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Me and her met for the first time right after you brought us this Calm of yours. I'd caught word that an old airship was at the bottom of the sea way up in the north. Me and Brother made our way through a sea of ice. A fog moved in, so thick we couldn't tell west from east. On top of that we were freezing our blitzballs off. Yep, I thought we were done for. Then it appeared above us: a single gull, flying along out of nowhere. As if it had come to save us, right? We didn't have a lot of options, so me and Brother chased after that gull with everything we had left. And by some stroke of luck, we found this ship nestled within the ice.


The Celsius is the party's airship in Final Fantasy X-2 and the mobile base of operations for the Gullwings. The party's missions begin and end aboard the ship. The ship uses a sphere wave detector to detect waves emitted by spheres.

The facilities on the airship include a number of resources from Shinra including a bestiary, information about Spira, and a sphere theater. A shop and inn, and a number of refilling treasure chests are also available. As the game progresses many of the airship's passengers will also offer their services to compliment the airship's; these include an additional shop and the ability to capture and store chocobos.


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Final Fantasy X-2[]

One of the few airships in current operation around Spira, the Celsius was unearthed in the cold north by the Al Bhed faction soon after the onset of the Eternal Calm. Presumably the airship was originally created some 1,000 years before game events; before Sin and the oppression of machina.

To recover the Celsius when forming a sphere hunting organization, Brother and Buddy traveled to the north. At first, their attempt to find the airship appeared to be failing, but then they spotted a single gull in the sky and decided to follow it. The gull led them to the airship, and so, based on this event, the group was named the Gullwings, after the bird.

FFX-2 Celsius


Brother and Buddy piloted the airship with Rikku and Shinra as crew, after breaking away from Cid. They were joined by Paine, who wished to fly aboard the airship in return for her offering her combat skills. When Yuna also joins the group, wishing to find the truth behind a sphere, which showed a man resembling Tidus, Kimahri had found, the "YRP" task group (consisting of Yuna, Rikku, and Paine) was formed.

The Sphere Oscillo-finder detects sphere waves at the top of Mt. Gagazet's Floating Ruins. They aim to drop the main party at the top of the ruins but end up dropping them off not-so close. The party obtain the sphere and return it to the Celsius but it is no use to the party. Following this sphere waves are detected in Besaid and in Zanarkand Ruins. In Besaid the party find another dud in the cave, while in Zanarkand Ruins they find a broken sphere. Later the Gullwings receive reports of an awesome sphere in Kilika which they steal from New Yevon.

The sphere showed the man seen in the earlier sphere in front of a massive machina. After this the crew of the airship decide to make Yuna dance. A band that Brother picked up earlier is used during the event on the bridge of the ship.

The Gullwings decide to give the sphere they just stole to the Youth League (or New Yevon if the player chooses). During this time the Leblanc Syndicate boards the Celsius and steals a sphere. A distress signal from Barkeep alerts the crew and they eventually discover the broken Zanarkand Ruins sphere was stolen, in exchange for a sphere containing a message from the syndicate showing the act.

The Gullwings steal Leblanc Syndicate uniforms and break into Chateau Leblanc where the syndicate have assembled the broken sphere with the other half of the sphere they have and bring the reassemble sphere back to the airship. The Gullwings join forces with the Leblanc Syndicate and they bring them back to the airship so the team can head to Bevelle after discovering the reassembled sphere of the machina was recorded beneath Bevelle.

After the events of Bevelle the team are called up to the airship after fiends come from the temples. The Gullwings decide to make it their mission to dispatch their fiends. After they accomplish this, Shinra shows them his new invention called CommSpheres.

With CommSpheres, a technology developed by Shinra, Yuna contacts people from all areas of Spira from the airship. Yuna receives updates from various characters through this. Later the system is used to advertise a concert starring Yuna held in an attempt to unite the denizens of Spira. With help from Tobli and his associates many people gather for the concert in the Thunder Plains. The exposed deck of the Celsius serves as a stage for Yuna's performance.

After the performance the Gullwings decide to go to the Farplane to find Shuyin and enter through one of the holes that lead down there. After felling Shuyin the Gullwings return to Besaid on the Celsius and Yuna reunites with a revived Tidus.

Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~[]

After landing in Besaid the Celsius malfunctions and is unable to fly and even Shinra is stumped on how to repair it. A man named Briar points Shinra out as a "Bedohl" and tries to attack him, but Paine and the other Gullwings subdue him and tie him up at the Besaid Temple. Shinra is curious and asks Brier what a Bedohl is and learns it is the ancient name for Al Bhed. Briar tricks Shinra into releasing him by promising to fix the Celsius, but as Shinra unties him Brier knocks him down and escapes.

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission[]

YRP Pilot

YRP pilot the Celsius.

During their adventure in Iutycyr Tower, the Celsius is operated by Yuna, Rikku, and Paine alone.

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Boarding and parting[]


Locations list.

When on the airship, the player can leave by talking to Buddy. Doing so will open up a menu which lists all the available locations. Highlighting over a specific location on the list will update a text box in the bottom-right of the screen which will potentially give details on missions and events available in that specific area. Not all events are mentioned here however.

Areas will be flagged as "Hotspots" if there are events related to story progression there. In Chapter 5 areas will be flagged as hotspots if the player can do any missions in the specific location. At certain points in the game (usually after all Hotspot-related missions are complete) the player will be forced to go to one specific location and not be able to choose from the list.

The player can board the Celsius at Save Spheres throughout Spira from the Save menu. This will teleport the player to the bridge of the airship. A number of scenarios will have this option omitted. The Save Sphere found on the airship will not have this option since the player will already be on the airship at this point. Also during scenarios where the player is forced to go to a specific location, such as the events of Kilika at the end of Chapter 1, the player will not be able to return to the airship thereafter until the mission is complete.

The player will also often board the airship after the completion of a mission. This means that the player will have to return to the area to see repercussions from the mission, to see updated reactions from non-player characters, and in some cases to receive items from said characters. In this scenario, an establishing shot of the Celsius occurs before Yuna emerges from the elevator out onto the bridge.

Like in Final Fantasy X, the player does not need the airship to travel to most areas as most of it is one land mass. This means the player can travel from Luca to Macalania, and from Macalania to Zanarkand Ruins without the need for an airship. Boats will not take the player to the isles of Besaid or Kilika, and Bikanel can only be accessed through the airship too.


Celsius layout

Celsius layout.

The airship contains three floors plus an open-air deck, all accessed via a single elevator. When the player enters the elevator a diagram of the Celsius is given and a list of locations. Highlighting a location will have the diagram show where the area is located. In each area the other three locations will be listed, while the fourth option, "Cancel", will keep the player in the same place. The Deck is an exception and the elevator will always take the player down to the Bridge.


The airship's open-air top deck can be accessed by the elevator and is a favored spot by the party to unwind, think or simply to seek privacy. It can be accessed whether the airship is moving or stationary.

The player must go to the Deck to speak to Paine at the beginning of Chapter 4, to be able to progress with the story. Cid will appear here in Chapter 5, after he is rescued from the New Cave. Going up to the Deck will have him walk to the Bridge. Due to him appearing on the Deck when returning to the airship after receiving an Episode Complete, he will be visible in the establishing shot of the airship.


Celsius layout concept art

Bridge concept.

The bridge is the heart, brain and control hub of the ship. In the corridor, there is an elevator used to access other areas on the airship and a save sphere.

Shinra can be found on the right side of the area on his computer. Shinra can provide information about Spira, or give tutorials about game mechanics. Spheres found by the player can be viewed in the Treasure Spheres option, enemies previously fought by the player can be reviewed in Shinra's Bestiary, information about characters can be found in Shinra's Dossiers, and tutorials and information about terms and events can be found in Shinra's Guide to Everything. During Chapter 4 and onward Shinra also allows the player to use CommSpheres to communicate with people in other areas of Spira, however the system plays no role beyond Chapter 4.

Rikku and Paine will share their thoughts about the area last visited or based on the mission previously done, and Brother will comment on various things as well. Speaking to Buddy at the front-left of the area will bring up a list of locations that the player can travel to.

