FFXI wiki icon Castle Zvahl Keep is a dungeon area in Final Fantasy XI.

The inner sanctum of Castle Zvahl Baileys was the headquarters of the beastman army during the height of the Crystal War. Beyond the keep lies the Throne Room, though few adventurers are able to survive the demons of the castle's keep. Only those who can navigate a dense maze and a series of teleportation portals will see throne from which so much terror originated.

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  • The quest Recollections - BLM AF2 requires trading a Whine Cellar Key to the Ore Door at H-7.
  • When you zone into the third map, the portal in the middle of the map transports you to the far NE portal. Follow the path to the next portal, and repeat this. You'll move in a clockwise pattern that eventually warps you to the fourth map.
  • The throne room is accessed from G-7 of the fourth map.
  • Activate the quest A Test of True Love, then open a treasure chest in this zone to get the "Un Moment" key item for that quest.

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