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The Shinra Electric Power Company Cargo Ship (運搬船, Unpansen? or 神羅の運搬船 (Names used in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.), Shinra no Unpansen?) is a form of transportation from Junon to Costa del Sol in Final Fantasy VII. The player must enter it once as a plot-required area; subsequent visits allow the player to travel to and from the East Continent to the West Continent, at the price of 100 gil per ride (free from Junon). It can also carry the buggy.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit

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Cargo Ship Deck

The deck of the Cargo Ship.

Cloud Strife and his party use the ship to follow Rufus Shinra after his inauguration as the new company president. During the trip the ship is infiltrated by Sephiroth who kills nearly everyone on board. After taunting Cloud, he leaves behind Jenova∙BIRTH to fight the party. The ship lands safely in Costa del Sol with all the main characters intact. After obtaining the Highwind the Cargo ship is gone.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

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Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

The Cargo Ship appears as a location in several missions. It serves no storyline purpose.

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Cargo RoomEdit

Once the ship is taken over by Sephiroth, most people onboard are considered dead. One of the victims close to the door speaks "That thing is not a human". This dialog can be seen only once.

Engine RoomEdit



Area outside cabin.


One sailor on board, is willing to help out the party - for a price. He can heal the party completely for 250 gil, and sells the following items:

Name Cost
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 300 gil



Date mechanicsEdit

Final Fantasy VII has a hidden affection value that determines whom Cloud will go on a date with in Gold Saucer later. The value is determined by the dialogue and party member choices made prior to the date.

When Yuffie asks for Tranquilizers:

  • "Here, use this" (+4 Yuffie)
    • "Nope" (-2 Yuffie)

Aeris asks to go on an airship:

  • "I'll take you someday" (+2 Aeris)
  • "I dunno..." (-2 Aeris)

Tifa asks about the war:

  • "Yeah..." (+2 Tifa)
  • "I don't know" (-2 Tifa)



Battle background.

Monsters do not start appearing until Sephiroth attacks the ship.

1st ScreenEdit

2nd ScreenEdit

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Shinra Cargo Ship FFVII

With Priscilla's help, Cloud's team sneaks onto the Shinra Cargo Ship at port in Junon.

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