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Capture a weakened monster.


Catch is a Beastmaster command ability in Final Fantasy V. It enables the player to capture a weakened monster, and then release it later for the monster to execute certain abilities. It is innate to Beastmasters, and is the final ability unlocked leveling the job to job level 4.

Final Fantasy V was the first Final Fantasy game to include an ability to capture monsters and use them in battle.


Catch is innate to Beastmasters, and available to anyone equipping the job. At job level 4, unlocked for a total of 460 AP (300 AP from job level 3), the ability can be equipped in the ability slot for any job.


The player must have weakened the monster to 1/8 or less of its max HP to capture it. If the character is equipped with a Kornago Gourd, the player will only need to reduce the monster's HP to 1/2. If the player wants a particular monster, one can try Gravity or the Blue Magic spell Missile, as both reduce the health of the enemy without killing it, allowing the character to catch it more easily.

The Catch bug exists in all versions of the game with the enemies Gel Fish and Moss Fungus.

FFV Restored Catch on Status Menu.png

When a character catches a monster in the Super Famicom version, the enemy name should be displayed in the Status menu under the Catch header, but the field is left blank for the version 1.1 of the RPGe translation. The reason is because the enemy names table was stored in another location within the data. Also, the length of the monster names was originally 8 bytes, but was expanded to 10 bytes.

Captured monsters can be released to have them attack once, summon style. If the party catches a summoned monster, most will do a Strong Attack when released (which does thousands worth of damage, even in the First World).

The damage formula for Strong Attack is as follows:

List of catch and release abilities[]

The following table lists the abilities that can be used by releasing caught monsters. In the mobile and Steam versions, several Release effects are ineffective on enemies with the Heavy flag. With the exception of ???? and Self-Destruct, which use the summoner's current HP in the damage equation, all Release abilities use the summoned monster's stats for determining damage or healing.

