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{{DISPLAYTITLE:List of ''Final Fantasy IV'' enemies}}
A gallery of the [[:Category:Final Fantasy IV 3D enemies|enemies]] from the IOS and DS versions of ''[[Final Fantasy IV]]''.
{{See Also|List of Final Fantasy IV enemies}}
{{See Also|Bestiary (Final Fantasy IV)}}
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[[#A|A]] - [[#B|B]] - [[#C|C]] - [[#D|D]] - [[#E|E]] - [[#F|F]] - [[#G|G]] - [[#H|H]] - [[#I|I]] - [[#K|K]] - [[#L|L]] - [[#M|M]] - [[#N|N]] - [[#O|O]] - [[#P|P]] - [[#R|R]] - [[#S|S]] - [[#T|T]] - [[#U|U]] - [[#V|V]] - [[#W|W]] - [[#Y|Y]] - [[#Z|Z]]
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== A ==
FF4PSP Abyss Worm.png|[[Abyss Worm (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Abyss Worm]]
FF4PSP Adamantoise.png|[[Adamantoise (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Adamantoise]]
FF4PSP Ahriman.png|[[Ahriman (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Ahriman]]
FF4PSP Tiny Mage.png|[[Akihiko Matsui (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Akihiko Matsui]]
FF4PSP Alligator.png|[[Alligator (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Alligator]]
FF4PSP Alraune.png|[[Alraune (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Alraune]]
FF4PSP Amoeba.png|[[Amoeba (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Amoeba]]
FF4PSP Apparition.png|[[Apparition (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Apparition]]
FF4PSP Arachne.png|[[Arachne (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Arachne]]
FF4PSP Armadillo.png|[[Armadillo (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Armadillo]]
FF4PSP Armor Construct.png|[[Armor Construct (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Armor Construct]]
FF4PSP Armored Fiend.png|[[Armored Fiend (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Armored Fiend]]
FFIV DS Asano.png|[[Asano]] (DS)
== B ==
FF4PSP Balloon.png|[[Balloon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Balloon]]
FF4PSP Bandit.png|[[Bandit (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Bandit]]
FF4PSP Baron Guardsman.png|[[Baron Guardsman (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Baron Guardsman]]
FF4PSP Baron Marine.png|[[Baron Marine (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Baron Marine]]
FF4PSP Baron Soldier.png|[[Baron Soldier (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Baron Soldier]]
FF4PSP Basilisk.png|[[Basilisk (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Basilisk]]
FF4PSP Beam Cannon.png|[[Beam Cannon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Beam Cannon]]
FF4PSP Behemoth.png|[[Behemoth (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Behemoth]]
FF4PSP Belphegor.png|[[Belphegor (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Belphegor]]
FF4PSP Black Flan.png|[[Black Flan (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Black Flan]]
FF4PSP Black Knight.png|[[Black Knight (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Black Knight]]
FF4PSP Black Lizard.png|[[Black Lizard (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Black Lizard]]
FF4PSP Blood Bat.png|[[Blood Bat (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Blood Bat]]
FF4PSP Blood Flower.png|[[Blood Flower (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Blood Flower]]
FF4PSP Bloodbones.png|[[Bloodbones (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Bloodbones]]
FF4PSP Blood Eye.png|[[Blood Eye (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Blood Eye]]
FF4PSP Blue Dragon.png|[[Blue Dragon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Blue Dragon]]
FF4PSP Bog Toad.png|[[Bog Toad (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Bog Toad]]
FF4PSP Bog Witch.png|[[Bog Witch (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Bog Witch]]
FF4PSP Bomb.png|[[Bomb (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Bomb]]
FF4PSP Bomb King.png|[[Bomb King (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Bomb King]]
