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A many-legged octopus-squid-thingy with a firm grasp of water magic. Yes, we know water isn't firm enough to be grasped. Nonetheless, this Mirage manages to pull it off. Because a cenchos...never says "can'tchos."
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Cenchos is a boss in World of Final Fantasy.


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Location Formation
The Sunken Temple - Quacheon 7 Cenchos *(During intervention quest - The Sunken Temple's Secret)
The Coliseum - Calamari Time Bomb Cenchos


Cenchos is a shortened form of Cichol Gricenchos. In Irish mythology, Cichol was the first leader of the Fomorians, a race of semi-divine beings similar to the Titans of Greek mythology. The name "Gricenchos" means "withered foot," or "footless,".

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