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Final Fantasy VI - Capture Glitch

Final Fantasy VI - Capture Glitch

Glitch in action

The Capture glitch is a glitch in Final Fantasy VI that involves the Mug command Locke Cole can use. There are a couple of glitches with this, the first being that some weapons lose their abilities, such as:

  • Ultima Weapon: Does normal damage, cannot ignore Defense, and is stuck as a short sword.
  • Ichigeki, Assassin's Dagger, Wing Edge, Viper Darts, and Doom Darts (dependent on game version): No instant kills. The game version is in reference to Trump and Doom Darts, as the names are switched between the two weapons in the North American release (Final Fantasy "III") and FF6 PS (Anthology or the European release).
  • Man-Eater: No 2x damage multiplier for human targets.
  • Blood Sword: Does normal damage, cannot absorb HP.
  • Soul Saber: Does normal damage, cannot absorb or otherwise affect MP.
  • Rune Blade, Ragnarok, Lightbringer, and Punisher: Cannot use MP to do critical hits.
  • Hawkeye and Sniper: Cannot do random 1.5x damage to grounded enemies, or random 3x damage to flying enemies, also can no longer use throw graphics (used in place of normal strike when doing 3x damage).
  • Dice and Fixed Dice: Does normal damage, Hit Rate serves normal function instead of as the number of dice to throw, resulting in a 2 or 3 Hit Rate depending on the weapon, no longer unblockable (making it near impossible to connect with an enemy due to an extremely poor Hit Rate), graphic glitches caused by the loss of a special damage formula as the game does not know what side the dice land on. Needless to say, the dice weapons are the most affected by this bug and the player should avoid pairing them with Capture.
  • Valiant Knife: No longer Defense-ignoring and no more bonus from max HP - current HP.
  • Kazekiri: Cannot cast Wind Slash.
  • Healing Rod: No longer heals HP, does damage instead.
  • Zantetsuken: Cannot dice up enemies.
  • Organyx: Cannot use MP for critical blows or break.

There is a bugfix patch that players can use to fix this first problem of weapons losing their special functionality with the Capture command on the SNES version.

Additionally, there is a glitch involving Capture and the Relic Master's Scroll, or any attempt to steal multiple items within a single turn. After having Locke use Capture while equipped with the Master's Scroll (or any character using two Thief Knives), the first item stolen will always be stolen, but any items that would be stolen afterward will not be added to the player's inventory (unless the monster is alone). Any items stolen after the first item cannot be stolen again under any circumstances, meaning that some items, such as Ultima Weapon's Ribbon, are lost. There is also a bugfix patch that players can use to fix this second problem of multiple steal attempts not working on the SNES version (it is called "Multi-Steal-Fix" on that page).

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