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Moogle cartographer to Vaan.

The Cartographers' Guild is an organization in Final Fantasy XII. The guild employs moogles who sell maps to those who need them.

It is not necessary to buy the maps to unlock Old Dalan in the Sky Pirate's Den; it is enough to fully unveil every map by visiting every corner. If the player buys/finds a map, they don't need to completely clear out the grayed out areas, as long as the player has entered every area on the map at least once. In addition to unveiling all the maps, the player must visit every residence to unlock Old Dalan in the Sky Pirate's Den.

Cartographers locationsEdit


A cartographer can be found in the Southern Plaza.

Location Map Price
Giza Plains 30 gil
Dalmasca Estersand 50 gil
Dalmasca Westersand 550 gil

Dalmasca EstersandEdit

Two cartographers can be found in Estersand: one in the South Bank Village and another in the North Bank Village.

Location Map Price
Dalmasca Estersand 50 gil
Mosphoran Highwaste 2,400 gil

Giza PlainsEdit

A cartographer moogle called Nutsy can be found in Nomad Village, but only during the Dry.

Location Map Price
Giza Plains 30 gil


There are two cartographers in Bhujerba: one in Lhusu Square, and another in Travica Way.

Location Map Price
Bhujerba 70 gil
Lhusu Mines 650 gil


A cartographer can be found right outside the entrance to the village.

Location Map Price
Jahara 30 gil
Ozmone Plain 1,700 gil

Eruyt VillageEdit

A cartographer can be found right at the village entrance.

Location Map Price
Eruyt Village 60 gil

Mt Bur-OmisaceEdit

The moogle is next to the Gate Crystal.

Location Map Price
Mt Bur-Omisace 15 gil
Paramina Rift 3,200 gil

Mosphoran HighwasteEdit

There is a cartographer in Babbling Vale.

Location Map Price
Mosphoran Highwaste 2,400 gil

Phon CoastEdit

There is a cartographer in Phon Coast's Hunters' Camp.

Location Map Price
Phon Coast 1,800 gil

Old ArchadesEdit

The map of Royal Palace is only available in the Alley of Low Whispers if the player missed it earlier.

Location Map Price
Royal Palace of Rabanastre 100,000 gil


A cartographer is found in Bulward's Technicks shop.

Location Map Price
Archades 230 gil
Tchita Uplands 3,300 gil

Balfonheim PortEdit

A cartographer can be found in Seabreeze Lane.

Location Map Price
Balfonheim 80 gil
Cerobi Steppe 4,100 gil


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