At the start of Chapter 1, speaking to Brother will score the player three Al Bhed Primer key items and an explanation on learning Al Bhed. Talking to Buddy at this time will score the player one more Al Bhed Primer key item. These key items change depending on the order and what Al Bhed Primers have already been earned, although assuming the player has none at this point the four will be the Al Bhed Primer XXI, Al Bhed Primer XIX, Al Bhed Primer III, and Al Bhed Primer XVII. At the start of Chapter 2, another Al Bhed Primer can be earned after the scene at the start of the chapter if the player has not already earned all the primers.

In Chapter 4, Tobli appears on the Bridge after viewing the crowd scene. Interacting with him here allows the player to continue the story and start the performance. After the performance, Maechen appears on the Bridge and is used for a story-progressing scene.

If the circumstances for Cid boarding the airship are met, Cid will go to the Bridge after the player finds him on the Deck. A scene of him in a dispute with Brother ensues, before he exits to the Engine Room where he resides thereafter.

Engine Room[]

The engines of the Celsius are housed in the engine room. Four treasure chests reside in the room that refill every new chapter.

When Leblanc is on-board the Celsius, she can be found here in Chapter 4, after the Thunder Plains concert. Cid resides here if the player recruits him to the airship and watches his scenes on the Deck and on the Bridge.

A set of stairs lead downward, however these do not lead to anything. It is implied to be the staircase down to the entrance and exit of the airship.

Chest Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5
Closest, left Remedy x3 Remedy x4 Remedy x5 Remedy x6 Remedy x7
Farthest, left Potion x4 Potion x8 Hi-Potion x4 Hi-Potion x8 X-Potion x4
Closest, right Ether Ether x2 Ether x3 Turbo Ether x3 Turbo Ether x4
Farthest, right Phoenix Down x4 Phoenix Down x5 Phoenix Down x6 Phoenix Down x7 Phoenix Down x8


Celsius cabin concept

Cabin concept.

In the cabin, Barkeep the Hypello runs the Gullstore, which is a basic shop, and will let Yuna rest in one of the beds. Resting each chapter will add to the percentage and is necessary for getting 100% in a single playthrough.

Celsius Inn 2

The picture is obscured by the ceiling fan in this screenshot.

The sleeping quarters has an angry picture of Cid downstairs with a dart at his head 102b-cid.

Occasionally, other passengers on the Celsius can be found here; O'aka XXIII will be here to sell his wares if the Gullwings agree to hold him during Chapter 1, and Calli and Clasko can be found in the cabin if invited aboard the Celsius. Clasko will be found on top-floor the first time he is recruited in Chapter 1 and on the bottom the second time he can be recruited in Chapter 2.

At the start of Chapter 2, the band consisting of Pukara, Borra, and Daraya from Macalania Woods, can be found in the corridor. They are part of the moving the band minigame. They will appear in the corridor until the end of Chapter 2.

Additionally, any chocobos caught using Shinra's ChocoPorter device in Chapter 4 will be found here.

In Chapter 5, Darling will appear in the Cabin if the player views the scene with Brother and Barkeep. This scene is unlocked after resting in the Cabin at least once every chapter.

When O'aka first opens his shop on the Celsius, he sells basic items at a slightly reduced price. If the player pays off his debts before Chapter 3, he starts selling items at a drastically reduced price which is lower than the regular sell price.


The Gullstore[]

The Gullstore is run by Barkeep in the Cabin. The shop remains the same throughout the game with the only change occurring in Chapter 3 where he will start selling Hi-Potion items. O'aka sells all the same items, including the Hi-Potion despite appearing earlier than Chapter 3, and at an undercut price (98%). After O'aka's debts are paid, the undercut price is 10%, which is less than the Gullstore's sell price (the standard 25%).

Item Cost Chapters
Potion 50 All
Hi-Potion 500 3+
Phoenix Down 100 All
Antidote 50 All
Eye Drops 50 All
Echo Screen 50 All
Soft 50 All
Holy Water 300 All
Twist Headband 3,000 All
White Cape 3,000 All
Silver Glasses 3,000 All
Star Pendant 4,000 All

O'aka's Shop[]

Oakas debt

O'aka on the Celsius.