FF4PSP Bone Dragon Purple.png|[[Bone Dragon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Bone Dragon]]
FFIVPSP - Brachioraidos Sprite.png|[[Brachioraidos (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|]]
== C ==
FF4PSP Cait Sith.png|[[Cait Sith (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Cait Sith]]
FF4PSP Captain.png|[[Captain (Final Fantasy IV,3D)|Captain]]
FF4PSP Caterpillar.png|[[Caterpillar (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Caterpillar]]
FF4PSP Catoblepas.png|[[Catoblepas (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Catoblepas]]
FF4PSP Cave Bat.png|[[Cave Bat (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Cave Bat]]
FF4PSP Cave Naga.png|[[Cave Naga (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Cave Naga]]
FF4PSP Centaur Knight.png|[[Centaur Knight (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Centaur Knight]]
FF4PSP Centaurion.png|[[Centaurion (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Centaurion]]
FF4PSP Chaos Knight.png|[[Chaos Knight (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Chaos Knight]]
FF4PSP Chimera.png|[[Chimera (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Chimera]]
FF4PSP Chimera Brain.png|[[Chimera Brain (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Chimera Brain]]
FF4PSP Chimera Geist.png|[[Chimera Geist (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Chimera Geist]]
FF4PSP Clockwork Dragon.png|[[Clockwork Dragon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Clockwork Dragon]]
FF4PSP Clockwork Soldier.png|[[Clockwork Soldier (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Clockwork Soldier]]
FF4PSP Cockatrice.png|[[Cockatrice (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Cockatrice]]
FF4PSP Coeurl.png|[[Coeurl (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Coeurl]]
FF4PSP Coeurl Regina.png|[[Coeurl Regina (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Coeurl Regina]]
FF4PSP Crystal Dragon.png|[[Crystal Dragon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Crystal Dragon]]
== D ==
FFIV DS Dancer Enemy.png|[[Dancer (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Dancer]]
FF4PSP Dark Grenade.png|[[Dark Grenade (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Dark Grenade]]
FF4PSP Dark Sage.png|[[Dark Sage (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Dark Sage]]
FF4PSP Death Machine.png|[[Death Machine (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Death Machine]]
FF4PSP Death Puppet.png|[[Death Puppet (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Death Puppet]]
FF4PSP Deathmask.png|[[Deathmask (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Deathmask]]
FF4PSP Desert Sahagin.png|[[Desert Sahagin (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Desert Sahagin]]
FF4PSP Devil's Castanet.png|[[Devil's Castanet (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Devil's Castanet]]
FF4PSP Dinozombie.png|[[Dinozombie (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Dinozombie]]
FF4PSP Domovoi.png|[[Domovoi (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Domovoi]]
FF4PSP Dust Mousse.png|[[Dust Mousse (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Dust Mousse]]
== E ==
FF4PSP Echidna.png|[[Echidna (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Echidna]]
FF4PSP Elder Treant.png|[[Elder Treant (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Elder Treant]]
FF4PSP Electrofish.png|[[Electrofish (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Electrofish]]
FF4PSP Elite Trooper.png|[[Elite Trooper (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Elite Trooper]]
FF4PSP_Ettin_Snake.png|[[Ettin Snake (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Ettin Snake]]
FF4PSP Eukaryote.png|[[Eukaryote (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Eukaryote]]
FF4PSP Evil Doll.png|[[Evil Doll (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Evil Doll]]
FF4PSP Evil Dreamer.png|[[Evil Dreamer (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Evil Dreamer]]
FF4PSP Eyewing Moth.png|[[Eyewing Moth (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Eyewing Moth]]
