Catoblepas is a Triple Triad card in Final Fantasy VIII used to play the minigame and for turning into items with Quezacotl's Card Mod. Catoblepas is the seventy-sixth card in the inventory and the tenth Level 7 card. It depicts Catoblepas, a boss fought in the final dungeon to unlock one of the party's sealed abilities.

Catoblepas has pretty good values with two 7s and one 8, with only one weak side. Its value placements may also be useful for games that use Same and/or Plus.

Obtain[edit | edit source]

There is a 6.3% chance to get a Catoblepas card when successfully using the Card command on an Armadodo or an Elnoyle.

Any AI Triple Triad player who uses Level 7 cards has a chance of using Catoblepas in a play, from where the player can win it in a card match. One such card player is CC Heart of the Card Club.

Card Mod[edit | edit source]

A Catoblepas card refines into a Rename Card with Quezacotl's Card Mod ability. Its only purpose is to change a Guardian Force's name. Though not very useful for card modding, the card is good to collect for the minigame itself.

Physical version[edit | edit source]


In 1999, following the release of Final Fantasy VIII in Japan, Bandai produced a full set of collectible Triple Triad cards. The set was made up of the 110 cards as seen in the game along with 72 artwork cards and a collector's edition playing mat. The cards have a blue side and a red side. The cards have become a rare collector's item.

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