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If Galdin Quay is one of the first places that you visit in Lucis, Cape Caem is one of the last. Previously used as a base and hideout by Noctis's father, this location is now abandoned, with only Regis's ship still hidden in the underground dock. We designed the entire location to depict the atmosphere of that time. The lighthouse was then a mere cover: It was actually used as a watchtower and also as a communication tool sending light signals. In Noctis's days, however, it is no more then a standard lighthouse.

Yasuyuki Matsunami Final Fantasy XV Official Guide

Cape Caem is an outpost on a tip of a peninsula from where the party can board a ship to Altissia in Final Fantasy XV. The outpost has a lighthouse with an elevator to a secret dock where a ship belonging to King Regis, the royal vessel, is kept, and a run-down house where the player can rest for free. Additionally, there is a patch of land cultivated for simple vegetable gardening.

Caem is situated on a peninsula separated from the rest of the open world by tunnels. The only enemies are sahagins north from the parking spot and the Timed Quests. There is a procurement point for Tenebraen Oak in the area and a mineral deposit for crystal-grade minerals.


On a barrel behind the hidden getaway lodging.

Promontory offering a sweeping view of the majestic Cygillan Sea. The ocean beyond the cape connects Lucis and Accordo, formerly serving as an important maritime trade route between the two countries.
As relations between the two nations shifted and daemons began appearing around the continent, maintenance of the lighthouse that guided ships to shore grew difficult, and the beacon on the rock soon shone no more. Once warm and inviting, the cape at present feels cold and deserted.
The caravans that very rarely grace the seaside parking lot are usually filled with adventurous anglers hoping to catch a coastal whopper or hungry hunters looking for a briny bite to eat. Otherwise, the cape is currently all but devoid of human activity.


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The lighthouse.

Cape Caem was used as a hideout by Prince Regis before he became king and the lighthouse was abandoned. The lighthouse was then used as cover as a watchtower and as a communication tool sending light signals, but its maintenance was stopped after the maritime route to Accordo diminished in importance and daemons began to roam the continent at night.

After Insomnia is attacked by Niflheim the exiled Prince Noctis finds himself unable to continue to Altissia as the ferry there doesn't run. His party decides to use a ship owned by King Regis from the rural port at Caem, where the ship remains hidden in an underground dock. After the Amicitia family chamberlain, Jared Hester, is killed in Lestallum by the empire when they search for Noctis, Iris Amicitia and Jared's grandson Talcott decide to flee the town and come to Caem.

The mechanics Cid and Cindy come to the outpost to repair the ship for Noctis's use, and Cindy sends him out on a quest to find mythril. Iris and Talcott stay in the house in Caem, although it is run-down and been derelict for some time. The Crownsguard operatives Monica Elshett and Dustin Ackers accompany Talcott to the hideaway, and remain there to protect him and Gladiolus's sister Iris. According to Talcott, Monica regularly trains him to "fight like a Crownsguard".

Old photo of Regis's party from 30 years ago.

After the boat is fixed Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto set off to Altissia with Cid steering the ship. Umbra delivers Lunafreya Nox Fleuret's message to Noctis via the Lovers' Notebook, which he reads at the entrance to the lighthouse. Everyone comes to see them off, including Cor Leonis, Regis's old comrade who once accompanied him to a trip across Lucis to Accordo. Noctis spots an old photograph of his father with Cor, Cid and their friend Weskham Armaugh at the secret harbor.

As darkness falls over Eos Monica, Dustin, Iris and Talcott abandon Cape Caem with Dustin personally escorting Iris and Talcott to Lestallum. Weskham returns from Altissia to re-purpose Caem's hidden port into a gateway for refugees seeking shelter on the Lucian continent.

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JM Market - Caem[]



JM Market at Caem operates from a red pickup at the parking lot. Leisure Goods' prices are unaffected by Noctis's fishing level. The JM Market at Caem is one of the few Lucian shops to sell stat boosting items.