== F ==
FF4PSP Fangshell.png|[[Fangshell (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Fangshell]]
FF4PSP Fell Knight.png|[[Fell Knight (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Fell Knight]]
FF4PSP Fell Turtle.png|[[Fell Turtle (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Fell Turtle]]
FF4PSP Fiend Dragon.png|[[Fiend Dragon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Fiend Dragon]]
FF4PSP Flame Knight.png|[[Flame Knight (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Flame Knight]]
FF4PSP Flamehound.png|[[Flamehound (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Flamehound]]
FF4PSP Flan Princess.png|[[Flan Princess (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Flan Princess]]
FF4PSP Fledgling Rukh.png|[[Fledgling Rukh (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Fledgling Rukh]]
FF4PSP Floating Eye.png|[[Floating Eye (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Floating Eye]]
FF4PSP Flood Worm.png|[[Flood Worm (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Flood Worm]]
FF4PSP Frostbeast.png|[[Frostbeast (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Frostbeast]]
Scarmiglione first form ffiv ios render.PNG|[[Fujimo (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Fujimo]]
== G ==
FFIV DS Game Designer.png|[[Game Designer (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Game Designer]]
FF4PSP Gargoyle.png|[[Gargoyle (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Gargoyle]]
FF4PSP Gatlinghog.png|[[Gatlinghog (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Gatlinghog]]
FF4PSP General.png|[[General (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|General]]
FF4PSP Ghost Knight.png|[[Ghost Knight (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Ghost Knight]]
FF4PSP Gigantoad.png|[[Gigantoad (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Gigantoad]]
FF4PSP Gigas Gator.png|[[Gigas Gator (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Gigas Gator]]
FF4PSP Gigas Worm.png|[[Gigas Worm (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Gigas Worm]]
FF4PSP Gil Snapper.png|[[Gil Snapper (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Gil Snapper]]
FF4PSP Gloomwing.png|[[Gloomwing (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Gloomwing]]
FF4PSP Goblin.png|[[Goblin (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Goblin]]
FF4PSP Goblin Captain.png|[[Goblin Captain (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Goblin Captain]]
FF4PSP Goblin Prince.png|[[Goblin Prince (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Goblin Prince]]
FF4PSP Gold Dragon.png|[[Gold Dragon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Gold Dragon]]
FF4PSP Golden Flan.png|[[Golden Flan (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Golden Flan]]
FF4PSP Golden Toad.png|[[Golden Toad (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Golden Toad]]
FF4PSP Gorgon.png|[[Gorgon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Gorgon]]
FF4PSP Gray Bomb.png|[[Gray Bomb (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Gray Bomb]]
FF4PSP Green Dragon.png|[[Green Dragon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Green Dragon]]
FF4PSP Gremlin.png|[[Gremlin (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Gremlin]]
FF4PSP Grudge Puppet.png|[[Grudge Puppet (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Grudge Puppet]]
== H ==
FF4PSP Helldiver.png|[[Helldiver (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Helldiver]]
FF4PSP Hellflapper.png|[[Hellflapper (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Hellflapper]]
FF4PSP Lilith.png|[[Hiromi Nakada (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Hiromo Nakada]]
FF4PSP Summoner.png|[[Hiroyuki Ito (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Hiroyuki Ito]]
FF4PSP Hornworm.png|[[Hornworm (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Hornworm]]
FF4PSP Hundlegs.png|[[Hundlegs (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Hundlegs]]
