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The Cave of Trials is a dungeon in Final Fantasy IV appearing in the Advance and Complete Collection releases. It can be unlocked by swapping party members in Mysidia for the first time. A White Mage alerts the Elder of Mysidia of dark clouds over Mount Ordeals, relating to an old legend. Upon entering the mountain, the entrance to the Cave of Trials appears.

The dungeon contains eight floors and monster formations from the Sylvan Cave, Land of Summons, and Sealed Cavern. There are five weapons guarded by bosses on the final floor, one for each of the five party members who can swap out. The weapon is only acquired if the correct member to wield it is in the party. Each weapon corresponds to the characters who become available after the Giant of Babil to put them on-par with the rest of the group, who can acquire their ultimate weapons in the Lunar Subterrane. However, stronger weapons can be acquired in the Lunar Ruins.



Musical themes[]

The background music that plays inside the Cave of Trials is the Final Fantasy IV "Dungeon" theme.