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Cave of Perfervidity Entrance

Way past the southern is a cave filled with boiling hot magma! Mog wants to go there just for the experience, but he can't find a black chocobo to make the trip, kupo...


Cave of Perfervidity (灼熱の洞窟, Shakunetsu no Dōkutsu?) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's surrounded by mountains and ocean so there's no way to travel to it on foot. The Eidolon Ifrit can be acquired here.


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The Warriors of Darkness come to this cave on their quest. This cave is filled with hot magma that can hurt them. At the end of the cave, they encounter Ifrit. He gets angry because the warriors came to his "forbidden land". As the Warriors do not leave, he then begins his rampage. However, Ifrit is unable to defeat the Warriors. Ifrit then joins them on their journey as an Eidolon.

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Item Place
Hi-Potion Cave of Prefervidity B1F
Tower Shield B2F
Antidote B3F
X-Potion B3F
Brigandine B1F
Ether B3F
Ice Knuckles B3F
Cleric's Staff B3F
Pebble Ore chunk
Iron Ore Ore chunk
Mithril Ore Ore chunk

Ore chunks are randomly found on the ground. They respawn whenever the dungeon is re-entered.