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Caravan of Hope is a time-limited event where Ciaran from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.


Story Cutscenes[]

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Setting Out:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • Ciaran: So this is a different world from the one we live in?
  • Materia: That is correct.
  • Materia: And I wish for you to fight as one of my warriors.
  • Ciaran: Fight? But I already have work to do...
  • Materia: You possess a strong will.
  • Materia: You held fast to your memories on your long journey. We need that will.
  • Ciaran: There are lots of strong people out there. Does it have to be me?
  • Materia: ...The crystal guided you to me.
  • Ciaran: The crystal...?
  • Materia: A different one from that in your world. It is one that wishes for the warriors' respite.
  • Materia: We, the gods, created this world as a land of respite...
  • Materia: It was once a place where battle-weary warriors from other worlds could rest.
  • Materia: I took away their tragic memories to give them peace of mind.
  • Ciaran: You took away...their memories?
  • Materia: I once thought depriving them of such painful memories would bring them tranquility.
  • Materia: But reality was different. They now seek those lost memories.
  • Materia: They claim that, no matter how painful those memories are, they are what strengthen their wills.
  • Ciaran: ...I feel the same way. You were mistaken, Materia.
  • Materia: I couldn't understand... But I regret what I did.
  • Ciaran: You can't hold on to all of your memories. Some spill out here and there.
  • Ciaran: But having them stolen is...sad.
  • Materia: This world is no longer one of respite. It is being threatened by monsters and those harboring ill will.
  • Materia: Please, lend us your strength.
  • Materia: Your journey has been unlike the others.
  • Materia: Those experiences will be a new guiding light to my warriors.
  • Ciaran: Alright. I'll give it my best shot.
  • Ciaran: I'm nothing like those heroes that appear in tales, so there might not be much that I can do...
  • Ciaran: But this is a journey of hope for the future?
  • Ciaran: If that's what they're traveling for, then I hope I can help them.
Pleasant Meetings:
  • Mog: Kupo! I sense a new friend over that way!
  • Ciaran: Hey there!

(Ciaran arrives)