FF4PSP Hydra.png|[[Hydra (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Hydra]]
== I ==
FF4PSP Ice Lizard.png|[[Ice Lizard (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Ice Lizard]]
FF4PSP Iron Giant.png|[[Iron Giant (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Iron Giant]]
FF4PSP Ironback.png|[[Ironback (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Ironback]]
FFIV DS Ito.png|[[Ito (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Ito]]
== K ==
FF4PSP Bomb.png|[[Katsuhisa Higuchi (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Katsuhisa Higuchi]]
FF4PSP Baron Marine.png|[[Kazuhiko Aoki (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Kazuhiko Aoki]]
FF4PSP Killer Fish.png|[[Killer Fish (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Killer Fish]]
FF4PSP King Behemoth.png|[[King Behemoth (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|King Behemoth]]
FFIV DS Kitayan.png|[[Sound Manager|Kitayan]]
FF4PSP Ogre.png|[[Kiyoshi Yoshii (Final Fantasy IV 3d)|Kiyoshi Yoshii]]
== L ==
FF4PSP Lamia.png|[[Lamia (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Lamia]]
FF4PSP Lamia Matriarch.png|[[Lamia Matriarch (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Lamia Matriarch]]
FF4PSP Lamia Queen.png|[[Lamia Queen (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Lamia Queen]]
FF4PSP Larva.png|[[Larva (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Larva]]
FF4PSP Leshy.png|[[Leshy (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Leshy]]
FF4PSP Lesser Marilith.png|[[Lesser Marilith (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Lesser Marilith]]
FF4PSP Li'l Murderer.png|[[Li'l Murderer (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Li'l Murderer]]
FF4PSP Lilith.png|[[Lilith (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Lilith]]
FF4PSP Lunar Virus.png|[[Lunar Virus (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Lunar Virus]]
== M ==
FF4PSP Mad Ogre.png|[[Mad Ogre (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Mad Ogre]]
FF4PSP Magma Tortoise.png|[[Magma Tortoise (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Magma Tortoise]]
FF4PSP Malboro.png|[[Malboro (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Malboro]]
FF4PSP Malboro Menace.png|[[Malboro Menace (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Malboro Menace]]
FF4PSP Marionette.png|[[Marionette (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Marionette]]
FF4PSP Marioneteer.png|[[Marionetteer (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Marionetteer]]
FF4PSP Master Instructor.png|[[Master Instructor (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Master Instructor]]
FF4PSP Medusa.png|[[Medusa (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Medusa]]
FF4PSP Melt Bomb.png|[[Melt Bomb (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Melt Bomb]]
FF4PSP Metamorpha.png|[[Metamorpha (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Metamorpha]]
FF4PSP Mindflayer.png|[[Mindflayer (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Mindflayer]]
FF4PSP Mini Satana.png|[[Mini Satana (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Mini Satana]]
FF4PSP Mist Eagle.png|[[Mist Eagle (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Mist Eagle]]
FF4PSP Mist Kraken.png|[[Mist Kraken (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Mist Kraken]]
FF4PSP Mist Summoner.png|[[Mist Summoner (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Mist Summoner]]
FF4PSP Monk Warrior.png|[[Monk Warrior (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Monk Warrior]]
FF4PSP Moonmaiden.png|[[Moonmaiden (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Moonmaiden]]
FF4PSP Mortblossom.png|[[Mortblossom (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Mortblossom]]
FF4PSP Mors.png|[[Mors (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Mors]]
Tiny mage ffiv ios.PNG|[[Mu (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Mu]]
FF4PSP Mystery Egg.png|[[Mystery Egg (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Mystery Egg]]
