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A brave young woman who charges into battle without hesitation, never doubting that she will emerge victorious. Cater has had an affinity for magic since she was young, and she wields a powerful magicite pistol that fires enchanted shots.

Character profile.

Cater appears as a playable character in Final Fantasy Record Keeper who could be initially recruited during the Challenge Event Courage Takes Flight as a First Time Reward for completing the event's Three Fateful Hours stage.


Level HP Attack Defense Magic Resistance Mind Accuracy Evasion Speed
1 199 11 7 8 8 9 20 20 109
Rank (Max: 5) 3 4 1 2 2 3 3 3 5

Record SphereEdit

Sphere S.Lv 1 S.Lv 2 S.Lv 3 S.Lv 4 S.Lv 5
Warrior +1 ATK +70 HP +1 DEF +1 ATK +2 ATK
Ranger +1 ATK +1 DEF +1 RES +60 HP +2 ATK
Thief +1 ATK +1 DEF +1 RES +55 HP +2 ATK
Gladiator (Requires Warrior's mastery.) +3 ATK +3 DEF +200 HP +4 ATK +6 ATK
Cannoneer (Requires Warrior and Ranger's mastery.) +3 ATK +3 DEF +150 HP +3% Damage Wielding Guns +6% Machinist Ability Damage
Ninja (Requires Ranger and Thief's mastery.) +3 ATK +3 RES Minor Blind Resistance +6 ATK +6 RES
Penalty Snipe Use 6★ Machinist Abilities Penalty Snipe +3% Machinist Ability Damage

Legend SphereEdit


Cater can use Black Magic abilities up to rarity rank 3, White Magic abilities up to rarity rank 4, Support abilities up to rarity rank 5, Machinist abilities up to rarity rank 5, and Sharpshooter abilities up to rarity rank 6.

Soul BreaksEdit

Name Designation Relic Effects
Gauge Type Duration Power (Including potency of stat increase(s) and chance of effect(s) occurring)
Charged Shot

FFRK Charged Shot Icon

Default N/A 2 PHY N/A 9.00
Deal ranged physical damage to one enemy, ignoring Defense.


Record MateriaEdit

Record Materia Description Acquirement

Legend MateriaEdit

Record Materia Description Acquirement


Cater can equip the following weapon types: daggers and guns.

She can equip the following armor types: hats, light armor, and bracers.

She can equip accessories.


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