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The Caterchipillar is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. They appear with other Caterchipillars or with a Mewmao. They are of little danger to the party when compared to other creatures found in the area.


Paradigm PackEdit

The Caterchipillar is a Medic. It is a good end game Medic because of its high HP and good Magic stat, reaching around 5000 health and 565 Magic. Infusing a level 24 Tonberry's Magic +35% will give it around 635 Magic which is incredible for an end game Medic. It is recommended to have it learn Curaja via infusing Sentinel monsters to make it even better. However, it is also a good monster to infuse, as it is the only creature with the Resist Elements +30% passive ability available for infusion (Pink Lily has only +20%, and it is red-locked). It can infuse the role ability Esuna, from level 1, to Medics lacking it, such as Green Chocobo. Similarly, it can infuse Esunada once it is at its maximum level of 45.

Resist Elements +30%, Auto-Haste, and Auto-Tetradefense have the highest (ninth) rank, so they can never be replaced by other abilities.

Monster statsEdit


Ability Level Type Infuse
Cure Initial Command Y
Esuna Initial Command Y
Improved Raise Initial Passive Y
Resist Elements: +5% 4 Passive Y
Raise 6 Command Y
Cheer 9 Command N
Resist Elements: +20% 12 Passive Y
Magic: +16% 18 Passive Y
Magic: +20% 25 Passive Y
Auto-Veil 28 Passive Y
Resist Elements: +30% 33 Passive Y
Esunada 45 Command Y

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Etymology Edit

Kedachiku is (クチ)()() (kuchidake?, lit. just a mouth) backwards. This refers to the enemy's true head being at its front, while the mouth on the back is "just a mouth". chiku (チク?) is also a Japanese onomatopoeic word for pricking or stinging.

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