When O'aka is in debt his items will cost 98% of their base price. If O'aka has had his debts paid, his items will cost 10% of their base price. The shop will stay available until the start of Chapter 3, when O'aka leaves the airship. If his debts are not paid off by Chapter 3, he will remain on the airship until he is solvent.

One can only buy items from O'aka, it is not possible to sell to him.

Item Cost (in debt) Cost (debt paid)
Potion 49 5
Hi-Potion 490 50
Phoenix Down 98 10
Antidote 49 5
Eye Drops 49 5
Echo Screen 49 5
Soft 49 5
Holy Water 294 30


Shinra's Guide to Everything[]

Shinra's Guide to Everything teaches the basics of the game and contains numerous tutorials.

Viewing the "Using Garment Grids" tutorial earns the player the Vanguard Garment Grid.

Shinra's Guide also contains a Glossary of Spira sub-menu. This glossary contains numerous terms from the game and information about them.

Treasure Spheres[]

Treasure Spheres is an option on the menu when interacting with Shinra. The option allows the player to view what is filmed on spheres they have in their possession. The movies do not use the same name as the key item. Many of the spheres are earned through the story, however a number of others are optional and primarily focus to expand the story of the game.

Most optional treasure spheres can be permanently missed. One sphere, Gippal's Sphere, is only earned in a scenario where they will not get Episode Complete, only Episode Concluded in a scenario, namely the Mi'ihen Highroad.

Shinra's Dossiers[]

Shinra's Dossiers offer some info on all major characters that appear in the game.

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There are a number of things that can be done on the airship to contribute to 100%.

Chapter 1[]

After boarding the Celsius in Chapter 1, the player must speak to Brother, Paine, Rikku, and Shinra on the Bridge, and speak to Barkeep in the Cabin. The player must also rest in the Cabin (which also applies to all other chapters), and view the "Journey's Start" in Treasure Spheres from Shinra's menu. Later, when selecting a location becomes available, the player can talk to Brother and select "Confront him" to gain a percentage. The player also gains a percentage after Buddy tells the player of reports of an awesome sphere in Kilika Woods. All of the aforementioned events total 2.4%.

The player also gets percentage for recruiting O'aka, speaking to him on the airship, and paying off his debts (before the Chapter 3 mission Secure the Agency!), recruiting Clasko to the airship, talking to Clasko in the Cabin once on the airship, and for watching "Crimson Report 1" from Treasure Spheres after obtained Crimson Sphere 1 on Mushroom Rock Road.

Chapter 2[]

The player gets percentage from resting in the Cabin and giving the sphere to the Youth League at the start of the chapter. Later, the player must start the mission to obtain three Leblanc Syndicate uniforms; after this is done, the player gets percentage for watching the scene where the uniforms are all worn. After the infiltration of Chateau Leblanc, percentage can be added by watching the discussion of the mission in Bevelle. All of the aforementioned events total 3.6%.

The player also gets percentage from recruiting Calli and Clasko onto the airship, watching "Crimson Report 7" from Treasure Spheres on the airship after obtaining Crimson Sphere 7, and dropping off Clasko at the old Monster Arena.

Chapter 3[]

The player gets percentage from watching the initial scenes and also resting in the Cabin. The events on the Bridge before Kilika and Besaid, but before Djose also contribute to the percentage. The aforementioned events total 1.2%.

The player also gets a percentage for obtaining the Crimson Sphere 4 from Guadosalam and then watching the "Crimson Report 4" on Treasure Spheres, and for obtaining the Crimson Sphere 1 in Bevelle and then watching the "Crimson Report 1" from Treasure Spheres. The player also earns percentage for checking the Travel Agency in the Calm Lands for the CommSphere installation, and the upper floor of the Chocobo Ranch for the CommSphere installation there. This also helps ensure percentage is earned for the scenes in the locations in the next chapter.

Chapter 4[]

The player gets percentage from watching the "Crimson Report 2" and "Crimson Report 3" from Treasure Spheres, speaking with Paine on the Deck, doing the Rehearshal's Shtarting? minigame in the Cabin after the Moonflow events, listening in on the crowd's arguments before the concert. Speaking with Tobli to start the concert, watching the full YRP scene, watching the performance in the Thunder Plains, speaking to Maechen on the Bridge, and speaking to Leblanc in the Thunder Plains. The Chapter is also largely about CommSpheres and watching specific scenes add to percentage. The aforementioned events total 14.8%.

