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Castanets is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. It is fought in the Mythril Mine and in the sixth round of the Battle Square before the player obtains the Tiny Bronco. When fought in the Battle Square its stats are enhanced with double the normal HP and its Attack and Magic Attack are increased by 25%.

Castanets is harmless, as the party can use Fire to exploit its weakness and kill it quickly, or do the same with Matra Magic.



# Formation
474 Row 1: Castanets A, Castanets B
Row 2: Castanets C
477 Row 1: Castanets A, Castanets B
Row 2: Castanets C, Castanets D
478 Row 1: Castanets A, Castanets B
Row 2: Ark Dragon, Crawler


Mythril Mine
West 474
Tunnels 474
East 477, 478
Cliff Edge 477, 478
Battle Square (before Tiny Bronco)
Group A - Battle 6 474
Group B - Battle 6 477, 478

AI scriptEdit

AI: Main {

Choose Random Opponent
1/2 Chance: Use 2-stage Attack on Target
1/2 Chance: Use Scissor Spark on Target


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