FF4PSP Mythril Golem.png|[[Mythril Golem (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Mythril Golem]]
== N ==
FF4PSP Naga.png|[[Naga (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Naga]]
FF4PSP Nagaraja.png|[[Nagaraja (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Nagaraja]]
Armor construct ffiv ios render.PNG|[[Nakahara (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Nakahara]]
FF4PSP Needlehog.png|[[Needlehog (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Needlehog]]
== O ==
FF4PSP Ogre.png|[[Ogre (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Ogre]]
FF4PSP Optic Blaster.png|[[Optic Blaster (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Optic Blaster]]
== P ==
FF4PSP Platinum Toad.png|[[Platinum Toad (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Platinum Toad]]
FF4PSP Prokaryote.png|[[Prokaryote (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Prokaryote]]
FF4PSP Proto Deathmask.png|[[Proto Deathmask (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Proto Deathmask]]
FF4PSP Purple Bavarois.png|[[Purple Bavarois (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Purple Bavarois]]
== R ==
FF4PSP Red Dragon.png|[[Red Dragon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Red Dragon]]
FF4PSP Red Mousse.png|[[Red Mousse (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Red Mousse]]
FF4PSP Revenant.png|[[Revenant (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Revenant]]
Alraune ffiv ios.PNG|[[Riezo (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Riezzo]]
FF4PSP Rukh.png|[[Rukh (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Rukh]]
== S ==
FFIV DS Sable.png|[[Sable (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Sable]]
FF4PSP Sahagin.png|[[Sahagin (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Sahagin]]
FF4PSP Sahagin Prince.png|[[Sahagin Prince (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Sahagin Prince]]
FF4PSP Sand Worm.png|[[Sand Worm (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Sand Worm]]
FF4PSP Searcher.png|[[Searcher (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Searcher]]
FF4PSP Security Eye.png|[[Security Eye (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Security Eye]]
FFIV DS Shirma.png|[[Shirma (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Shirma]]
FFIV DS Sho Takeuchi.png|[[Sho Takeuchi (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Sho Takeuchi]]
FF4PSP Silver Dragon.png|[[Silver Dragon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Silver Dragon]]
FF4PSP Skeleton.png|[[Skeleton (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Skeleton]]
FF4PSP Skuldier.png|[[Skuldier (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Skuldier]]
FF4PSP Skulnaut.png|[[Skulnant (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Skulnant]]
FF4PSP Soldieress.png|[[Soldieress (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Soldieress]]
FF4PSP Sorcerer.png|[[Sorcerer (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Sorcerer]]
FF4PSP Sorceress.png|[[Sorceress (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Sorceress]]
FF4PSP Soul.png|[[Soul (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Soul]]
FF4PSP Spirit.png|[[Spirit (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Spirit]]
FF4PSP Splasher.png|[[Splasher (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Splasher]]
FF4PSP Steel Golem.png|[[Steel Golem (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Steel Golem]]
FF4PSP Stone Golem.png|[[Stone Golem (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Stone Golem]]
FF4PSP Storm Anima.png|[[Storm Anima (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Storm Anima]]
FF4PSP Storm Dragon.png|[[Storm Dragon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Storm Dragon]]
FF4PSP Strato Avis.png|[[Strato Avis (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Strato Avis]]
FF4PSP Succubus.png|[[Succubus (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Succubus]]
