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Caturae are a family of unnatural life forms of unknown origin, they appeared shortly after the first tremors of the Cataclysm disfigured the Abyssean landscape. Their true nature remains shrouded in mystery, but some speculate that they may hold some of the answers behind the origin of the Cataclysm and the Abyssean Hordes.

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Iratham
  • Kutharei
  • Raja
  • Rani
  • Sippoy
  • Yaanei

Special attacks[]

  • Afflicting Gaze: Gaze attack Bind and Plague.
  • Dark Arrivisme: Moderate area damage with additional effects: Knockback and Dispel (3 buffs). Gains a strong Intimidation effect after use.
  • Deathly Diminuendo: Area damage with additional effects: Bio and Curse.
  • Diabolic Claw: Powerful, single-target, threefold attack. Absorbed by Utsusemi. Additional affect: Magic Defense Down.
  • Draw In: Pulls target(s) to the user. Usually followed by a TP attack.
  • Hellish Crescendo: Area damage with additional effect: Paralysis.
  • Interference: High area damage with additional effect: Dispel. Damage may be proportional to number of buffs removed.
  • Malign Invocation: Moderate-to-high area damage with additional effect: Amnesia.
  • Stygian Cyclone: Mild area damage with additional effect: Silence. Ignores Utsusemi.
  • Stygian Sphere: Heals self for 1800-2000 HP.
  • Shadow Wreck: Powerful area dark damage. Only used by Iratham).
  • Banneret Charge: 25-30 yalm Area of Effect that reduces HP to critical levels and resets enmity. Only used by Kutharei below 25% HP.
  • Besieger's Bane: Area of effect Bio, Zombie, and Terror (approx. 10 seconds). Only used by Yaanei under 25% HP.
  • Enthrall: Area of effect Charm and Caturae Costume. Only used by Rani.
  • Royal Decree: Powerful area damage and Obliviscence that lasts up to 5 minutes. Only used by Raja.