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Cave of Dread

Cave of Dread (暗黒の洞窟, Ankoku no Dōkutsu?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the east of Aulë. There is a pot that can fully restore HP and MP to the characters.


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The Warriors of Darkness has to go through this area in order to get to Castle Falgabard. They encounter a very strong monster that they cannot defeat by themselves. With the help of Graham, the only survivor from Castle Falgabard, they defeats the monster. Then he joins the team to help them get through Mt. Falgabard and reach Castle Falgabard.

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Item Place
Hi-Potion Chest
Echo Grass Chest
Cottage Chest
Phoenix Down Chest
Mythril Spear Chest
Dark Sword Chest
Pebble Ore chunk
Iron Ore Ore chunk
Mithril Ore Ore chunk

Ore chunks are randomly found on the ground. They respawn whenever the dungeon is re-entered.



  • Some enemies in this dungeon cannot be killed with a physical attack. However, casting Break at the start of a battle will kill them instantly, although they're somewhat resistant to the spell.