Chapter 5[]

The player gets percentage from watching "Crimson Report 5" from Treasure Spheres, speaking to Buddy in the Bridge, resting in the Cabin, speaking to Buddy in the Engine Room, receiving the Mascot dressphere after all Episode Completes. Speaking to Brother and selecting a location to jump into the Farplane, returning from the Farplane to the airship and speaking to Shinra on the Bridge, watching the scene with Brother and Buddy on the Deck, watching the scene with Cid in the Cabin, and returning to the Farplane then return to the airship and speak with Rikku on the deck. The aforementioned events total 5%.

The player also gets percentage from watching "Yevon's Secret" from Treasure Spheres after obtaining Baralai's Sphere from Guadosalam, recruiting Cid to the airship from the New Cave at the Thunder Plains, watching the scene with Cid on the Deck, watching the scene with Cid and Brother on the Bridge, watching "Crimson Report 6" and "Crimson Sphere 8" from Treasure Spheres after obtaining Crimson Sphere 6 and Crimson Sphere 8 respectively from Via Infinito.

Al Bhed Primers[]

At the start of Chapter 1, talking to Brother will offer a brief description on learning the Al Bhed language after which Yuna will receive three Al Bhed Primers. If Yuna speaks to Buddy after this he will give her one more for a total of four.

At the start of Chapter 2, after watching the awesome sphere taken from Kilika, another Al Bhed Primer is received.

Shinra's Bestiary[]

Shinra's Bestiary is an option on the menu when interacting with Shinra. The option allows the user to view the enemy's they have fought in the past, although it does not include a large number of enemies and focuses only on fiends. Defender enemies are also on the list.

Final Fantasy X-2 introduces the Oversoul feature. After defeating a certain amount of enemies of a particular genus (which varies per genus), an enemy of that genus will "Oversoul". Oversouled enemies improve all the stats and spoils of the enemy. When an Oversouled version of an enemy has been fought its name will appear red on the Bestiary and the Oversoul version of the enemy will be documented.

Each bestiary entry will have an image of the enemy, its name, HP, MP, Gil, and Type. Each entry will also have a short comment presumably made by Shinra. The same stats are given for Oversouled enemies, while the description makes a comment on how the Oversouled version improves from the normal enemy.

To add an enemy to the list the player does not have to defeat it, only encounter it. The same applies for Oversouled enemies. After encountering all Oversoulable enemies Oversouled forms, Shinra will reward the player with the The End Garment Grid.

Recruiting Clasko[]

Clasko can be recruited at two points in the story. The first instance is in Chapter 1 in Mushroom Rock Road, while the second is in Chapter 2 on the Mi'ihen Highroad. The purpose of recruiting Clasko onto the airship is to allow him to open up the Chocobo Ranch in Chapter 3. Both can be done on a single playthrough but neither technically have to be done for him to open the ranch.

In Chapter 1, the player can go to the Mushroom Rock Road. Here they must talk to Yaibal and accept the challenge to run the gauntlet. The player must then talk to Clasko. If the player runs on without talking to Clasko they will miss out on a percentage. The player must then do the "Foggy Fiend Frenzy!" mission. After this mission they must return to the first area of Mushroom Rock Cave (the area the player is taken to after using the Save Sphere) to find Clasko south and on the right of the path. After talking to Clasko, he will ask to board the airship. If the player selects "The more the merrier!" he will board the airship and be found in the Cabin, if the player selects "Sorry, loser" he will not.

In Chapter 2, Clasko can be seen during a mission on Mi'ihen Highroad, however there are two alternate requirements for him being prepared to join the airship after. Either the player must have made him board the airship in Chapter 1 or the player must go to the Mushroom Rock Road on Chapter 2 and talk to him. After this, the player must do the "Cuckoo for Chocobos!" mission. Clasko will help out during the mission and the player will have the option to recruit him to the airship. He will be in the area with the Save Sphere the player is dropped at off from the Celsius. The player does not have to recruit him to the airship for him to set up the Chocobo Ranch, but it allows the player to start it on Chapter 2 instead of Chapter 3.