FF4PSP Summoner.png|[[Summoner (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Summoner]]
FF4PSP Super Monk.png|[[Super Monk (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Super Monk]]
FF4PSP Sword Rat.png|[[Sword Rat (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Sword Rat]]
== T ==
Soul ffiv ios.PNG|[[Takashi Tokita (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Takashi Tokita]]
Calco-ffiv-gba.png|[[Tetsuya Takahashi (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Tetsuya Takahashi]]
FF4PSP Thunder Dragon.png|[[Thunder Dragon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Thunder Dragon]]
FF4PSP Tiny Mage.png|[[Tiny Mage (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Tiny Mage]]
FF4PSP Toadgre.png|[[Toadgre (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Toadgre]]
FF4PSP Trap Door.png|[[Trap Door (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Trap Door]]
FF4PSP Treant.png|[[Treant (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Treant]]
FF4PSP Tunneler.png|[[Tunneler (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Tunneler]]
FF4PSP Tyrannosaurus.png|[[Tyrannosaurus (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Tyrannosaurus]]
== U ==
FFIV DS Udatsu Tanaka.png|[[Sound Manager|Udatsu Tanaka]]
== V ==
FF4PSP Vampire Bat.png|[[Vampire Bat (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Vampire Bat]]
FF4PSP Vampiress.png|[[Vampiress (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Vampiress]]
== W ==
FF4PSP White Mousse.png|[[White Mousse (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|White Mousse]]
FF4PSP Wraith.png|[[Ghoul (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Wraith]]
== Y ==
FFIV DS Yasuhiro Kanda.png|[[Yasuhiro Kanda]]
FF4PSP Yellow Dragon.png|[[Yellow Dragon (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Yellow Dragon]]
FF4PSP Yellow Jelly.png|[[Yellow Jelly (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Yellow Jelly]]
Baron marine ffiv ios.PNG|[[Yoneji]]
== Z ==
FF4PSP Zemus's Breath.png|[[Zemus's Breath (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Zemus's Breath]]
FF4PSP Zemus's Malice.png|[[Zemus's Malice (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Zemus's Malice]]
FF4PSP Zombie.png|[[Zombie (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Zombie]]
FF4PSP Zu.png|[[Zu (Final Fantasy IV 3D)|Zu]]
== Bosses ==
FF4PSP Antlion.png|[[Antlion (Final Fantasy IV)|Antlion]]<br/>Antlion (SNES)<br/>Antlion (PS)<br/>Antlion (GBA)
FF4PSP Asura Battle.png|[[Asura (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Asura]]<br/>Ashura (SNES)<br/>Asura (PS)<br/>Asura (GBA)
FF4PSP Node.png|[[Attack Node (Final Fantasy IV)|Attack Node]]<br/>Attacker (SNES)<br/>Attacker (PS)<br/>Attack Node (GBA)<br/>(assists CPU)
FF4PSP Bahamut.png|[[Bahamut (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Bahamut]]<br/>Bahamut (SNES)<br/>Bahamut (PS)<br/>Bahamut (GBA)
FF4PSP Baigan.png|[[Baigan (Final Fantasy IV)|Baigan]]<br/>Baigan (SNES)<br/>Baigan (PS)<br/>Baigan (GBA)
Barbariccia PSP.png|[[Barbariccia (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Barbariccia]]<br/>Valvalis (SNES)<br/>Valvalis (PS)<br/>Barbariccia (GBA)
FF4PSP-EdwardSprite.png#class(flip horizontal)|[[Bard (boss)|Bard]]<br/>Bard (SNES)<br/>Bard (PS)<br/>Bard (GBA)
FF4PSP Barnabas.png|[[Barnabas (Final Fantasy IV)|Barnabas]]<br/>Balnab (SNES)<br/>Balnab (PS)<br/>Barnabas (GBA)
FF4PSP Barnabas-Z.png|[[Barnabas-Z]]<br/>Balnab-Z (SNES)<br/>Balnab-Z (PS)<br/>Barnabas-Z (GBA)
FF4PSP Brina Enemy.png|[[Brina (Final Fantasy IV)|Brina]]<br/>Brena (SNES)<br/>Brina (PS)<br/>Brina (GBA)
Cagnazzo psp.png|[[Cagnazzo (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Cagnazzo]]<br/>Kainazzo (SNES)<br/>Caignazzo (PS)<br/>Cagnazzo (GBA)
FF4PSP Calca Enemy.png|[[Calca (Final Fantasy IV)|Calca]]<br/>Cal (SNES)<br/>Cal (PS)<br/>Calco (GBA)
CalcabrinapspIVff.png|[[Calcabrina (boss)|Calcabrina]]<br/>Calbrena (SNES)<br/>Calbrena (PS)<br/>Calcobrena (GBA)
FF4PSP Cindy Battle.png|[[Cindy (Final Fantasy IV)|Cindy]]<br/>Cindy (SNES)<br/>Cindy (PS)<br/>Cindy (GBA)
