BravelyS wiki icon Catmancy is a skillset for the Catmancer in Bravely Second: End Layer. It allows the user to use enemy abilities. In order to learn the abilities, the character must be hit by the attack and survive. Any job can learn these abilities with the Learning support ability and only one character needs to have the ability for all characters to learn the ability. Special cat food items are required in order to use the ability.

List of abilitiesEdit

Ability Requires Description Enemy
Blood Leech Beast Flesh Absorb target's HP. Bullet Ant, Shooterbug
Spirit Leech Roc Filet Absorb target's MP. Shooterbug, Cask Paraponera
Chomp Beast Flesh Reduce target's HP to 1. Valtora
Perforator Cat Feather Attack target and lower its P.Def. Iron Man (II) A-Type
Mass Attack Roc Filet Attack together with any HP-critical allies. Bone Knight, Orc Lord
Wing Scales Leviathan Sashimi Physical attack that also causes confusion. Great Moth, Poison Moth
White Wind Cat Feather Heal all targets by an amount equal to the user's current HP. Aero Lantern, Aqua Lantern.
Panzerlied Dragon Steak Raise all target's P.Atk for four turns. Iron Man (II) B-Type
Book Burning Rare Cheese Fire-based attack on all targets that inflicts silence. Flare Lantern
Spray Dried Remora Water-based attack on a single target that pierces Default. Deathfish, Remora, Marine Devil
Sonic Boom Monoceros Flakes Wind-based single-target attack that pierces P.Def. Anzu, Chimera
Rock Storm Tender Victuals Earth-based attack on all targets. Megascolides
Stardust Catnip Light-based attack on all targets. Reguli
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