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Carrot in Final Fantasy XII.

Carrot (キャロット, Kyarotto?) is a recurring enemy in Ivalice. Either a mark or a regular mission, Carrot is always an out of control pet who needs to be put down. In all instances Carrot is a stronger, and often larger, Malboro.


Final Fantasy XII[]

Carrot is a pet Malboro of Mme. Zammadria, and is an Elite Mark. When Mme. Zammadria brought Carrot to Nalbina when visiting her husband, Carrot ran away to the Salikawood. Fearing a scandal for rearing such a pet, Mme. Zammadria contacted Montblanc and hired Clan Centurio to vanquish the creature. The report is Rank VII Elite Mark "Carrot Stalk".

By defeating Carrot, the player is awarded with the title "Freshmaker". A sprite of Carrot will appear in the Sky Pirate's Den using its bad breath attack.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Carrot, a Morbol, owned by the Zamas family, has been missing (5 months old at the time). While we were on a break in the hills behind the count's mansion, we found her. According to experts, a Morbol returns as a primitive life form every 4 generations. This incident taught us the instincts of the wild.

"Ultimate Atavism" Report, Final Fantasy Tactics

Carrot, a five-month-old malboro kept as a pet by Countess Zalmasse, had gone missing. After an extended search, we found Carrot feeding in the hills behind Zalmasse Manor and recaptured her. Consulting with a specialist, we learned that domesticated malboros regress to their wild state every fourth generation, and determined this was the cause of little Carrot's escape.

"Call of the Wild" Report, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

Carrot doesn't actually appear, instead it is mentioned on a dispatch mission.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]


Oh my, what to do? My pet, Carrot, is hiding in her house and won't come out! Bring a spear, you may need it!

Mrs. Nanabu, Mission Description

"Mission #095: "Carrot!"" requires the player to go find her. It appears after the player complete "Mission #024: Royal Valley", "Mission #064: Den of Evil" and "Mission #193: Thorny Dreams". Once they do find her in Jagd Helje, they must fight her in a battle and take her down.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Oh, it's terrible! Simply terrible! My poor Carrot has gone wild all of a sudden, and hied off to gods know where! Her eyes...Oh, her eyes were like unto a malboro's! I hope you can bring her back, but if you can't, perhaps you could put her out of her misery?

Mrs. Zamaree, A certain menagerie owner's wife, Quest description

Carrot must be fought in the quest "My Little Carrot". It requires the player to go to Zedlei Forest and defeat the Carrot along with the other malboros there.