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Celes is a minor character in World of Final Fantasy. She is a Grymoirian incarnation of Celes Chere originating from Final Fantasy VI. Celes is one of four character representatives of that game, the other three being Terra, Edgar, and Maduin.




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Who's Who[]

CV: Christina Rose / Houko Kuwashima
Age in Grymoire: 18
Notes: Library sentry in Tometown / Gallant and poised / Buddy-buddy with Cid / Part steely soldier, part romantic
Celes and Cid
Celes and Cid go way back, and they're close as a result. He was the one who hired her to protect the Library of the Ancients.
Now that Cid has become prone to rampages, the position has turned into a round-the-clock job. She's a little peeved about not being able to go out, but likes Cid enough to let it slide...most of the time.
Celes's time in the military has made her terse and businesslike when dealing with strangers, but once she gets to know you, she really opens up.
Architects of a Better Tomorrow?
The Federation looks favorably upon citizens who work to become Architects, and rewards their efforts with a place at a cathedral, where they are guaranteed to live a life of luxury, happiness, and peace.
Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, the Federation has been selling this story for a hundred years—more than enough time for the populace to build up a kind of blind faith. And faith is a tough thing to dismantle, even with rational thinking. Once you've made up your mind...
Well, this is where Lann would say something about "confection." But the important thing is, he understood that people are hard to change. Maybe that comes from experience...
Not Some Opera Floozy
Celes can be pretty stubborn but she's more receptive to what Cid says than you might think. So when he proposed that they put on an opera, she eventually found herself warming to the idea.
Cloud, of course, had zero interest. But let's remember, this is a man who has put on a dress and gotten it done. Plus, he's got stage experience, at least at theme parks. If the libretto hadn't gotten inked up, Cloud might have given Celes a run for her money.
Celes's Birthplace
Grymoire is a world of interconnected floating continents: Cornelia, Saronia, Nibelheim, Figaro, Tometown, and Besaid each lie on one of these.
There used to be another continent—Cid and Celes's home—but several years ago, it was destroyed in a horrible calamity. In the land's final moments, the Bahamutian Federation swooped in and rescued much of its population in a massive humanitarian effort. It gave the displaced populace homes to live in and land to call their own, and helped them find some measure of peace and prosperity. Or so the story goes...
In truth, the Federation's own Segwarides was using and abusing the continent as his own personal laboratory; he and Pellinore were directly responsible for the catastrophe that finally did it in. Celes, who was enlisted as a Bahamutian soldier at the time, felt partly responsible for those horrors. Gravely affected, she swore to never fight under any banner again but her own.
Maria and Draco
Celes glimpses, for a moment, the possibility of a new career in opera. Then again, maybe it's not so new after all. Some of you might have recognized the lyrics and melody she was practicing.
Good thing there weren't any 4t anvils in the library rafters...
First World of Origin:


Intervention Quests[]

The player can take on an Intervention Quest that centers around Celes.

Celes also appears in the following Intervention Quests.


As a Champion, Celes can be summoned to assist Lann and Reynn in battle. Upon acquiring Celes's Champion Medal, the player can summon her to attack one enemy with the ability Runic. The party's AP is also restored.

In the Maxima version, Reynn can take on the appearance of Celes by equipping Celes's Champion Jewel Celes's Champion Jewel. In doing so, she inherits the abilities Spinning Edge Spinning Edge and Cornered Beast.

Musical theme[]

"Prismelody: Battle to the Death"

"Prismelody: Battle to the Death" plays when using Celes's Champion Medal. The player may select this theme as the background music for battles from the Config section of the main menu, labeled as "Champion Theme: Celes". This theme also plays in battles in Maxima version when Reynn is equipped with Celes's Champion Jewel.


The following is a list of quotes uttered by Celes when talking to her at the Library of the Ancients.

  • Don't let your past define you. Now is what counts.
  • You look well. Not much has changed around here.
  • Come by and visit whenever you like.
  • Can I help you find something?



Celes is possibly derived from Latin caeles, which means "celestial" or "heavenly". It could be related to Celeste, a female given name in Italian, French and Spanish that also means "celestial" or "heavenly" (or, additionally, "sky-blue" in Spanish and Italian).