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Cave to Yggdrasil.

Cave to Yggdrasil (天空樹への洞窟, Tenkūju no Dōkutsu?) is a cave in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It was formerly known as the Northern Mountains until Nacht stepped on a switch that unveiled a hidden cavern within the mountain base. It is a secret underground tunnel that allows entry into the World Tree, Yggdrasil.


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Arriving at the base of the Northern Mountains, the party realizes it is a dead end. Gramps tries to recall the significance of the mountains while Alba jokingly suggests he brought the party there so he could have his way with her. While investigating the area, Nacht stumbles upon a hidden switch, which reveals the entrance to a cave within the Northern Mountains. Glaive wonders where the cavern leads, with Alba deducing it is a secret path leading to the interior of Yggdrasil. Gramps smirks at the party's deduction, letting them know that even he is unaware of what lurks beyond.

The party moves forward to find out where the hidden cavern would lead them. After venturing deeper into the cavern, the party encounters a hooded figure blocking them passage to the next floor, and declaring Yggdrasil as hallowed ground unfit for human trespassers. The hooded figure engages the party in battle but is defeated as the party decides to ascend the previously guarded steps. Surveying the greenery surrounding their new environment, the party realizes they are now inside the base of the World Tree.

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Item Place
Eye Drops x2 Chest
Silver Bangle Chest
Antidote Chest
Man-Eater Chest
Tamer's Whip Chest
Dry Ether Chest
Sacred Candle Chest
Tent Chest
Bronze Armlet Chest



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