If the player did not talk to Clasko on Mushroom Rock Road on Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 and then does the "Cuckoo for Chocobos!" mission, he will not appear during the mission and he will not be available to board the airship. However, if the player then goes to Mushroom Rock Road on Chapter 2 and talks to him after doing the mission he will then run off and next be seen in Chapter 3 at the Monster Arena.

If Clasko was on the airship after the "Cuckoo for Chocobos!" mission, when the player enters the Calm Lands Clasko will head to the Monster Arena. He will then open the Chocobo Ranch. If the player does not pick him up on Chapter 2 but spoke to him on Mushroom Rock Road at any point, or recruited him in Chapter 1, then he will be at the Monster Arena and set up the ranch on Chapter 3. If the player does not go to the Monster Arena/Chocobo Ranch in Chapter 3 then he will still be there in Chapter 5 however the player will miss out on percentage.

If the player does not complete these prerequisites the player will not be able to catch chocobos and therefore not be able to receive items from sending them out to places in Spira. It also means the player will not be able to enter the ranch location, or the dungeon beneath it, nor will the chocobo's be able uncover the Fiend Colony dungeon on the Mi'ihen Highroad.

Recruiting Calli[]

Like Clasko, Calli can also be recruited during Chapter 2 after the Cuckoo for Chocobos! mission on the Mi'ihen Highroad. During the mission the player must catch the chocobo for her. After this the player must return to the Mi'ihen Highroad to recruit her. She will be in the area with the Save Sphere the player is dropped at off from the Celsius. Selecting the top option will do this.

When Calli is recruited to the airship she will reside in the Cabin on the farthest side of the bar-counter. She will remain on the airship permanently. Other repercussions of her being on the airship include not being able to suspect Calli during the Mi'ihen Highroad Mystery minigame and sidequest in Chapter 4. This does not prevent the player from getting Episode Complete as there are two other options that will still reward this to the player, and it will also allow Rikku to become available instead who will reward Episode Complete and the Ragnarok accessory.

Recruiting O'aka[]

O'aka can be picked up in Chapter 1 from the Macalania Woods after doing the mission Follow That O'aka. The player must go to the Travel Agency where a scene will ensue and O'aka will be seen briefly. Following him into the woods will start the mission.

The player must chase him throughout the woods, where he will end up at the Campsite. The player must select "Let's hide him on the airship!" to bring him aboard. If the player selects "Quick! Call the Al Bhed!" then a second menu will come up questioning the choice, "Okay, let's hide him" will bring him to the airship while "We're turning him in" will end the mission, without O'aka on the party's airship.

If the player turned O'aka in during the first mission O'aka can be found in Chapter 2 on Bikanel Island in the Southern Expanse working off his debts. He will appear as a green X on the radar. If approached he will ask the player to board their airship again. "Sure" will take him on the airship while "Sorry!" will not. The player will fail the digging expedition if they talk to him.

O'aka's debts[]

If O'aka was recruited in Chapter 1 or Chapter 2, the player can find him in the Cabin until the end of Chapter 2. Here the player can buy his wares to help pay off his debts.

When the player pays off O'aka's debts he will offer the party a heavily reduced price on his items. The quest will end at the end of Chapter 2. If the player has not paid off O'aka's debts by this point then he will remain on the airship until they have been paid off. As soon as they have been paid off he will leave the airship and the player will never get the discounted prices.

O'aka's debt is 100000 gil in the first playthrough of the game. In New Game Plus playthroughs the debt is what the debt was on the last playthrough plus an additional 1000 gil. This means if the player paid off all the debts on the previous playthrough it will only be 1000 gil on a New Game Plus playthrough.

An easy way to earn the money is in Chapter 2. If the player has earned 10000 gil they can buy data from the innkeeper in Guadosalam. The data given is at random, so if the player were to save their game before buying data they could reset their game. If the data's hints are "It's the last person you'd expect" and the second hint is "It's the closest person you can find" the party will be able to sell it back to the innkeeper. The price of the data is 100000 gil, which is the amount needed to pay off O'aka, however the profit will be 90000. At this point the player will be able to buy 90000 gil worth of items from O'aka, and then sell them to Barkeep. From 90000 gil the player will return 25.5% of money spent which is 22950 which will repay the remaining 10000.

