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== Items ==
== Items ==
[[File:Cave of Shadows - WM.jpg|thumb|right|The Cave of Shadows on the World Map.]]
[[File:Cave of Shadows - WM.jpg|thumb|right|The Cave of Shadows on the World Map.]]
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The Cave of Shadows, also known as the Cave of Darkness, is a location in Final Fantasy III found on the largest continent on the Overworld and home to the Fang of Earth. The player must navigate through a maze of mountain ranges with the Invincible to reach the cave. The separate rooms in the cave are a maze of hidden paths.


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After obtaining the Invincible at the Ancient Ruins, Unei tasks the Warriors of the Light with the retrieval of the Fang of Earth, the last fang needed to destroy the sentinel statues Xande summoned in order to halt any attempt to access the Ancients' Maze and the Crystal Tower, from the Cave of Shadows.

After reaching the bottom of the Cave, the party meets Hecatoncheir.

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Cave of Shadows - WM

The Cave of Shadows on the World Map.

Item Location
Black Musk First area
Dark Claws First area
Kotetsu Dying Dark Knight
Tranquilizer Second area
Lilith's Kiss Second area
Genji Gloves Fourth area
Kiku-Ichimonji Sixth area
Genji Shield Seventh area
Genji Helm Eighth area
Genji Armor Ninth area


Most of the monsters in the Cave of Shadows will use Divide or Multiply if attacked with any weapon other than a katana wielded by a Dark Knight or a Ninja. They can also be attacked with magic.

Battle Background


Musical themes

Template:Listen "Castle of Hein" is the background theme of this dungeon.

Other appearances

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