  • Ciaran: Thanks for finding me. I thought I was lost.
  • Warrior of Light: Are you one of Materia's warriors, too?
  • Ciaran: Seems that way.
  • Ciaran: My name's Ciaran. Materia told me to come here.
  • Yuri: Hey, Chelinka. He looks like a Clavat, doesn't he?
  • Chelinka: I think you're right, Yuri.
  • Layle: So we're the same tribe. He doesn't look like a bad guy to me.
  • Rem: A friend of yours?
  • Yuri: No. But he might come from a similar world to ours.
  • Layle: Just like me and these twins here. Our worlds have some tribes in common.
  • Ciaran: So you're also Clavats. What a relief... I thought I'd be the only one.
  • Yuri: Maybe from our past or our future...somewhere in the infinite possibilities, no doubt you're out there somewhere.
  • Rem: Just hearing "Clavats" is enough to put your mind at ease?
  • Chelinka: As the tribes go, Clavats are said to have very peaceful temperaments.
  • Yuri: We're often called the tribe of unity and friendship.
  • Sazh: No kidding. That apply to you, too?
  • Layle: Can't say. I'm just one Clavat.
  • Layle: There are plenty of argumentative ones, short-tempered ones...
  • Yuri: Right. Rather than focusing on tribes, it's more important to look at the way we each live our lives.
  • Chelinka: There are bad Clavats out there, and lots of kind and warmhearted people from other tribes.
  • Layle: Exactly. And you can usually tell just by looking if a Clavat is up to no good. And he doesn't look it at all.
  • Yuri: If anything, he's got good-guy vibes just gushing outta everywhere!
  • Chelinka: I know what you want to say, Yuri, but pick your words better...
  • Warrior of Light: Very well. We believe you. Let us fight together to save the future.
  • Ciaran: Oh, um... Gotcha, so it is that kind of journey.
  • Ciaran: It might be some time until I get the hang of things. I'll take it slow for now.
  • Sazh: Easy-going fella.
  • Rem: Hehe. But it's good to have someone like that around.
  • Warrior of Light: Indeed. I can tell that there is a comforting warmth about you.
  • Layle: You seem pretty skilled. You must have plenty of experience under your belt.
  • Ciaran: I don't know... I've spent some time on the road, but I don't know if that makes me "skilled."
  • Ciaran: Still, I'll do what I can. It's a pleasure to meet you all.
  • Yuri: Great! Welcome to the team!
  • Sazh: I can't believe Materia's dragging more kids into this fight.
  • Layle: Kid? He's older than me.
  • Sazh: Wh-what!?
  • Sazh: Geez, my bad. I thought I could tell, but I guess it's different in other worlds.
  • Ciaran: Don't worry about it. There are lots of things I don't understand, either.
  • Ciaran: I hope you'll all take your time telling me about yourselves, too.
  • Cecil: What did you hear from Materia, Ciaran?
  • Ciaran: Why do you ask?
  • Cecil: We are warriors that were summoned by Materia, but we no longer move according to her orders.
  • Cecil: Her way of thinking and ours are somewhat different, so we want to know what's on her mind.
  • Ciaran: I heard that you're confronting the memories that you lost.
  • Tidus: We forgot a lot of important things, so we're trying to get them back.
  • Ace: ...Those who've forgotten can't even discern what they've lost.
  • Ashe: ...Yes. I...may not have all my memories either.
  • Vivi: It's sad to think of forgetting something, so we're taking our memories back little by little.
  • Ciaran: I see... Hmm...
  • Ciaran: It seemed like a part of Materia was afraid of you facing your memories.
  • Ciaran: She seemed unsure if losing them was a bad thing, or if those painful memories would weigh you down too much.
  • Ciaran: I think I was chosen because of that.
  • Vivi: Really? Why?
  • Ciaran: There were beings in my world who ate memories.
  • Tidus: Ate memories!? That's terrible...
  • Ciaran: ...But people eventually forget things, don't they?
  • Ciaran: They would feed off of people's fading memories as part of the world's natural cycle.
  • Ciaran: One lost control and spread a lot of unhappiness, but forgetting is part of life.
  • Ciaran: You can't hold onto every single memory. It's natural to forget things.
  • Ace: You mean that memories can sometimes be a burden...
  • Ciaran: One of those beings taught me that memories are like a pack we carry into the future.
  • Ciaran: If it becomes too heavy, it can weigh you down.
  • Ciaran: If it's too light, your journey will end before you've gained anything.
  • Ciaran: A traveler's journey into the future nurtures his or her heart, and becomes a source of new life.
  • Ashe: Memories can be a burden... I wonder if that is the case for me...
  • Cecil: There may come a day when I can also think that way, that it's natural to forget some things...
  • Ace: ...We believe that forgetting is a divine blessing. That for everyone else, memories are something they dwell on trying not to forget.
  • Ciaran: I heard a bit about your world and your crystal...
  • Ciaran: But I can't give you answers. What's right probably depends on the world you're in.
  • Ciaran: But if you feel warmth from your memories, I think you should cherish them.
  • Ciaran: Even if you forget a lot of things, having warm memories close to your heart is what makes a journey wonderful.
  • Ace: Warm memories...close to my heart...
  • Ace: I see... Even if the future is uncertain, they'll light the way.
  • Ciaran: No matter what memories you have, you're on a journey with hope for the future, right?
  • Cecil: Right. Without getting caught up in the past...we believe that there is light in the future.
  • Ciaran: Then what's say we get a move on?
  • Ciaran: Even if the light is faint, you'll reach your destination as long as you keep going forward.
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Caravan of Hope Pt. 1[]

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Musical themes[]

  • "Today Arrives, Becoming Tomorrow" is the field theme for this Lost Chapter.
  • "Departure" plays during normal waves
  • "Monster Dance - Rondo" plays during boss waves.


  • The letter C seen in both Japanese and Global banners uses the same font as the Crystal Chronicles series wordmark. The banners' text also exhibits the same blue-to-green gradient used in the wordmark.
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