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Baron Castle, from Final Fantasy IV.

Castles (, Shiro?) are a recurring type of location found throughout the Final Fantasy series. Castles are versatile in their appearances, and can be both hostile and abandoned or of friendly alignment. They are usually accessed via the world map, and in case of being friendly, are usually located near towns, or may even be citadels.

Starting with Final Fantasy VII, the appearance of castles in the series has become scarcer.


Final Fantasy[]

Castle Cornelia, one of the series' most iconic castles.

Castle Cornelia is home to the game's first cutscene.

Final Fantasy II[]

Fynn Castle, the headquarters of the Wild Rose Rebellion.

Final Fantasy II features several nations, and each nation possesses a castle. Only one castle in Final Fantasy II does not feature any enemy encounters.

Final Fantasy III[]

Castle Saronia.

Final Fantasy III is much similar to Final Fantasy II in terms of castles. Only one works as a dungeon. All castles hold treasure, both hidden in secret passageways and in treasure vaults.

  • Castle Sasune is a citadel visited in the beginning, struck by the Djinn's curse. Its left tower is filled with monsters.
  • Castle Argus is abandoned at first, but later it is retaken by its army.
  • Castle Hein is a floating fortress above the desert near Tokkul. It is the world tree from the Living Woods, transformed into Hein's personal stronghold by his magic, but after he perishes, it returns to its original resting ground.
  • Castle Saronia is the center of the Saronian metropolis and home to its royal family. After the civil war, its throne is taken by prince Alus Restor.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Baron Castle.

Several castles appear and enemies are fought in every one of them, with exception of Troia and Damcyan.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

The castles are the same as the previous game, except for Damcyan which has been reconstructed. The treasure chest's location for Baron Castle and Fabul Castle are in the exact same place, but has different content found within the chest.

List of Castles:

  • Baron
  • Damcyan
  • Fabul
  • Eblan (Inaccessible)

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

All castles from Final Fantasy IV are revisited. Damcyan Castle has been renovated to have side passages containing bedrooms and shops, and Eblan has likewise been expanded with shops in openly accessible areas previously accessed by hidden passages. Troia Castle now has a hidden passage from the crystal room to the moat outside in case of attack, so the Crystal can be taken from the castle safely. Baron Castle acts as the base of operation for the Mysterious Girl, and is the site of the final confrontation with her before the party departs for the True Moon.

Final Fantasy V[]

Castle Tycoon, home to the world's last Wind Drake.

Castles make a prominent appearance in Final Fantasy V.

A castle also appears in the Interdimensional Rift, a place dislodged from time and space.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Figaro Castle, a high-tech castle that submerges into the sands of its desert.

Castles are the centers of the main nations. This is the first game where enemies are found in every castle.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Ultimecia Castle.

Ultimecia Castle is the final dungeon and home to the Sorceress Ultimecia and her army of fiends. It is a floating castle anchored to the ground with colossal chains.

Final Fantasy IX[]


Castles return in Final Fantasy IX along with its old-school theme.

Final Fantasy XI[]

The Chateau d'Oraguille, as viewed from the inside.

There are many structures similar in nature to castles in Final Fantasy XI, though most of the friendly citadels are referred to as palaces.

Final Fantasy XV[]


The royalty of Tenebrae live on manors atop lush peaks that resemble castles. The royalty of Lucis live in Citadel, a skyscraper in the Crown City of Insomnia, that also has somewhat of a castle-like presence.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Limberry Castle.

In the medieval Ivalice castles as fortresses serve as abodes for the ruling families. Battles also take place in these locations.

Final Fantasy Adventure[]

Glaive Castle is the only castle to make an appearance in the game.

Final Fantasy Legend II[]

Edo Castle is the only castle to appear in the game. Unlike the other castles in the series, this one is a Japanese-style castle.

Final Fantasy Legend III[]

The Castle of Chaos surfaces in Lae's Bay, and serves as the dwelling place of Chaos. Xagor's Castle is the final dungeon where Sol and Xagor are located.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

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Bravely Default[]

The Palace in Caldisla is the residence of the King, while Ancheim Palace is home to King Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII. Vampire Castle in the Eternia Region is the home of Archduke Lester DeRosso and contains enemy encounters.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Lux Castle.

Castles have appeared once again in Final Fantasy Dimensions. There are treasures and also monsters hidden away in some of them.

  • Castle Lux is located in the country of Lux, the home of Sol and his friends. It is located north of Lux. It also serves as a part of the final dungeon.
  • Castle Liene is located beyond its mountain range, occupied by the Avalon Empire.
  • Castle Falgabard is located east of the mountains. It is home to Graham and the dark knights.
  • The Ancient Castle of the War King is located southwest of Garden-Garden's sewer-ways. Odin can be found in the castle.
  • Castle Burtgang is home of Gawain, the captain of its knights.
  • The Dimensional Castle is part of the final dungeon. The party can find the best weapons inside its halls.

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Pandaemonium appears as the representative arena of Final Fantasy II, Ultimecia's Castle is the representative arena of Final Fantasy VIII, and the castle area of the Interdimensional Rift is the representative arena of Final Fantasy V.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Pandaemonium, Ultimecia's Castle, and the Interdimensional Rift return as arenas. As two new arenas, Pandaemonium's Top Floor is a standalone location, and the M.S. Prima Vista from Final Fantasy IX appears with a castle background as part of the stage.

On the world map, the player can find ruins and Gateways in many locations corresponding to the locations of castles in Final Fantasy's World A, as Dissidia 012 is set in World B, a mirror image of World A. Ruins and/or Gateways representing Cornelia Castle, the Elven Castle, the Western Keep, the Citadel of Trials, and the Mirage Tower, can be found.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

Several castles from the series appear in the FMS of their respective series songs.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

In addition to the returning castles, a "Palace" appears in both day and night as the FMS for several castle themes throughout the series:

  • "Castle Cornelia"*(from Final Fantasy Origins)
  • "Let Me Know the Truth"*(from Final Fantasy III)
  • "Theme of Love"*(from Final Fantasy IV)
  • "Troian Beauty"*(from Final Fantasy IV)
  • "Behind the Door"*(from Final Fantasy IX)

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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A castle is a type of fortified structure built in Europe and the Middle East during the Middle Ages by nobility.