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Celia is one of two Ultima Demons disguised as women in Final Fantasy Tactics. She and another such demon, Lettie, serve as assistants to Zalera, a Lucavi demon. Celia is the assassin wearing blue.



Celia has a long light auburn hair in a single fringe at the left side and brown eyes. Like Lettie, her outfit is identical of a Dancer job and the color of her outfit is dark blue. She dual wields katana.


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Riovanes Castle[]

The Lucavi are carrying out a plot to orchestrate a war in Ivalice and thus possess people in high positions to do their bidding. Celia assisted Marquis Elmdore in re-retrieving the Scorpio auracite, which was held by Marach Galthena at Riovanes Castle. It is presumed she also fought in The Horror of Riovanes against the Riovanes Castle guards. After Rapha, Marach's sister, who is Ramza's friend, took the stone, Celia ambushes her and Ramza on the castle roof with Elmdore and Lettie. Ramza defeats the trio, causing Elmdore to make a tactical retreat.

Limberry Castle[]

Celia, Lettie, and Elmdore set up base at Limberry Castle. Ramza believes his sister Alma to be at Limberry, so he heads to the castle. Celia attacks him at the gate with Lettie. Ramza defeats the assassins forcing them to flee inside. In the castle, they alert Elmdore of Ramza's arrival. Before Elmdore can react, Ramza steps in. Celia, Lettie, and Elmdore attack him with Celia and Lettie revealing their Ultima Demon forms, but are defeated and killed.

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Celia is fought three times: once at Riovanes Castle and twice at Limberry Castle. She starts at level 29 with 65 Bravery and 70 Faith, and comes equipped with the two Kiyomoris, Black Cowl, Cachusha, and a Gaia Gear. She has access to the Subdual Arts command as well as Move +1, a random action ability, and random Squire abilities. In this battle, she is immune to Stone, Chicken, and Toad.

In the first battle at Limberry, Celia is level 38 and now equipped with two Kiku-ichimojis, a Lambent Hat, a Black Garb, and a random accessory. She will still have Subdual Arts, Move +1, and random Squire abilities, but can either have or not have a random action ability. She is immune to the same statuses as before. In the final battle, she is level 39 and will have access to the Throw command, but everything else remains the same.


When fought in the fourteenth Rendezvous battle: Brave Story, she is level 99 and starts with 65 Bravery and 70 Faith. She is equipped with the same equipment as before, except with a Thief's Cap, and has access to the abilities Subdual Arts, Vampire, and the other three are random abilities. She is immune to the same statuses as before.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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