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Cato nan Mammula, at your service. Or should that be Cato Mammula now that I am in Ishgard?


Cato Mammula also previously known as Cato nan Mammula is a non-player character in the Gunbreaker questline in Final Fantasy XIV:Shadowbringers.


Early life[]

Cato worked on Project Meteor with Mid nan Garlond, and continued the experiments with the many known risks involved. Cato was away from Bozja when the Citadel was destroyed, ever since he has felt guilt for his actions and defects from Garlemald to make up for it.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Cato defects from Garlemald and works with Garlond Ironworks in order to make up for his actions in Bozja. He was commisioned by the Ironworks in Ishgard where he would assist in making ceruleum powered heaters to help those in the Brume. Once he arrives at the Observatorium he meets the Warrior of Light and Radovan who are there to be his bodyguards as he is being pursued by the Alaude for his defection. As soon as they leave the area they are attacked by the Alaude and during the ambushes Reese is injured. Radovan plans on taking Cato the rest of the way to Ishgard by himself but leads him to a remote area in Coerthas. Once there Radovan has him on his knees planning to kill him for vengeance. Cato admits he feels absolute guilt for his hand in the project and believes he should do what he needs to do. The Warrior of Light convinces Radovan to not kill him and he walks away leaving Cato in the snow.

The Warrior and Sophie finish escorting Cato to Ishgard where he assists in making the heaters. Secretly Radovan comes to him revealing that what he was doing was a ploy to make it seem like he got in a fight with his friends and has him make a device that can affect the magitek collars on the Alaude's neck. He worked from night till the early morning with Radovan until it worked.

After the trio defeat the Alaude they return to Ishgard and Cato reveals his hand in their victory and thanks them for dispatching his pursuers, with his thanks he departs to finish working on the ceruleum heaters.



Cato is a duskwight elezen with white hair and pink eyes, he has a mustache and a small goatee. He wears a headpiece commonly seen on Garlean scientists, and is outfitted in a Garlond Ironworks Doublet.


Cato is a very talented engineer having worked on Project Meteor with Midas nan Garlond, he feels remorse for having played a part in Bozja Citadel's destruction, and vows to atone for it by working with the Garlond Ironworks.