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Your defeat will bring Lord van Baelsar's noble conquest one step closer to fruition!

Cape Westwind is a Trial Trial from Final Fantasy XIV and is part of the 2.0 Main Scenario quests. This fight takes place in Western Thanalan.


It has come to light that Rhitahtyn sas Arvina, praefectus castrorum of the XIVth Legion, is scheduled to inspect the imperial outpost at Cape Westwind. Although native to a territory subjugated by the Empire, Rhitahtyn's prowess as a field tactician has won him a station of great authority within the Garlean military. Such a formidable enemy general will surely prove an obstacle to the Alliance's efforts to purge the realm of the imperial menace. For the first phase of Operation Archon, you have been entrusted the mission of infiltrating the imperial outpost and striking him down.

In game description



Rhitahtyn is a pretty easy fight, he will hit the tank every now and then with a light tank buster, eventually he will start using firebombs which leave a puddle of fire on the ground, anyone caught in it will receive a DoT and take damage. Once his health gets low he summons imperial soldiers to fight you, they will deal additional damage to the tank and stun occasionally.

As a last ditch effort to get rid of you he summons magitek missiles on the area damaging anyone within range.


Rhitahtyn sas Arvina CardTriple Triad Card1An uncommon (★★) card used in the game Triple Triad.

Musical themes[]

The theme that plays during the duty is "Steel Reason" (鋼の理念, Hagane no Rinen?)