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Cater is a playable character in Final Fantasy Type-0. She wields a magicite pistol that shoots magically-enhanced bullets that inflict various kinds of damage. Compared to King, Cater shoots quickly and does not require reloading, but has the lowest raw attack. She is fast and can dodge with ease due to a passive ability that allows her to quickly cancel her current action. Her attack patterns vary; she can either shoot constantly and finish with a charged shot, or she can remain idle, let her attack charge up, and fire the charged shot. One should take caution when choosing the former strategy: although Cater can get in more hits she cannot move and shoot simultaneously, thus requiring her to dodge often if attacks get in the way.

As a ranged character, Cater can easily exploit Killsight and Breaksight to take down enemies. She has good magic stats, though with her ability to fire bullets of all three elements one needs not equip her with offensive magic, and instead, equip her with Cure. Cater is a recommended character for beginners and can solo missions due to her fast movement speed, evasion, and attacks.

Cater is one of the fastest and evasive ranged characters, either better or on par with Ace. Her magic gun allows for automatic Charged Shot that lets her unleash a more potent blast of damage, but does not home in at targets. During normal attacks, Cater first shoots up to five rounds of small bullets that weakly home in at their target, but are fast. After five consecutive rounds she will briefly ready her stance as she unleashes the Charged Shot, which is larger but about half the range of the normal bullets. Recoil from the Charged Shot knocks her back, making her temporarily vulnerable especially by ranged attacks.

Her Charged Shot and finisher shot do not home like her normal bullets, and can miss fast enemies. Her normal bullets are comparatively weak, and have poor staggering power, but her Charged Shot deals up to six times more damage. While idle, or just moving or strafing around, she charges her shot up to three levels. With each level, the shot's power and knockback power rises, but the range shortens (for the second and third charge only).


Cater has mostly weak stats; she has the second-lowest HP and the lowest Strength among the party, so she should be supported with good HP-boosting accessories.

Level HP MP Strength Defense Flame Magic Ice Magic Lightning Magic Defense Magic
9 253 278 51 50 57 56 56 56
10 264 286 52 50 58 57 57 57
20 370 329 62 53 63 62 62 62
30 466 371 72 55 68 67 67 67
40 553 413 82 58 73 72 72 72
50 631 455 92 60 78 77 77 77
60 699 497 102 63 83 82 82 82
70 758 540 112 65 88 87 87 87
80 808 582 122 68 93 92 92 92
90 848 624 132 70 98 97 97 97
99 877 658 141 72 102 101 101 101
Ranking: 13th 6th 14th 10th 5th 8th 6th 9th


Cater in battle.

Her Explosive Shell is useful against large and slow enemies. She will toss a magic stone in the direction that will explode dealing heavy damage and Stuns enemies easily.

Cater's Elementillery is useful against elemental enemies, granting access to all three elements in one slot. With Flame Shot, she shoots homing fire bullets that Burn enemies, but in a manual fashion (similar to Fire MIS magic, slightly faster and longer range than default). With Frost Shot, she quickly shoots fast-traveling ice bullets that Freeze enemies in a rapid-fire fashion (similar to Blizzard RF magic, as fast as the highest level in Speed enhancement, but it easily misses as it has small projectiles). With Voltaic Shot, she shoots spray of electricity from her magic gun that Shocks enemies in a rapid-fire fashion (similar to Thunder SHG2 magic, but with the same range as Thunder SHG).

Her Land Mine is best used against slow and large enemies. It is highly stunning and heavily damaging. She can also manually detonate them if close enough.

Cater's Debuff Shot is useful against high-Defense enemies, such as the Flan and Strikers. When she shoots the bullet she will somersault to her right, making the ability an evasive skill as well. The Debuff Shot lowers enemy Defense considerably. She can shoot the bullet multiple times on the same enemies, and this exploitation is exceptional against Cater's low Attack power.

Stilling Shot.

Cater's Stilling Shot is good, but has poor accuracy. Its bullet will travel at a point above the target before bursting, spraying Stop-inflicting bullets down on the target. It is more useful against sluggish or range-attacking enemies, such as the Colossus and Imperial Rocketeer, but Cater can still manipulate the point where she unleashes the shot.

Cater's Viral Spray lets her spray Poison-inflicting fluid from her magic gun. This is useful against mobbing enemies that attempt to corner her, but it has a short range, being point-blank. The Viral Spray is effective against Stopped enemies and good paired with the Stilling Shot ability.

Cater can learn the Hawkeye sniping ability, almost doubling her attack range. This is best used with Wall magic to avoid interception from ranged attacks. Like with Trey and King, Cater's Hawkeye headshots kill instantly.

