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Caravan Security

Caravan Security was a special event in the original version of Final Fantasy XIV. To be able to participate in caravan security, players first had to achieve the rank of Private Third Class or higher in one of the Grand Companies.

Security involved escorting three pack-chocobos from one location to another, fending off any creatures or bandits who tried to harm the birds and steal their cargo.


To participate in Caravan Security, player spoke to the NPC representing their Grand Company posted at one of the following Aetheryte camps:

The chocobos squawked and the NPC performed a salute to signal that recruitment was open. Once escorting began, the target location was displayed on the player's minimap and the caravan started marching.

Enemies set upon the caravan from various directions and from positions of ambush. Whenever an enemy appeared, the caravan would stop moving until all of them were defeated; monsters focused exclusively on the caravan, not the players. If a chocobo took too much damage, it would flee, causing it to lose one of its packs, and it had to be coerced back to the caravan by talking to them and healing them with healing spells or giving them their favorite food.

Sometimes, a higher number of enemies might appear, with rewards increasing accordingly.

Participating in Caravan Security was one of the ways to earn grand company seals. Rewards were calculated by the total number of cargo packs remaining when the caravan reached its final destination. No reward wase granted if the caravan failed to arrive on time or all cargo was lost.

A Realm Reborn[]

Caravan Security, as it existed in version 1.0, disappeared completely with the A Realm Reborn relaunch; the FATE system more or less replaced it in terms of being players' primary way to earn seals, and a number of FATEs do still involve defending chocobos or other, similar "escort a person to a location" objectives.