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Castle Palamecia is the capital of the Palamecian Empire, and home to the Emperor in Final Fantasy II. Castle Palamecia is located atop a mountain range, and as such is impenetrable to normal assaults. The party can only reach the castle by an airship.

Story Edit

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The Emperor comes back from hell

The Emperor arises from Hell.

After the party defeats the Emperor in the Cyclone, they are about to celebrate their victory when they hear that the Dark Knight has taken over the Empire, and is ruling from the Emperor's castle. The party sets out to stop him.

In the castle's throne room the party confronts Leon, who steps up to fight Firion before Maria intervenes. The Emperor appears on the throne behind them, having conquered Hell and ascended back to Earth to take it over with his new powers. The Emperor attacks the party, and Ricard gives his life to hold back the Emperor while the Wyvern comes to fly the party to safety. Afterward Castle Palamecia is destroyed, and the palace of Hell, Pandaemonium, rises in its place.

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Items Edit

Item Location
Diamond Cuirass First Floor
Hourglass Second Floor
Garlic First Floor
Ether Second Floor
Buckler Second Floor
Thunder Spear Third Floor, guarded by Imperial Shadow
Saint's Spirit Fourth Floor
Sleepgrass Fourth Floor
Healing Staff Fourth Floor
Mage's Staff Fourth Floor
Wizard's Staff Fourth Floor
Sun Blade Sixth Floor, guarded by Coeurls and Lamia Queens
Elixir Seventh Floor
Elixir Seventh Floor
Elixir Seventh Floor
Hellfire Eighth Floor
Wind Flute Eighth Floor

Enemies Edit

Treasure Rooms

Musical themes Edit

The background music that plays inside Castle Palamecia is the "Imperial Army Theme".

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

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