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Castle of Shield on the world map.

Castle of Shield (盾の王の城, Tate no Ō no Shiro?) is a location in The Final Fantasy Legend, located directly east of Town of Hero. The soldiers will kick the main characters out of the castle if talked to.


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The main characters enters the castle to speak with King Shield, but he refuses to give the shield to them. The party leaves the castle and heads to the Castle of Armor located to the northeast.

After acquiring both the armor and sword from the two kings, the party returns to the castle. They find the king dead on his throne. Steward plans on framing the main characters for the murder, he retreats into a secret passage and the party follows after him. When they find him, he ask them if they want money. He'll give them anything, including the shield. But the party engages him in battle and defeats him.

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