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The Card Club, also known as CC Group, is a school-based club of skilled Triple Triad players in Final Fantasy VIII.

Made up of Balamb Garden's students and staff members, the club members' identities are not publicly known, and the player must scour the Garden to find them. The members will only acknowledge their membership once the previous member down on the rank has been defeated. The group members interact with Squall at various times, never letting on they are a member of the club.

The reward for beating the Card Club is access to its members' rare cards. The player can start the quest after the Garden becomes mobile. The first time the Card Club is mentioned is by Jack in casual conversation after Squall has gained some skill with 15-20 games. The player must win against all club members before fighting Seifer in the Lunatic Pandora.

In the Steam/Remastered versions, defeating every Card Club member in Triple Triad earns the player the achievement Cards Club Master.


While it is unclear how membership into the club is handled, a challenger must challenge each member by order of card value (Jack, Club, Diamond, Spade, Heart, King). Joker, as is fitting to his card value, can be challenged any time, and is considered separate from the Card Club's hierarchy.

The members of the Card Club:

Title Description Image
Jack Jack is the first to mention the CC Group to Squall. He is the first member to challenge Squall once he has considerable skill in Triple Triad. He is found in the Balamb Garden main lobby, but the player needs to wait for him to walk onto screen from the south. CC Jack location from FFVIII Remastered
Knight Club A SeeD only interested in playing Triple Triad who says nothing except "Draw..." to challenge the player. He is randomly found walking outside of the dormitories along the circular walkway. CC Club location from FFVIII Remastered
Princess Diamond A pair of female students found with Jack in the main lobby, walking up to and standing in front of the directory. The player needs to wait for them to walk into position at the info board. CC Diamond location from FFVIII Remastered
Prince Spade This is the guy who gave Squall his first deck of Triple Triad cards. He is found on the second floor outside the elevator. He possesses several high level cards. CC Spade location from FFVIII Remastered
Queen Heart This member is Xu. She holds many high level cards, which includes the Carbuncle card. She can be challenged on the bridge. CC Heart location from FFVIII Remastered
Master King Revealed to be Quistis. She holds many high level cards, including the Gilgamesh card. She challenges Squall randomly in his dorm room when he rests after he speaks to Dr. Kadowaki (after defeating Queen Heart). Once Squall wins the game Quistis can be challenged on the bridge. Unlike all other members, the player does not get an option to back out, and is forced into a card game when she challenges Squall.
Magician Joker Holds the Leviathan card. He updates the Battle Meter and acts as a shopkeeper in Balamb Garden's training center and the Ragnarok spaceship. He appears randomly on a platform overlooking the water in the training center. CC Joker location from FFVIII Remastered

Dr. Kadowaki also mentions she once served as Master King, but was defeated by an unspecified student (presumably Quistis) four years prior. She does not hold any rare cards.

Card Club members in endgameEdit

During endgame the Card Club members are found on-board the Ragnarok if the player completed the CC quest before the point of no return. (See here how to find the Ragnarok in endgame.) The group members, including Quistis, will wander the spaceship's halls waiting to challenge Squall with rules from around the world. Joker will also sell items and provide weapon remodeling.

During this time the club members each provide dialogue for their take on the current situation, and will play with all the LV8-10 rare cards the player doesn't currently have in their inventory, regardless of whether they were missed, lost or modified into items. It is possible to modify the rare cards into items and then win them back from the group. The cards available in the Queen of Cards sidequest are not played by most of the Card Club members; the player can find the Queen of Cards on the escape pod crash-site south of Tears' Point to win them off her.

The left girl of the CC Diamond is known for playing with all the high level rare cards the player doesn't currently have, including the cards normally obtained from the Queen of Cards. The other CC players will use rare cards at random. The game shuffles the cards' location when challenging the CC members, and thus it takes longer than normal for a card game against them to start. This means that for most of the CC members to play a rare card, the player must have gotten lucky in that the card was shuffled to them, and then for them to choose to use it in a game. The left girl of CC Diamond ignores which member is supposed to have what card, and will play any card the player does not currently have in order. The other CC members don't play the Queen of Cards cards because these cards' locations are not shuffled (the cards' location is set to the queen if the player entered endgame without them already in their deck). Rarely however, the left CC Diamond girl won't play any rare card, in which case the player needs to challenge her again.

The trade rule and the Queen of Card's region cannot be changed in endgame and the trade rule stays as whatever she played last and the region she was last present in. If the player wants to play the left Diamond girl in endgame for rare cards, before the point of no return the player can send the Queen of Cards to Trabia region with "All" trade rule so the left Diamond girl will play with that.

CC Member Ruleset Card Lv Location
CC Joker Centra 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 Elevator room
CC Jack Balamb 3, 4, 6 Lower level of Ragnarok, room up from hangar
CC Club Dollet 3, 5, 6 Hangar upper level
CC Diamond Trabia 3, 4, 5, 7 Hangar
CC Spade Esthar 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 Storage room
CC Heart Fishermans Horizon 3, 5, 6, 7 Boarding ramp
CC King Lunar 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Airlock*(Quistis must be in the party)


  • In Japan, each school has a variety of clubs ranging from the practical (sports, class-room oriented) to the mundane (anime fangroups) and traditional (tea ceremonies, origami), created and ran by the student body. As Final Fantasy VIII was designed with a school theme, this is reflected in Balamb Garden with the Trepies, the Garden Festival Committee, the Library Committee, the Balamb Garden disciplinary committee and the Card Club.
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