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The Cave of Mysidia, also known as Mysidia Cave, is a location in Final Fantasy II. It lies to the southeast of Mysidia, on the other side of a nearly circular mountain range. The only method of accessing the cave is via a small gap in the northeast section of the range's circumference.

The entrance to the depths of the Cave of Mysidia is blocked by a dark Doppelganger which will mimic the adventurer's every move and halt his way. To destroy it, one must offer the White Mask to the goddess statue below Mysidia, which will paralyze the Doppelganger, and then the Black Mask should be placed on the copy, which will destroy it.

Story Edit

Firion and his allies venture into the cave after learning that the Crystal Rod lies within its depths. The Rod is needed to enter the Tower of Mysidia. After venturing through the cave's five floors and using the White Mask and Black Mask to overcome obstacles, they obtain the Crystal Rod and sail to the foreboding tower, where Leviathan sleeps.

Items Edit

Item Location
Gold Hairpin B1
Black Garb B1
Flame Lance B2, in the top-right of the room, approachable via a hidden passage six-below and one-left of the chest.
Power Staff B2
Ice Bow B3, through a hidden-passage on the top-left of the area
Ogrekiller B3, guarded by Bombs
Potion B4
Bell of Silence B4
Phoenix Down B4
Gold Needle B4
Drain Tome B5, guarded by Ghosts
Mini Tome B5, past a hidden passage in the middle-right of the area.
Hi-Potion B5
Hi-Potion B5
Ether B5
Potion B5, past a hidden passage in the middle-right of the area.
Crystal Rod B5
Drain Tome B5
Osmose Tome B5

Enemies Edit

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Trap Rooms Edit

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

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Musical themes Edit

The background music inside the Cave of Mysidia is called "Dungeon".

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