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The Cave to the Sealed Gate is a dungeon in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is the cave that leads to the Sealed Gate, the border between the human realm and the Esper World. In the human realm, the cave lies east of the Imperial Observation Post on the far eastern end of the southern continent. An Ultima Weapon can be found in this cave. Falling into the lava when on the moving platforms damages the party for 8 HP.

Story Edit

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FFVI Terra opens Sealed Gate iOS

Terra opens the Sealed Gate to call the Espers.

Terra leads the party through the cave in order to plea with the espers for their help in the war against the Empire. Though they make it to the gate, they discover that they have been followed by Kefka and two imperial soldiers. Terra's friends fight him off while Terra calls to the espers, and Yura and a handful of other espers escape the gate and decimate the Empire.

Later, other espers open the gate to help fight Kefka in Thamasa. They fail to help which lets Kefka and Gestahl to enter the Esper World in search for the Warring Triad. This causes the cave and the island it is on to be raised as the Floating Continent.

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Musical themes Edit

"Esper World" from Final Fantasy VI
FFVI - Another World of Beasts

"Esper World", also known as "Another World of Beasts", is the background theme of the Cave to the Sealed Gate.

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