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Summon Carbuncle. The glittering jewel in its forehead grants allies extra strength.

Menu description

Carbuncle is a summoning materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission". It summons Carbuncle, a small foxlike creature with a red gem on its forehead that supports the party with buffs; though the recurring Carbuncle summon is known for bestowing Reflect, the Final Fantasy VII Remake incarnation rather cuts damage and heals.

Carbuncle never appeared as a summon in the original Final Fantasy VII and thus the design is new and unique, though Carbuncle is a recurring summon in the series. It is a fluffy white creature with a faint teal hue with a long tail. Its head is large compared to the body with a dark red princess-cut jewel embedded on its tall forehead. It has a small snout and brown eyes.


Carbuncle was available as a pre-order bonus from buying the Digital Deluxe Edition. It has since been made available as DLC for all in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE DIGITAL DELUXE UPGRADE. Carbuncle is then added to the player's inventory at the start of the game, and the summoning materia slot will appear in Chapter 2, "Fateful Encounters". If the player has no DLC summons the slot does not appear until players receive the Ifrit Materia Ifrit Materia at the end of Chapter 3, "Home Sweet Slum". Carbuncle is compatible with "Episode INTERmission".


Ability ATB cost Effect Description
Ruby Light 2 Bestows Barrier Barrier on the party, halving physical damage. Halve physical damage taken by all party members.
Nacre Light 2 Bestows Manaward Manaward to halve magic damage to the party. Halve magic damage taken by all party members.
Emerald Light 2 Bestows Haste Haste to double the speed the party's ATB gauges fill. Increase the rate at which the ATB gauge of all party members fills.
Diamond Dazzle - Ultimate attack that heals the party's HP and revives any KO's party members. -


Invoke Carbuncle to aid you in battle.

Role: Heals/Supports
Ultimate Attack: Diamond Dazzle

Diamond Dazzle - Carbuncle summon sequence - Final Fantasy VII Remake

After acquiring the Carbuncle materia, the player can set it to any playable character's weapon and summon the creature in battle when the command becomes available. Summoning Carbuncle costs 1 ATB segment. Its abilities buff the party. Because Carbuncle is a small summon, it can be summoned in any battlefield where summoning is possible. Carbuncle is especially useful during Hard Mode as there are numerous opportunities to summon even outside of boss battles. It can be used to buff the party with the useful Barrier, Manaward and Haste statuses, and to heal and revive the party; if everyone falls while Carbuncle is out, it will revive everyone as it exits, making it something akin of a Phoenix summon from the previous series.

Because Carbuncle is purely a buffing summon, the Mythical Amulet accessory does not improve upon it.

Fat Chocobo boss[]

Fat Chocobo's moogle minion may randomly summon Carbuncle to aid the player party in the VR mission against the bird. This Carbuncle's Ruby Light bestows Barrier Barrier onto the player party for 60 seconds.


Etymology and allusion[]

Carbuncle was a mythical creature reportedly sighted in the Americas by Spanish conquistadors. It is described as a small creature, either a bird or a mammal, that has a gem in its forehead crystallized from the brain of a dead dragon. According to myth, it is good luck to catch a carbuncle. A carbuncle is also an archaic name given to any red cabochon cut gemstone. The name applied particularly to red garnet.

Carbuncle's abilities are named after precious gems—ruby, emerald and diamond—as well as nacre, the material of which pearls are composed. These effects are the same as the Ruby Light, Emerald Light, and Pearl Light of the Final Fantasy IX incarnation, with the exception that its Diamond Light causes Vanish status, which is not present in Final Fantasy VII Remake. They have the same Japanese names, with "Dazzle" stemming from a different word for "light" than the others.