Name Effect Used by
???? Inflicts damage to one enemy equal to difference in caster's Max HP and current HP. Reflect Knight, Tunneller (in battle with Zephyrus)
1000 Needles Inflicts 1000 unblockable damage to one enemy. Ignores defenses. Lamia, Cactus, Hedgehog
Aera Inflicts moderate Wind elemental damage to one or all enemies. Moldwynd
Aeroga Inflicts major Wind elemental damage to one or all enemies. Ziggurat Gigas (fight with Zephyrus), Baldanders
Almagest Heavy holy-elemental damage and sap to the enemy party. Shield Dragon, Vilia, Hades
Aqua Breath Inflicts moderate water-elemental damage to all enemies. Dhorme Chimera (Normal and from fight with Zephyrus), Moogle Eater, Rajiformes, Aquagel
Atomic Ray Moderate fire-elemental damage to all enemies. Red Dragon, Istory Lythos
Banish Inflicts instant death to one target. Page 32, Black Warlock, Zephyrus, Chrono Controller, Gel Fish, Moss Fungus
Beak Inflicts Petrify to one target. Cockatrice, Tot Aevis, Sea Ibis
Berserk Inflicts Berserk to a target, making them only use their attack command. Mammon
Bio Inflicts moderate poison-elemental damage and sap to one or all enemies. Bio Soldier
Blaster 50% chance to either inflict paralyze or instant death. Bandersnatch, Bandercoeurl, Oiseaurare (Exdeath's Castle)
Blaze Inflicts Fire-elemental damage to all enemies equal to 25% of the target's Max HP. Magic Dragon, Bio Soldier (battle with Zephyrus)
Blizzaga Major Ice-elemental damage to one or all enemies. Dark Elemental(Blizzard-element variant)
Blizzara Moderate Ice-elemental damage to one or all enemies. Ice Soldier
Bone Reduce one target's HP to single digits. Bone Dragon (normal encounter/when fighting Alchymia), Dinozombie
Break Inflicts petrify to one or all enemies. Undead Husk, Ra Mage, Objet d'Art
Breath Wing Inflicts wind-elemental damage equal to 25% of target's Max HP to all enemies. Zu, Lesser Lopros, Wyvern, Rukh, Dragon Aevis
Chain Detonation[note 1] Normal Attack command Crystal Dragon
Comet Inflicts random damage to one target. Page 256
Confuse Inflicts confuse to one or all enemies. Mindflusher, Imp, Mini Satana
Curaga Restores major HP to one or all allies. Fairy Orc, Cure Beast
Dark Spark Halves target's level. Black Flame
Death Instantly KO's one target. Mani Wizard, Aquathorn, Tonberry
Death Claw Reduces target's HP to single digits and inflicts paralyze. Strapparer
Delta Attack Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage and petrify to one enemy. Mover
Digestive Acid Inflicts non-elemental damage, slow, and sap to one enemy. Mandrake, Slug, Unknown (Worm)
Doom Inflicts doom on one target. Jackanapes, The Damned, Unknown (Skull), Death Dealer
Drain Absorb HP from target to restore own HP. Poltergeist
Earthquake Inflicts high earth-elemental damage to all enemies. Stone Golem, Tunneller, Undergrounder, Ghidra (during fight with Alchymia), Ankheg
Earth Shaker Inflicts moderate earth-elemental damage to all enemies. Ghidra (normal), Zombie Dragon (during Golem battle), Iron Muscles
Electrocute Lightning-elemental damage to all enemies. Defeater
Embrace Inflicts petrify on one target and fully restores all HP. Calcruthl
Encircle Removes target from battle and is flagged as knocked out. Druid
Entangle Inflicts paralyze to one target. White Serpent, Weresnake, Python
Entice Inflicts confuse to one enemy. Lamia Queen, Lemure, Medusa
Evil Eye Inflicts petrify to one enemy. Orukat
Firaga Major fire-elemental damage to one or all enemies. Mini Magician, Dark Elemental(Fire-element variant), Exoray
Flare Heavy non-elemental damage to one target. Goblin, Flaremancer, Fury, Claret Dragon
Flash Inflicts darkness to all enemies. Headstone, Crew Dust, Ushabti
Float Nullifies all earth-elemental damage and avoid damage floors on overworld. Gaelicat, Poison Eagle
Frost Inflicts ice-elemental damage and sap to the enemy party. Mythril Dragon, Archeosaur
Gamma Ray Inflicts stop to one enemy. Magnetite
Giga Flare Massive non-elemental magic damage to all enemies. Ignores defenses. King Behemoth
Graviga Reduces all enemies HP by 75%. Gravitator
Holy Inflicts major holy-elemental damage to one enemy. Mini Dragon
Hurricane Reduces an enemy's HP to single digits. Ziggurat Gigas, Elm Gigas, Belphegor
Ice Storm Moderate ice-elemental damage to the enemy party. Enchanted Fan, Blue Dragon, Frost Bull, Achelon
Level 3 Flare Casts Flare on all enemies whose level is a multiple of 3. Dechirer, Level Checker
Level 4 Graviga Casts Graviga on all enemies whose level is a multiple of 4. Level Tricker
Level 5 Death Defeats all enemies whose level is a multiple of 5. Executor
Lightning Inflicts 25% Max HP lightning-elemental damage to the enemy party. Hydra, Yellow Dragon
Maelstrom Reduces enemy party's HP to single digits. Sandcrawler, Landcrawler
Magic Hammer Reduces one enemy's MP by 50%. Cursed Being, Drippy
Mega Flare Major non-elemental damage to all enemies. Ignores defenses. Prototype
Mighty Guard Inflicts protect, shell, and float to the party. Crystelle
Mind Blast Inflicts minor non-elemental damage, paralyze, and sap to one enemy. Mindflayer
Mustard Bomb Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage and sap to one enemy. Gobbledygook
Needle 50% chance to either inflict darkness or silence to one target. Killer Bee, Silent Bee
Old Slowly decreases one or all enemies' stats over time. Metamorph, Jackanapes (Exdeath's Castle)
Osmose Absorb MP from target to restore user's MP. Farfarello
Panacea Removes status ailments. Pao
Poison Breath Inflicts moderate poison-elemental damage and poison to all enemies. Zombie Dragon (normal encounters)
Pond's Chorus Inflicts toad to one target. Elf Toad, Archeotoad, Kornago
Quicksand Minor earth-elemental damage and sap to all enemies. Desert Killer, Desertpede, Ammonite
Rainbow Wind Inflicts darkness, silence, and sap to one target. Aegir, Galajelly, Oiseaurare
Reaper's Sword Inflicts non-elemental physical damage and instant death to one enemy. Numb Blade, Yojimbo
Reflect Bounces back magic spells at user's party. Stone Mask, Neon, Sorcerer
Ribbit Toggles status of all enemies between normal and toad. Alchymia
Rocket Punch Inflicts confuse and reduces HP by 50% to one enemy. Steel Fist, Ironclad
Self-Destruct Inflicts 440 damage (if used via Bomb) to target. If used via Grenade, deals damage equal to caster's current HP. Does not kill the user like the Blue Magic spell would otherwise do. Bomb, Grenade
Sleep Inflicts sleep onto a target Sleepy
Slimer Inflicts slow and sap to one target. Rock Slug, Unknown (Spore1)
Spore Inflicts poison. Stroper, Sandboil, Coral, Thunder Anemone
Strong Attack Regular physical attack to one target. Stronger than a normal Attack command. Devil Crab, Nutkin, Stray Cat, Black Goblin, Big Horn, Tatou, Wild Nakk, Grass Tortoise, Page 64, Page 128, Doublizard, Sand Bear, Ronkan Knight, Shell Bear, Treant, Devourer, Kuza Beast, Acrophies, Lycaon, Land Turtle, Twin Lizard, Blind Wolf, Adamantite Golem, Iron Fist, Triffid, Bulette, Sekhmet, Shadow Dancer, Dueling Knight, Berserker, Unknown (Blob), Ironback, Cherie, Sahagin, Water Scorpion, Sea Devil, Great Dragon, Ninja, Sword Dancer, Assassin, Soul Eater, Duelist
Tail Screw Reduces one enemy's HP to single digits. Corbett
Thundaga Major lightning-elemental damage to one or all enemies. Reflect Mage, Tiny Mage, Dark Elemental(Thunder-element variant)
Thundara Moderate lightning-elemental damage to one or all enemies. Skeleton
Tidal Wave Major water-elemental damage to all enemies. Stingray, Gorgimera
Time Slip Inflicts sleep and old to one enemy. Traveler, Mykale
Transfusion Sacrifices user to fully restore all HP/MP to one ally. Devilfish, Birostris
Vampire Absorbs HP from target to heal user's HP. Steel Bat, Blood Slime, Dark Aspic, Shadow, Mercury Bat
Web Inflicts slow to one enemy. Tarantula, Gloom Widow
White Wind Restores HP to the party equal to caster's current HP. Hellraiser, Parthenope, White Flame, Necromancer
Wind Slash Inflicts moderate wind-elemental damage to all enemies. Harvester, Spizzner, Nix


Some good uses of Catch include, to defeat Catoblepas quickly is by catching an Ironback near or in the cave at the Northern Lake, and then releasing it, dealing over 5,000 HP damage that will kill the Catoblepas instantly in most game versions.

The party can also get access to the instant death moves Break and Death much earlier than their Black Magic forms with Catch and Release, which even work on some bosses.



  1. Removed in the defunct mobile and Steam versions