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Marshal all your strength and channel it into a concentrated beam of energy. Significantly increases stagger.


Catastrophe is Barret Wallace's level 2 limit break in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is a physical attack that deals significant damage to an enemy over several attacks, and greatly increases an enemy's stagger gauge. As a limit break, it requires no ATB to use.

With Catastrophe, Barret begins by charging his weapon before jumping into the air. After reaching a certain height, Barret fires a huge continuous blast towards opponents, as several hits register separately.

In the original Final Fantasy VII, Catastrophe is Barret's ultimate limit break.


Catastrophe is obtained from the Legacy: Catastrophe manuscript, earned at the Corneo Colosseum by completing the challenge "Barret vs. Wild Animals", available during chapter 14, "In Search of Hope".


Catastrophe from FFVII Remake 2

Catastrophe from a distance.

Catastrophe deals immense physical damage, which is aimed towards one target but can easily hit nearby enemies as well. As it has no ATB cost, it can be used with no penalty aside from its long animation time. It should not be used against enemies immune to physical damage when under Shield Shield. As it deals physical damage, its damage is based on Barret's Attack Power Attack Power.

Catastrophe can greatly increase Barret's damage output, and has the bonus of increasing an enemy's stagger gauge. Alternatively, one use for Catastrophe is to wait until an enemy is staggered and takes bonus damage, allowing Barret to maximize damage output from Catastrophe. Normally, unless Barret has an accessory that greatly increases the rate he uses Catastrophe, it is better to save Catastrophe for this time. This is because Catastrophe has the greatest damage output of any of Barret's abilities and his attributes lag behind those of Cloud or Tifa, who also have physical damage limit breaks.

Barret's Catastrophe Limit Break from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

Barret's Catastrophe Limit Break from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

Barret can use the Transference Module or Spectral Cogwheel accessories, which increase the limit gauge when Barret consumes ATB charges or spends MP by casting spells, respectively. However, these are less useful on Barret than on Tifa (who consumes ATB faster) or Aerith (who casts spells most often), and is less reliant on his limit breaks. If obtained, Gotterdammerung also allows Barret to use Catastrophe frequently, though it similarly may be better used on other characters. Though Barret can open battles with Catastrophe this way, this is better saved for Refocus instead.

Compared to Fire in the Hole, Catastrophe is a significant upgrade in terms of damage, but has a longer animation time and fills his limit gauge slower. Because Barret benefits greatly from Refocus Materia Refocus Materia, and equipping Catastrophe will also mean Refocus takes longer to use, Barret is normally better sticking with Fire in the Hole unless the desire is to increase his damage output.


A catastrophe is "an event causing great and often sudden damage or suffering."

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