tampering with the handle of the middle trap door will open it upon leaving the screen. When the area is visited as Squall, a Silence draw point will be found in the opened door. After opening the middle door Laguna should tamper with the other handles as well although nothing will happen yet.

At the detonator, Laguna should blow the further boulder first, followed by the closer one. If done correctly, and Laguna has tampered with the left and right trap doors, each detonation will shake a trap-door open. Later on Squall can find a Phoenix Pinion behind the left door, and a Power Generator behind the right door and the boulders act as bridges.

Lastly, there is a boulder along the path to the cliff. Examining it will cause the boulder to roll away. This reveals a Cure draw point for Laguna, and later the party can find a Spd-J Scroll in the hole.

Battles on the cliffs Edit

Laguna is forced to fight five battles on the cliff, but tampering with the middle trap door, blowing the two detonators in the correct order, and pushing the boulder will each prevent one fight. The last soldier will always use a move that leaves the party with 1 HP.

Enemies Edit

Musical themes Edit

"Find Your Way" from Final Fantasy VIII
FFVIII Find Your Way

"Junction" plays at the dungeon's entrance, while "Find Your Way", the game's dungeon theme, play inside the excavation site.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit

FFAB Centra Excavation Site FFVIII Special
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Centra Excavation Site FFVIII

In Squall's dream, Laguna and his squad scout the Esthar excavation site in Centra. They encounter heavier-than-expected defenses as they advance through the tunnels.

Gallery Edit

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