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The airship found in the Catapult.

The Catapult, also known as Ancient Base, is a location in Final Fantasy V in Bartz's world and the merged world. It is an ancient hangar of the Ronkan civilization located near Crescent, and holds a library and a laboratory inside chambers. It acts as an unofficial "base" for the Light Warriors, as there are no random encounters, there are beds to heal for free, and the party's various ships (namely the |fire-powered ship and the Ronkan airship) are stored here.


Cid, Mid, and the Warriors of Light in the Catapult.

The Catapult was created by the ancient Ronkan civilization, which collapsed 500 years prior to the events of Final Fantasy V.[1] The Catapult's proximity to Crescent meant that the village benefited from improved soil quality provided by the earth crystal. It also meant that earthquakes occurring near Crescent would frequently lead ships to be sucked into the Catapult.[2] Bartz Klauser's fire-powered ship was one such ship, being pulled in after they arrived at Crescent.

After chasing King Tycoon around Gohn, Bartz's party fell into ancient ruins, and found a teleport leading them to the Catapult. Upon reaching the base, the party made use of the chambers and the hangar, finding both their own lost ship and a stranger ship. Cid and Mid Previa, meanwhile, fell into pitfalls in the chocobo forest on Crescent Island, and joined the party in the newly found ship, soon to be identified as an ancient airship. Cid and Mid made it fly and a monster residing in the hangar attacked the party. The party docked the airship again, leaving it to Cid and Mid to fix it.[3]

After the airship was repaired, top shape, the party left the Catapult, only to return when needing to ask Cid and Mid for information or in case the airship requires maintenance.

After Exdeath merges the worlds, the Fork Tower buried Catapult. The party will have to destroyed it to rescue Cid, who was beneath it at the time of the merging. After freeing him, Cid modified the airship so it can submerge underwater.


The Catapult is located beneath the sea near Crescent. In the merged world, the arrival of Fork Tower buried it.

Inside, the Catapult's machinery is very reminiscent of that found in the Ronka Ruins. Much like the ruins, it largely comprises moving gears, bright stone walls, several potted plants along the sides, and long bridges across the hangar. Unlike the ruins, no monsters are found within. As well as a hangar, the Catapult also contains a library used by Cid and Mid.



Name Location
Mini Quarters
Shuriken Quarters
Shuriken Quarters
Airship Hangar
Submersible Airship Hangar

In the quarters, there is a separate room containing treasure chests that can be obtained as soon as the party discovers the Catapult, by pulling a switch in the left chamber of the quarters, which will open a passage to the treasure room. If the party tries to access the treasure room after the Earth Crystal shattered, the party will be led to follow a series of clues, presumably left behind by Mid, before having access to the room.


The party first arrives in the Catapult directly after completing Gohn. After meeting up with Cid and finding the airship, the party must battle the boss, Cray Claw. This boss is weak to the lightning element, meaning Mystic Knight and Black Mage are effective against it.

In the merged world, the player must complete Fork Tower to access the Catapult and then obtain the submarine.

Musical themes[]

"Musica Machina" (ムジカ・マキーナ, Mujika Makīna?), like in Ronka Ruins, plays as the background theme to the Catapult.

Other appearances[]

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