Cat Mastery is a skillset for the Catmancer in Bravely Second: End Layer. It allows the user to use enemy abilities. In order to learn the abilities, the character must be hit by the attack and survive. Any job can learn these abilities with the Learning support ability and only one character needs to have the ability for all characters to learn the ability. Special cat food items are required in order to use the ability.

List of abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Requires Description Enemy
Vigor Tonic Beast Flesh + Catnip Raise a single ally's BP by 1. Imperial Medic Van
R.I.P. Roc Filet + Catnip Instantly kill all sleeping combatants. Hamadryad
Slugger Leviathan Sashimi + Catnip Send a single target flying clear off the battlefield. Gargantua
Death Spiral Cat Flesh + Catnip Unleash four randomly targeted attacks that may instantly kill targets. White Queen
Battle Royale Dragon Steak + Catnip Make all combatants go berserk. Bahamut Monk
Dragonlord Strike Rare Cheese + Catnip Unleash an attack that deals four times normal damage. Bahamut Monk
Bone Crush Dried Remora + Catnip Unleash an attack that deals extra damage to enfeeble foes. Skull Lancer
Electrolysis Monoceros Flakes + Catnip A lightning-based multi-target attack that causes weakness to fire. Ba'al III; Apparati
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