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Cave of Convulsion entrance and the four frogs.

Sometimes the ground in the western cave shakes violently. Earthquakes and moogles don't make good friends, kupo.


The Cave of Convulsion (震動の洞窟, Shindō no Dōkutsu?) is a cavern in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It lies in the west of Alfheim. The Titan Eidolon can be fought and obtained here.


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The Warriors of Darkness visit the Cave of Convulsion during their travels, where they find four frogs playing around by the entrance. Upon approaching the frogs, a big earthquake drops the Warriors and the frogs to the lowest level of the cave. The frogs get out of the water and run away, forcing the group to follow and collect them. Eventually, the Warriors come across a man in yellow, who is enraged that they disturbed his slumber and decides to test their power. Upon defeat, Titan can be summoned.

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Item Place
Silver Spectacles B3F
Trident B3F
Hi Potion B2F
Phoenix Down B2F
Tent B1F
Great Sword B1F
Large Shield 1F