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While FF X have all their characters with subjobs, some characters can cause confussion. Should the following characters be listed under the following catagories. The ones in Bold are categories they're already under:

Rydia: Summoner and Black Mage
Edge: Ninja and Thief
Yuffie: Ninja and Thief
Amarant: Monk and Ninja
Rikku: Thief, Chemist and Machinist

There are probably a few more. Most of these occur because they have job commands, yet are clearly a more obvious job (as in Edge's and Amarant's case). Diablocon 17:47, 21 March 2007 (UTC)


I believe that the "Recurring" Section ofthe Job Template is too cramped up. It should be reduced to the most important of the series. - Henryacores

Recurring jobs?[]

What exactly are the requirements for a job to be considered a recurring job? I noticed that Puppetmaster only has a single game in the series where players can choose to change into a job called "Puppetmaster", but is nonetheless considered a "recurring" job seemingly based on the strength of three player characters who have aspects of puppetmaster in their abilities. Do monsters count? NPCs? Because if so there are a couple of other jobs that could potentially qualify: Morpher and Necromancer. (Also if monsters count, the Marionetter enemy from FF4 should probably be listed under Puppetmaster, and there are several enemy Summoners such as ZephyrZone, Summoner Hag, etc. that should probably go on that job's page)

Let's start with Morpher: only a playable job in one game (FFTA), but Vincent from FF7 obviously also has strong aspects of this job. Furthermore, the recurring Metamorpha enemy (FF4/5) is also obviously a Morpher. Actually, there are loads of enemies that want you to see their true form (and perish), but I'm not counting anything that seems to have only one alternate form, or the form doesn't resemble another monster in the same game or series-recurring monster type, or it is implied that the monster really looks like that most of the time. I also wouldn't count anything where the "form" is just an illusion, or the monster has been irreversibly changed and can't change back, or is obviously completely dependent on an item such as a Zodiac stone or FF11's various Enchantment: Costume items.

Necromancer is also only a playable in one game, FF5 (actually, there is also an Airborne Brigade Necromancer, but I'm not sure if Airborne Brigade jobs have any job abilities to speak of so maybe it doesn't really count?). But there are loads of monster and NPC Necromancers: FF5, FF6, Chocobo's Dungeon 2 (they are the second tier of the Marionetter enemy), the ghost enemies in FFTA2 that can use Necromancy to summon additional undead. FF11 has NPC Necromancers who summon undead to attack the ferry, and players can even meet and help an NPC Necromancer in one of the mannequin quests. Necromancer was even planned to be a playable job in the FF11 expansion Treasures of Aht Urhgan, but it was replaced with Puppetmaster for rather implausible reasons.

So. Thoughts? Hashmalum (talk) 20:49, March 13, 2013 (UTC)

My opinion is that we should conclude anything within the world to be an instance of a job class. Enemies from multiple games have a Steal ability, and a Flee ability, and sometimes also a dagger. These are Thieves, and clearly share important traits with the thief, so should be mentioned.
Then we have the more obvious mentions, such as Dragon armour meaning a Dragoon, or the Red Mage NPCs from IX clearly being Red Mages- or at least references. IX's Black Mages might not be a job, but they are Black Mages. And the Rune Knight is a job twice (when it was created anyway), but neither time is it really a job.
So I'm perfectly fine with drawing parallels between jobs and enemy's/NPCs/characters outside of job games, and putting them on a recurring job article.
That said, if a job only appears once then it shouldn't be a recurring job page unless there is very good reason. And I'm not sure I could define what is and what isn't a very good reason. Like if one game has a Snail-Warrior job, and another game has a Snail-Warrior enemy that shares similar traits, I would likely opt for a recurring job page because they are the same thing. Or if there was a Snail-Warrior job, and another game had a class of fighters in an army known as Snail-Warriors, I would accept that as good reason to make a parent page.
Because parent pages are there to draw parallels, and note strong similarities being concepts in the series. Two instance of warriors who have an affinity with snails and who use physical attacks inducing the Slow status, I think, is good reason.
Although we might not consider it a recurring job, just a recurring theme in the series.
This topic might be hard to find a consensus on. 21:07, March 13, 2013 (UTC)

So it seems someone has decided that Sword Saint is "recurring" on account of its Airborne Brigade appearance, but apparently Orator, Blacksmith, and Shaman/Thaumaturge (呪術師/呪術士) aren't. Go figure. (Well, with Blacksmith being a FF14 job, maybe no one noticed?) Well, that seems to put Necromancer on track for a parent page, given the number of comparisons to other games that exist to be made. Still not sure about Morpher. If no one else has started it, I'll do it tomorrow; it's too late for me to start it tonight.Hashmalum (talk) 08:07, March 14, 2013 (UTC)

A full list?[]

Can we do a full list of every single job from everything in the FF umbrella?