Castle Zvahl Baileys is a dungeon area in Final Fantasy XI.

The dark, twisting towers of Castle Zvahl stands atop the frozen, western peak of Xarcabard. Adventurers must traverse the Castle Zvahl Baileys upon entering the dark fortress, which was the headquarters of the Shadow Lord and his beastman army during the Crystal War. Many adventurers have lost themselves in the dark, twisting corridors of Castle Zvahl Baileys.

Those who are lucky enough to survive Castle Zvahl Baileys will find themselves in the Castle Zvahl Keep.


  • The notorious monster Dark Spark is spawned at F-8. This monster must be killed to complete Borghertz artifact hands quests.
  • All types of beastmen patrol the interior of this zone.
  • Demon mobs in this zone link and aggro by sight.
  • When on the first map, turn north or south at the G-8 intersection and follow the path to head deeper into the castle.
  • The goblin Switchstix, located just inside this zone at I-8, can upgrade relic weapons to their second, third and fourth stages.

Connected areas

  • Xarcabard: (D-8)
  • Castle Zvahl Keep: (E-8)
  • Escapes to: Xarcabard (D-8)


  • Goblin's Bats
  • Demon's Elemental
  • Evil Eye
  • Iron Quadav
  • Orcish Bowshooter
  • Orcish Footsoldier
  • Orcish Gladiator
  • Orcish Trooper
  • Spinel Quadav
  • Yagudo Conquistador
  • Yagudo Lutenist
  • Yagudo Prior
  • Yagudo Zealot
  • Elder Quadav
  • Emerald Quadav
  • Goblin Poacher
  • Goblin Reaper
  • Goblin Robber
  • Goblin Trader
  • Ice Elemental
  • Dark Elemental
  • Demon Pawn
  • Demon Knight
  • Demon Warlock
  • Demon Wizard
  • Morbid Eye
  • Demon Chancellor
  • Demon Commander
  • Demon General
  • Demon Magistrate
  • Ahriman
  • Abyssal Demon
  • Arch Demon
  • Blood Demon
  • Doom Demon
  • Dread Demon
  • Gore Demon
  • Judicator Demon
  • Stygian Demon

Notorious Monsters

  • Duke Haborym
  • Grand Duke Batym
  • Likho
  • Marquis Allocen
  • Marquis Amon
  • Marquis Naberius
  • Marquis Sabnock

Musical themes


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