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Interior of the Cave to Deist.

Cave to Deist (ディストへの洞窟, Disuto no Dōkutsu?) is a cavern in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It is composed of three floors, containing varied monsters and treasures within each respective floor. It is located to the west of the village of Braska and to the north of the village of Deist.


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??? interrupts the battle.

After leaving the village of Braska, the Warriors of Light make their way through the cave. As soon as they exit, though, they are attacked by a Drake, that Aigis quickly recognizes as the dragon that incinerated the Warship.

During the battle, the same red-headed woman who had been following them jumps in and calms down the dragon, ending the battle and saving the Warriors of Light. While she tends to the dragon, Aigis wonders if she is a Dragoon but she doesn't reply. She then jumps onto the dragon's back and flies off. The party then travels south to reach Deist.

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Item Place
Hi-Potion B1F
Silver-spun Robe B1F
1000 Gil B1F
Ether B1F
Poison Knuckles B1F
Bandana B2F
Steel Shield B2F
Phoenix Down B3F
Healing Staff B3F
Tent B3F



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