Due to the heavily reduced prices the player gets if they pay off O'aka's debt before Chapter 3, the player can buy from O'aka at 10% of an item's base-price and then sell it at the sell-price (25% of an item's base-price) for a profit. This can be repeated indefinitely so long as the player does not continue beyond Chapter 2. Despite not being able to sell straight back to O'aka, this tactic for earning money quickly is made easier as Barkeep is found just across from O'aka in the Cabin.

O'aka will leave the airship once paid or at the start of Chapter 3 already paid. He will be found at the Travel Agency at Lake Macalania. He will also then appear in Chapter 4 through the CommSphere, and later in Chapter 5. In Chapter 5 a scene will ensue with O'aka and Wantz and the player will get an Episode Complete for Lake Macalania (although this is not needed for the Mascot dressphere) and the player will be able to use both O'aka's and Wantz's shops.

If the player has not paid off his debts by this point then they will miss out on percentage and he will remain on the airship. Paying off O'aka's debts in the HD Remaster version earns the trophy/achievement Millionaire.

Moving the band minigame[]

Musician X-2

Musicians aboard the Celsius.

At the start of Chapter 2, after watching the scenes on the Bridge, Brother will comment about hitchhikers he picked up. If the player goes down to the Cabin, they will find the band in the corridor. After talking to Daraya and answering "Actually, I'm singing tonight...", the player can start a short mandatory minigame where they will have to move each member of the band into the lift.

The three band members will stand still and will move when the player character moves into them. The player must push them towards the lift. When a member is successfully in the lift Yuna, the player character, will jump away from the lift and an elevator sound will occur. The minigame ends when the three band members are in the lift. An easy way to do this minigame is to push the band member against the wall and then to push them along the wall until they get into the lift.

If the player skips the Moonflow mission in Chapter 1, Tobli boards the Celsius in Chapter 2 and can be pushed into the elevator alongside the other musicians. He gives the Enterprise accessory afterwards.

The player is not timed for this and there are no rewards (unless Tobli is present), however it is mandatory for story progression.

CommSphere Network[]

During the events of Chapter 4, the player can watch CommSpheres. This is Yuna's only way of interacting with other characters during Chapter 4. There is a Commsphere in each location Yuna visited during Chapter 3. Viewing the Commspheres will show a variety of scenes, many of which add percentage completion. Viewing certain scenes must be done in order to an complete episodes in a specific location.

There are four opportunities to use CommSpheres. The first is at the start of Chapter 4, the second is after talking to Paine when she is on the Deck, the third is after the events of the Moonflow and the Rehearshal's Shtarting? minigame in the Cabin, and in Chapter 5. In each of these scenarios, additional scenes will be added to the locations to be watched. None of the scenes in Chapter 5 count to percentage, and many of the scenes found at the later stage of Chapter 4 and at the start of Chapter 5 depict the overall collapse of the CommSphere Network.

Rehearshal's Shtarting?[]

Concert rehearsal minigame

Introduction to dancing exercise before Thunder Plains concert.

"Rehearshal's Shtarting?" is a mandatory rhythm-based minigame played in Chapter 4. After finding Tobli at the Moonflow, the player is returned to the Celsius where they must go to the Cabin to begin the minigame. The screen is split vertically, with Yuna on the left and Rikku on the right.

On the right-hand side of the screen, a regularly-changing image of a button will appear (either X, Circle, Square, or Triangle) and on the left a yellow or red musical note will appear and disappear shortly after. To earn the most points, the player must press the button shown on the right side of the screen in-time with the notes on the left. Timing the red notes correctly earns more points than yellow notes.

The game scores the player for pushing buttons as quickly as possible when the notes appear, and extra points are earned for pushing the correct button. The game does not use a detection/prevention mechanism for pressing buttons out of time. Because of this, one can simply mash the button given on the right-hand side of the screen to easily earn optimum points.