FF4PSP CPU.png|[[CPU (Final Fantasy IV)|CPU]]<br/>CPU (SNES)<br/>CPU (PS)<br/>CPU (GBA)
FFIVPSP - Dark Bahamut Sprite.png|[[Dark Bahamut (Final Fantasy IV)|Dark Bahamut]]<br/>Wyvern (SNES)<br/>Wyvern (PS)<br/>Dark Bahamut (GBA)
FF4PSP Dark Dragon.png|[[Dark Dragon (Final Fantasy IV)|Dark Dragon]]<br/>DarkDragon (SNES)<br/>DarkDragon (PS)<br/>Dark Dragon (GBA)
Astos PSP.png|[[Dark Elf (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Dark Elf]]<br/>Dark Elf (SNES)<br/>Dark Elf (PS)<br/>Dark Elf (GBA)
TAYPSP-KainSprite.png#class(flip horizontal)|[[Dark Kain (boss)|Dark Kain]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>N/A (GBA)
FF4PSP-CecilDKSprite.png#class(flip horizontal)|[[Dark Knight (Final Fantasy IV)|Dark Knight]]<br/>D.Knight (SNES)<br/>D.Knight (PS)<br/>Dark Knight (GBA)
FF4PSP Death Machine.png|[[Death Machine (Final Fantasy IV)|Death Machine]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Death Mech (GBA)
FF4PSP Demon Wall.png|[[Demon Wall (Final Fantasy IV)|Demon Wall]]<br/>EvilWall (SNES)<br/>EvilWall (PS)<br/>Demon Wall (GBA)
FF4PSP Node.png|[[Defense Node (Final Fantasy IV)|Defense Node]]<br/>Defender (SNES)<br/>Defender (PS)<br/>Defense Node (GBA)<br/>(assists CPU)
FF4PSP Doctor Lugae.png|[[Doctor (Final Fantasy IV)|Doctor]]<br/>Dr. Lugae (SNES)<br/>Dr. Lugae (PS)<br/>Dr. Lugae (GBA)
FF4PSP Lugaeborg.png|[[Dr. Lugae (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Dr. Lugae]]<br/>Lugaborg (SNES)<br/>Dr. Lugae (PS)<br/>Dr. Lugae (GBA)
FF4PSP-KainSprite.png#class(flip horizontal)|[[Dragoon (boss)|Dragoon]]<br/>Dragoon (SNES)<br/>Dragoon (PS)<br/>Dragoon (GBA)
Scarmiglione2 psp.png|[[Elemental Archfiends (boss)|Elemental Archfiends]]<br/>Elements (SNES)<br/>Elements (PS)<br/>Elemental Lord (GBA)
Cagnazzo psp.png|[[Elemental Archfiends (boss)|Elemental Archfiends]]<br/>Elements (SNES)<br/>Elements (PS)<br/>Elemental Lord (GBA)
Barbariccia PSP.png|[[Elemental Archfiends (boss)|Elemental Archfiends]]<br/>Elements (SNES)<br/>Elements (PS)<br/>Elemental Lord (GBA)
Rubicante PSP.png|[[Elemental Archfiends (boss)|Elemental Archfiends]]<br/>Elements (SNES)<br/>Elements (PS)<br/>Elemental Lord (GBA)
FF4PSP Flan Master.png|[[Flan Master]] <br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Master Flan (GBA)
FFIV Geryon ds.png|[[Geryon]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>N/A (GBA)
FF4PSP Gigas Worm.png|[[Gigas Worm (Final Fantasy IV)|Gigas Worm]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Gigas Worm (GBA)
FF4PSP-RydiaCSprite.png#class(flip horizontal)|[[Girl (Final Fantasy IV)|Girl]]<br/>Girl (SNES)<br/>Girl (PS)<br/>Girl (GBA)
FF4PSP Golbez Boss.png|[[Golbez (boss)|Golbez]]<br/>Golbez (SNES)<br/>Golbez (PS)<br/>Golbez (GBA)
FF4PSP Ifrit Battle.png|[[Ifrit (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Ifrit]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Ifrit (GBA)
FF4PSP King of Eblan.png|[[King of Eblan (Final Fantasy IV)|King of Eblan]]<br/>K.Eblan (SNES)<br/>K.Eblan (PS)<br/>King Eblan (GBA)
FF4PSP Left Arm.png|[[Left Arm (Final Fantasy IV)|Left Arm]]<br/>LeftArm (SNES)<br/>LeftArm (PS)<br/>Left Arm (GBA)
FF4PSP Leviathan Battle.png|[[Leviathan (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Leviathan]]<br/>Leviatan (SNES)<br/>Leviathan (PS)<br/>Leviathan (GBA)
FF4PSP Lunar Asura.png|[[Lunar Asura]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Lunar Asura (GBA)
FF4PSP Lunar Bahamut.png|[[Lunar Bahamut (Final Fantasy IV)|Lunar Bahamut]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Lunar Bahamut (GBA)
FF4PSP Lunar Dragon.png|[[Lunar Dragon (Final Fantasy IV)|Lunar Dragon]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Lunar Dragon (GBA)
FF4PSP Lunar Ifrit.png|[[Lunar Ifrit]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Lunar Ifrit (GBA)
FF4PSP Lunar Leviathan.png|[[Lunar Leviathan (Final Fantasy IV)|Lunar Leviathan]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Lunar Leviathan (GBA)
FF4PSP Lunar Odin.png|[[Lunar Odin (Final Fantasy IV)|Lunar Odin]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Lunar Odin (GBA)
