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The Carniflower is a boss from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. It is fought twice in Story Mode and once in Multiplay Mode. The Carniflower spawns Carniflower Buds to help in battle.

Stats Edit

Abyssus Forest

Lunite Temple

Battle Edit

At the start of the battle, the Carniflower will spawn two buds, each of which are independent from the flower and attack on their own accord. The Carniflower will remain closed and cast Gravity, Slow, and Quake spells until the buds are defeated, at which point the Carniflower will open up and expose its weak point, being the crystal in the center.

At this the point, the player should be cautious when attacking the weak point, as the Carniflower is capable of either spewing out multiple poisonous pollen that deal minute damage, but inflicts the Poison status, or by using a spin attack utilizing its petals, knocking off any player that is still on or near the flower. After some time, the buds will respawn and the flower will close itself unless a player is standing on the flower when the buds respawn.

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