There are four possible rewards depending on the amount of points received:

Point range Reward
0 to 49 Pearl Necklace
50 to 99 Safety Bit
100 to 149 Sublimator
150+ Shmooth Shailing

Crimson Sphere[]

In Chapter 4, the Crimson Sphere 5 can be obtained. The player can receive it from Leblanc who is in the Engine Room during the short explorable portion of the chapter after Yuna's concert. If the player talks to Shinra, Leblanc will go up to the Bridge and the player will miss the opportunity to obtain the sphere and their chance to enter the Den of Woe.

Brother and Barkeep scene[]

There is a scene that occurs in the Cabin involving Brother and Barkeep. Brother is seen talking to Barkeep about his love for Yuna. Brother comments that he and Barkeep were born bachelors when Darling, Barkeep's girlfriend, walks in. Darling now appears permanently in the Cabin with Barkeep. Speaking to the Hypello and choosing the option "Pet Shop", will allow the player to rename the pets used in the Trainer dressphere. After this scene, the "The Gullwings March" will play as the theme of the airship until the player does a Mission.

To view the scene the player must rest a least once during every chapter. Viewing the scene and resting each chapter adds to the percentage completion of the game.

Recruiting Cid[]

In Chapter 5, Cid can be brought aboard the airship. The player must enter the Thunder Plains where they will receive the A Fallen Genius? mission. After defeating Humbaba at the tenth tower, and completing the mission the player can enter the New Cave. Cid can be found at the destination point where a battle with Machina Panzer ensues. After this he will board the airship.

Cid first appears on the Deck of the ship. If the player goes to the Deck he walks down to the Bridge. If the player moves towards him on the Bridge a scene ensues where he argues with Brother. After this he heads down to the Engine Room where the player can find him.

Musical themes[]

The theme that plays within the Celsius is "sphere hunter Seagull Group" (スフィアハンター・カモメ団, Sufia Hantā Kamome Dan?), called "We're the Gullwings" in the Luca sphere theater and on iTunes.

"Mission Time!" plays at times when new storyline missions are available. This is often accompanied with a flash of red and an alarm sound. The same theme is also the theme for when the playing is in the destination select menu.

At the start of Chapter 2, "The Gullwings March" plays continuing from the end of the previous chapter's events in Kilika Woods. This continues to play as the background music on the airship until the dancing performance later that chapter before reverting to the normal theme. At the start Chapter 3, "Your Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings" will play toward the end of the opening scene and continue to play as the theme of the airship for the entirety of the chapter before reverting to the normal theme for Chapter 4.

After the Paine scene on the Deck on Chapter 4, the theme changes to "Paine's Theme". This then changes to "Yuna's Theme", after the scene where the party decide to throw a concert. This then changes to "The Gullwings March" after speaking to Tobli in the Moonflow. This then goes back to "Yuna's Theme" after watching the crowd scene.

During the dancing performance on Chapter 2, "Yuna's Theme" will play. Later in Chapter 2, when Leblanc boards the airship "Let Me Blow You a Kiss" will play. At the start of Chapter 3, "The Bevelle Underground" is used in the opening scene, continuing from the end of the previous chapter's events in Bevelle. During the scene where the party discusses Lenne with Maechen in Chapter 4, after Maechen has left, "Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~" plays.

When Leblanc is the Engine Room, "Anything Goes for Leblanc!" will play. This will continue playing in the Engine Room, but get quieter as the player moves away from Leblanc. When on the Bridge after this the same theme will play again when Leblanc enters. "Yuna's Ballad" plays during the optional scene where Brother talks to Barkeep in the Cabin after Yuna rests on Chapter 5, later in the scene "The Gullwings March" plays and continues to play as the theme of the airship for a short while after.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Celsius (also historically known as centigrade) is a temperature scale that is named after the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius. The degree Celsius (°C) can refer to a specific temperature on the Celsius scale as well as serve as a unit increment to indicate a temperature interval (a difference between two temperatures or an uncertainty).

This name can be compared to the name of the airship in Final Fantasy X, the Fahrenheit, another measurement scale of temperature. The fact that the airship is named after the more modern metric Celsius temperature scale rather than the old-fashioned imperial Fahrenheit unit may be a metaphor for the difference between the rather conservative Cid and his more progressive forward-thinking children.