FF4PSP Lunar Ramuh.png|[[Lunar Ramuh]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Lunar Ramuh (GBA)
FF4PSP Lunar Shiva.png|[[Lunar Shiva]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Lunar Shiva (GBA)
FF4PSP Lunar Titan.png|[[Lunar Titan]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Lunar Titan (GBA)
FF4PSP Lunasaur.png|[[Lunasaur]]<br/>D.Lunar (SNES)<br/>Lunasaur (PS)<br/>Lunasaur (GBA)
FF4PSP Mindy Battle.png|[[Mindy (Final Fantasy IV)|Mindy]]<br/>Mindy (SNES)<br/>Mindy (PS)<br/>Mindy (GBA)
FF4PSP Mist Dragon Battle.png|[[Mist Dragon (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Mist Dragon]]<br/>D. Mist (SNES)<br/>Mist Dragon (PS)<br/>Mist Dragon (GBA)
FF4PSP Mom Bomb.png|[[Mom Bomb (Final Fantasy IV)|Mom Bomb]]<br/>Mombomb (SNES)<br/>Mombomb (PS)<br/>Mom Bomb (GBA)
FF4PSP-YangSprite.png#class(flip horizontal)|[[Monk (Final Fantasy IV)|Monk]]<br/>Karate (SNES)<br/>Monk (PS)<br/>Monk (GBA)
NamingwayDS.png|[[Mopingway]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>N/A (GBA)
FF4PSP Octomammoth.png|[[Octomammoth (Final Fantasy IV)|Octomammoth]]<br/>Octomamm (SNES)<br/>Octomamm (PS)<br/>Octomammoth (GBA)
FF4PSP Odin Battle.png|[[Odin (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Odin]]<br/>Odin (SNES)<br/>Odin (PS)<br/>Odin (GBA)
FF4PSP Ogopogo.png|[[Ogopogo]]<br/>Ogopogo (SNES)<br/>Ogopogo (PS)<br/>Ogopogo (GBA)
FF4PSP Plague Horror.png|[[Plague Horror (Final Fantasy IV)|Plague Horror]]<br/>Plague (SNES)<br/>Plague (PS)<br/>Plague (GBA)
FFIV Protobabil ds.png|[[Proto-Babil]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>N/A (GBA)
FF4PSP Queen of Eblan.png|[[Queen of Eblan (Final Fantasy IV)|Queen of Eblan]]<br/>Q.Eblan (SNES)<br/>Q.Eblan (PS)<br/>Queen Eblan (GBA)
FF4PSP Ramuh Battle.png|[[Ramuh (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Ramuh]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Ramuh (GBA)
FF4PSP Right Arm.png|[[Right Arm (Final Fantasy IV)|Right Arm]]<br/>RightArm (SNES)<br/>RightArm (PS)<br/>Right Arm (GBA)
Rubicante PSP.png|[[Rubicante (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Rubicante]]<br/>Rubicant (SNES)<br/>Rubicante (PS)<br/>Rubicante (GBA)
FF4PSP Sandy.png|[[Sandy (Final Fantasy IV)|Sandy]]<br/>Sandy (SNES)<br/>Sandy (PS)<br/>Sandy (GBA)
Scarmiglione1 psp.png|[[Scarmiglione (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Scarmiglione]]<br/>Milon (SNES)<br/>Milon (PS)<br/>Scarmiglione (GBA)
Scarmiglione2 psp.png|[[Scarmiglione (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Scarmiglione]]<br/>Milon Z (SNES)<br/>Milon Z (PS)<br/>Scarmiglione (GBA)
FFIVPSP - Shadow Dragon Sprite.png|[[Shadow Dragon (Final Fantasy IV)|Shadow Dragon]]<br/>Shadow (SNES)<br/>Shadow (PS)<br/>Shadow Dragon (GBA)
FF4PSP Shiva Battle.png|[[Shiva (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Shiva]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Shiva (GBA)
FF4PSP Storm Dragon.png|[[Storm Dragon (Final Fantasy IV)|Storm Dragon]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Storm Dragon (GBA)
FF4PSP_Titan_Battle.png|[[Titan (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Titan]]<br/>Titan (SNES)<br/>Titan (PS)<br/>Titan (GBA)
FF4PSP Tyrannosaurus.png|[[Tyrannosaurus (Final Fantasy IV)|Tyrannosaurus]]<br/>N/A (SNES)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>T-Rex (GBA)
FF4PSP White Dragon.png|[[White Dragon (Final Fantasy IV)|White Dragon]]<br/>Pale Dim (SNES)<br/>White D. (PS)<br/>White Dragon (GBA)
ZemusPSP.png|[[Zemus (boss)|Zemus]]<br/>Zemus (SNES)<br/>Zemus (PS)<br/>Zemus (GBA)
FF4PSP Zeromus Incorporeal.png|[[Zeromus (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Zeromus]]<br/>Zeromus (SNES)<br/>Zeromus (PS)<br/>Zeromus (GBA)
FFIVPSP - Zeromus Sprite.png|[[Zeromus (Final Fantasy IV boss)|Zeromus]]<br/>Zeromus (SNES)<br/>Zeromus (PS)<br/>Zeromus (GBA)
Zeromus EG PSP.png|[[Zeromus EG]]<br/>Zeromus (SNES Easy Type)<br/>N/A (PS)<br/>Zeromus EG (GBA)
== Dummied ==
Imp - FFIV Dummied.png|[[Imp (Final Fantasy IV)|Imp]]<br/>Dummy (SNES)<br/>Dummy (PS)<br/>Imp (GBA)

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