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Castle Walse is a castle in Final Fantasy V located next to the town of Walse. It is accessible in Bartz's world. It is surrounded by water due to the kingdom drawing its prosperity from the water crystal's purified water. The Lone Wolf can be found imprisioned in the castle prision, and Shiva is sealed away here by the water crystal's purified water.


Using a device created by Cid Previa to amplify the water crystal's power,[1] King Walse was able to purify the water around Walse. The purified water protected Walse from monsters, and even sealed Shiva away in the castle.[2][3] At some point, Lone Wolf the Pickpocket, along with two other criminals, was locked up in Castle Walse's dungeon alongside two others. Scholars also came to Castle Walse when researching the water crystal, with some having aspirations to learn more at the Library of the Ancients.[3]

Bartz Klauser and the party arrive at the castle on the back of Tycoon's wind drake to save the Water Crystal, which lies atop the Walse Tower. Though King Walse had heard of the wind crystal's shattering, he was reluctant to shut off the amplification device, and declined Lenna Charlotte Tycoon's request to deactivate the device on the grounds there was no evidence the same would happen. Shortly after, a meteorite fell near the tower, and King Walse sent troops.[4]

After the water crystal was destroyed by a raging Garula possessed by Exdeath,[note 1] and the tower sunk, King Walse expressed regret to Lenna, and implored her to travel to Karnak to save the last crystal.[3]

Later, after Exdeath obtains the power of the Void, he uses it to destroy Walse.


Walse on the World Map (iOS).

Castle Walse is located to the south of the eastern continent, adjacent to the town of Walse. Both are surrounded by a large moat crossed over by bridges. The moat comprises purified water that comes from Walse Tower,[2] located a fair distance away to the northwest.

Water runs all through the castle. As well as a moat around the walls and a waterfall behind the castle, several waterfalls are found inside the castle also. A large waterfall behind the castle comes from a tower, wherein Shiva is sealed away by the purified water of the crystal.[3]



Name Location
Elven Mantle Basement
1,000 gil Basement
1,000 gil Basement
Speed Basement
490 gil Storehouse
Phoenix Down Storehouse
Tent Storehouse
Shiva Defeat Shiva in hidden tower.


Castle Walse (Basement)
Castle Walse (Tower)


Shiva's Hideout behind a waterfall at the back of Walse's Castle. The map slightly resembles a snowflake.

The main quest at Castle Walse is simply to visit King Walse before traveling to Walse Tower. After speaking to the king, the quest resumes at Walse Tower.

Shiva is an optional boss whom the party can find at the back of Castle Walse behind a waterfall. Upon her defeat, the party can summon her into battle. Challenging Shiva as soon as the battle becomes available is not recommended as the party has yet to acquire the Summoner job, so that even if the player wins, they will not be able to summon her until later.

As well as Shiva, some treasure can be found in the basement of Castle Walse, where Jackanapes is located. Jackanapes likely cannot be fought yet (and soldiers advise staying away from him[3]), meaning the player must run away when obtaining the treasure.

Musical themes[]

"Royal Palace" plays at Castle Walse.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Castle Walse FFV.png

Having nursed her wind drake to health, Lenna and the others ride the drake to Castle Walse to beg the king not to misuse the power of the Water Crystal.




  1. The guards at the tower expressed surprise at Garula's actions and suspected he was under control.[4] Queen Karnak later confirmed being controlled at the fire crystal,[5] and after King Alexander Highwind Tycoon was freed from control at the earth crystal, Exdeath appeared,[6] showing him to be the one in control.