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The Caravan is a location in the original Final Fantasy. It consists solely of a merchant caravan with rare wares, such as a faerie in a bottle, a key item to proceed in the story.


Caravan (Items before Bottled Faerie)[]

Name Cost
NES & PS (Normal) PS (Easy), GBA & PSP
Bottled Faerie 50,000 gil 40,000 gil

Caravan (Items after Bottled Faerie)[]

Name Cost
NES & PS (Normal) PS (Easy), GBA & PSP
NES and PlayStation only
Potion 60 gil 40 gil
Antidote 75 gil 50 gil
Gold Needle 800 gil 500 gil
Game Boy Advance and PlayStation Portable only
Giant's Tonic N/A 1,500 gil
Faerie Tonic N/A 1,500 gil
Strength Tonic N/A 1,000 gil
Protect Drink N/A 1,000 gil
Speed Drink N/A 1,000 gil

Musical themes[]

The background music that plays in Caravan is Final Fantasy's "town theme", although the theme that plays inside the Caravan is "Shop".

Behind the scenes[]

Desert Caravan (NES).

In the original NES version, the airship could land right on top of the Caravan, making it the only desert square that the airship could land on.