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Castle Liene.

Castle Liene (リーン城, Rīn Jō?) is a castle in Final Fantasy Dimensions. To the north of Castle Liene is a vast array of mountains and to the south is the ocean.


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As the party arrives at Castle Liene, they are greeted by an attack from its soldiers and realize that the castle is infested with monsters. During battle, the soldiers mention that Liene's alliance with Lux is no more. The party defeats the soldiers and goes on to investigate the castle for traces of the Avalonian Empire's ties with Castle Liene.

As the party descends further into the castle's depths, they encounter the Hell Minion in the castle dungeons. After defeating the Hell Minion, the party releases two prisoners: a gnome who tells the party that he is willing to exchange awesome items for fangs that don't lie and a prisoner who mentions that the Empire has moved towards the areas beyond the mountains, and is unreachable without an airship. Sol suddenly remembers that there is a docked airship near the castle and so does the party go forth to claim the winged vessel.

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Item Place
Bard's Tunic Chest
Tent Chest
Baghknakhs Chest
Phoenix Down Pot
Main Gauche Chest
Longsword Chest
Iron Helm Chest
Iron Armor Chest
Ether Pot (Middle cell)
Elixir Pot (Throne room)



Item Price
Potion 30
Ether 30
Maiden's Kiss 60
Antidote 40
Eye Drops 30
Echo Grass 50
Sacred Candle 100
Golden Needle 400
Phoenix Down 200
Tent 200


Item Price
Dagger 280
Broadsword 250
Iron Sword 450
Staff 100
Oak Staff 330
Rod 80
Metal Rod 80
Spear 480
Metal Claw 380
Iron Bow 350
Whip 330


Item Price
Bronze Shield 240
Bronze Helm 300
Feathered Cap 200
Pointy Hat 250
Bronze Armor 400
Bronze Hauberk 350
Silk Robe 370
Leather Shoes 60

White Magic[]

Item Price
Slow 300
Silence 300
Mini 300

Black Magic[]

Item Price
Poison 300
Sleep 300
Toad 300


Musical theme[]

"Den of Corpses" acts as the theme for Castle Liene.



  • If the player defeats Hell Minion first, a small event will occur wherein Butch will flee, causing the player party to win the battle.
  • When looking for the secret passage, checking under the bed will reveal a hidden naughty magazine.
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