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Hey, fellas. Care to get your portrait drawn? Bene! Alright, if you could stand right there...


The caricaturist is a woman in Altissia who draws portraits in a childlike style in Final Fantasy XV. Scattered around Lucis are small drawings the player can spot. When the player approaches one such picture, the camera will focus on it, and Prompto will always photograph them.

The player can approach the caricaturist to get a picture of the party. She is in the northern area of Altissia across the light blue gondola line, at the bottom of the stairway in front of the Leviathan monument. She appears during any time of day and weather. If she doesn't appear, the player can try to reload their game. She will be there from Chapter 9 onward and still be found there when the player returns to Altissia with Umbra. There are three pictures she has drawn at her spot, one of Lunafreya and two of chocobos.

The player can find ten hidden drawings made by her. It is not necessary to find the drawings to get the portrait from her. There is no other reward for finding the drawings and getting the portrait of the party, other than the photos of them and the scene.

List of drawings[]

# Area Location Subject(s) Image
1 Hammerhead Door of a staff room behind the hunt board in Takka's Pit Stop. Cid, Takka and Cindy. Drawing-Takkas-Pit-Stop-FFXV.png
2 Galdin Quay Counter of the Mother of Pearl restaurant, far side from the tipster. Coctura Arlund Drawing-Galdin-Quay-Restaurant-FFXV.png
3 Wiz Chocobo Post Windowsill on the inside of the main building, next to a bin. Wiz Wiz-Chocobo-Post-Drawing-FFXV.png
4 Wiz Chocobo Post Barrels outside the main building, next to the shop. Chocobo Chocobo-Drawing-FFXV.png
5 Old Lestallum Original Crow's Nest Diner, behind the pinball machines. Crow's Nest owner Crows-Nest-Owner-Drawing-FFXV.png
6 Old Lestallum Original Crow's Nest Diner, far end of the diner, behind a booth. Kenny Crow Crows-Nest-Kenny-Drawing-FFXV.png
7 Lestallum Alleyway going north from the Leville Hotel, by abandoned chairs and tables. EXINERIS Industries worker Drawing-Wall-Lestallum-FFXV.png
8 Lestallum Right of the market place, on the wall above benches. EXINERIS Industries worker in thermal suit. Drawing-Lestallum-Market-FFXV.png
9 Lestallum Pottery merchant in the middle of the market. There is also a kid in the stall and the drawing is among the pottery on the table. Pottery merchant Drawing-Pottery-Shop-Lestallum-FFXV.png
10 Lestallum On a wall in north of Lestallum on a small alleyway that leads to a dead end (this is where Randolph is found in Chapter 15) EXINERIS Industries worker in thermal suit. Drawing-Lestallum-Deadend-FFXV.png

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition[]

The caricaturist "sketches" the party.

There are no drawings to find "in the wild", but the caricaturist has some realistic "drawings" (screenshots from the main game) of Carbuncle, a cactuar, Lunafreya, and a chocobo displayed at her spot. If the player approaches her, she will draw the party like in the main game, but the image she produces is a render of the party's realistic character models made for the main game.