Ability Effect Obtained AP
(Speed Up(Japanese name: スピードアップ))
Increase movement speed. Level 10 2
(Twin Magic(Japanese name: ツインマジック))
Equip two spells at once. Level 19 4
Quick Draw II
(Cancel -ra Magic(Japanese: ラ系キャンセル魔法))
Cast level II finishing magic. Learn Quick Draw. 12
Quick Draw III
(Cancel -ga Magic(Japanese name: ガ系キャンセル魔法))
Cast level III finishing magic. Level 45
Learn Quick Draw II.
Triple Slip
(Triple Evasion(Japanese name: 三連回避))
Execute up to three dodges in succession. Level 12 2
(Infinite Evasion(Japanese name: 無限回避))
Execute any number of dodges in succession. Learn Triple Slip. 3
(Evade Guard(Japanese name: 回避ガード))
Window for dodging increases. Level 26 5
(Libra(Japanese name: ライブラ))
Check status of locked-on targets. Default Default
Quick Reflexes
Cancel Action(Japanese name: キャンセル行動))
Dodge or attack even during other actions. Default Default
Charged Shot
(Charge Shot(Japanese name: チャージショット))
Charges shots when gun is unholstered but not in use. Default Default
Quick Draw
(Cancel Magic(Japanese name: キャンセル魔法))
Cast finishing magic after a max-level charged shot. Level 28 6
Speedy Charge
(Charge Enhancement(Japanese name: チャージ強化))
Reduce amount of time needed to charge a shot. Learn Bullet Boost. 12
Explosive Shell
(Exploding Bullet(Japanese name: 爆発弾))
Fire exploding shots with left analog stick up + normal attack. Default Default
Explosive Shell: Stun ↑
(Exploding Bullet Enhancement(Japanese name: 爆発弾強化))
Increase stun rate of Explosive Shell. Level 14 8
Bullet Boost
(Enhanced Normal Shot(Japanese name: 通常射撃強化))
Increase power of rapid-fire bullets used in normal attacks. Level 25 8
(Elemental Bullet(Japanese name: 属性弾))
Fire shots imbued with elemental magic (defaults to Fire). Default Default
Flame Shot: Power ↑
(Fire Bullet Power Increase(Japanese name: 火災弾威力増大))
Increase the power of Elementillery's Flame Shot. Level 15 16
Frost Shot
(Freezing Bullet(Japanese name: 氷結弾))
Imbue shots with Ice magic with left analog stick up + ability button. Level 13 8
Frost Shot: Crit ↑
(Freezing Bullet Enhancement(Japanese name: 氷結弾強化))
Increase critical hit rate of Elementillery's Frost Shot. Learn Frost Shot. 16
Voltaic Shot
(Lightning Bullet(Japanese name: 雷光弾))
Imbue shots with Lightning magic with left analog stick down + ability button. Level 13 8
Voltaic Shot: Power ↑
(Lightning Bullet Power Increase(Japanese name: 雷光弾威力増大))
Increase power of Elementillery's Voltaic Shot. Learn Voltaic Shot. 16
Land Mine
(Landmine Bullet(Japanese name: 地雷弾))
Set a bomb in the ground that can be detonated later. Level 20 6
Land Mine: Power ↑
(Landmine Bullet Power Increase(Japanese name: 地雷弾威力増大))
Increase power of Land Mine. Learn Land Mine. 8
Land Mine: AG ↓
(Landmine Bullet Reduced AG Cost(Japanese name: 地雷弾消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Land Mine. Learn Land Mine. 12
Debuff Shot
(Weakening Bullet(Japanese name: 弱体弾))
Fire shots that lower enemies' Defense. Default 2
Debuff Shot: Effect ↑
(Weakening Bullet Effect Increase(Japanese name: 弱体弾効果増大))
Increase effect of Debuff Shot. Learn Debuff Shot. 3
Debuff Shot: AG ↓
(Weakening Bullet Reduced AG Cost(Japanese name: 弱体弾消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Debuff Shot. Learn Debuff Shot. 4
Stilling Shot
(Stop Bullet(Japanese name: 静止弾))
Fire ammo that inflicts Stop. Level 10 2
Stilling Shot: Time ↑
(Stop Bullet Time Extension(Japanese name: 静止弾時間延長))
Stilling Shot remains active for a longer time. Learn Stilling Shot. 2
Stilling Shot: AG ↓
(Stop Bullet Reduced AG Cost(Japanese name: 静止弾消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Stilling Shot. Learn Stilling Shot. 5
(Snipe Mode(Japanese name: スナイプモード))
Aim and fire at distant enemies. Level 13 8
Hawkeye: AG ↓
(SM Reduced AG Cost(Japanese name: SM消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Hawkeye. Learn Hawkeye. 10
Viral Spray
(Toxic Bullet(Japanese name: 毒性弾))
Release a venomous gas that inflicts Poison. Level 12 3
Viral Spray: Time ↑
(Toxic Bullet Time Extension(Japanese name: 毒性弾時間延長))
Viral Spray remains active for a longer time. Learn Viral Spray. 4
Viral Spray: AG ↓
(Toxic Bullet Reduced AG Cost(Japanese name: 毒性弾消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Viral Spray. Learn Viral Spray. 4


Cater's exclusive accessory is the Mage's Knapsack that increases all magic stats by 50 and grants 40% resistance against impact attacks.

Support Personnel[]

Some Support Personnel in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD appear as Cater: Minori Chihara (Cater's Japanese VA), Satoko Funakubo (Facial Animator), and Noriko Inoue (Publicity Staff).