Item Gil Type Info
Potion 50 Items Restores half of HP.
Hi-Potion 100 Items Fully restores HP.
Elixir 400 Items Fully restores HP and MP and regenerates half of maximum HP.
Hi-Elixir 800 Items Restores maximum HP and MP.
Phoenix Down 1000 Items Brings fallen party members back to life. Temporarily increases HP and MP recovery rate.
Antidote 10 Items Cures Poison.
Gold Needle 50 Items Cures Stone.
Smelling Salts 50 Items Cures Confusion.
Maiden's Kiss 100 Items Cures Toad.
Power EX 500 Items Boosts attack.
Mettle VX 500 Items Boosts defense.
Spirit ZX 500 Items Boosts spirit.
Verve WX 500 Items Boosts magic.
Shieldshears Claw 180 Ingredients Used for cooking Creamy Crustacean Omelette, Egg-Fried Crustacean Bowl, Tomalley-Filled Dumplings, and Sweet Saltwater Crustacean Curry.
Karlabos Claw 1800 Ingredients Used for cooking Creamy Bisque, Karlabos Cream Croquettes, and Military Man's Banquet.
Trevally Fillet 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Oil-Drizzled Steamed Fish, and Grilled Wild Trevally.
Trout Fillet 240 Ingredients Used for cooking Skewered Wild Trout.
Barramundi Fillet 240 Ingredients Used for cooking Battered Barramundi, and Grilled Wild Barramundi.
Tide Grouper Fillet 2200 Ingredients Used for cooking Tide Grouper Carpaccio, and Fried Tide Grouper.
Cleigne Darkshell 440 Ingredients Used for cooking Darkshells Marinières, Royal Road Paella, and Lasagna al Forno.
Caem Pinkshrimp 150 Ingredients Used for cooking Fisherman's Favorite Paella.
Cleigne Mollusk 200 Ingredients Used for cooking Fisherman's Favorite Paella, Royal Road Paella, and Military Man's Banquet.
Cleigne Wheat 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Grease Monkey's Schnitzel Sandwich, Fried Frontier Skewer, Crown City Dive-Style Dumplings, Ace Hunter's Schnitzel, Fluffy Chiffon Cake, Cannedwich, Meldacio Meat Pie, Crispy Fish Fritterwich, Beanball Croquettes, Golden Egg Galette, Garulessandwich, Horntooth Meat Pie, Karlabos Cream Croquettes, and Fishsticks on Sticks.
Fine Cleigne Wheat 980 Ingredients Used for cooking Moist Tomato Cake, Tomalley-Filled Dumplings, Elegant Orange Cake, Taelpar Harvest Galette, Hearty Cutlet on Rice, Lasagna al Forno, Memory Lane Pastry, and Crispy Zu Skewers.
Saxham Rice 200 Ingredients Used for cooking Peppery Daggerquill Rice, Egg-Fried Crustacean Bowl, Garden Curry, Triple Truffle Risotto, Free-Range Fowl over Rice, Creamy Milk Risotto, Fried Rookie on Rice, Fisherman's Favorite Paella, Paella de Pollo, Mother & Child Rice Bowl, Royal Road Paella, Papa Bird & Baby Bowl, Hearty Cutlet on Rice, and Roc of Ravatogh Rice.
Spider Silk 30 Leisure Goods 1,000 durability fishing line.
Super Baleen 100 Leisure Goods 1,500 durability fishing line.
Deadly Waters: Sahagin 200 Leisure Goods Fishing lure.
Deadly Waters: Coraldevil 200 Leisure Goods Fishing lure.
Deadly Waters: Seadevil 200 Leisure Goods Fishing lure.
Luxury Cat Food 20000 Key Items Feed to the cat behind Caem lighthouse (optional).
Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 4 1000 Key Items Teaches Karlabos Cream Croquettes.



The party can sleep at the hideout for free, but it doesn't offer any EXP boost or let Ignis cook, even if the house has a kitchen. Noctis can ask Monica to cook for a cat after finding it behind the lighthouse. There is a decal of the Lucian crest for the Regalia upstairs, on the opposite side from the bedroom. There is a radio in the kitchen the player can listen to. When inside the house, Noctis pushes the door open by the hinge side.

Iris usually stays outside the hideout, while Monica, Dustin and Talcott are inside after sundown.


Harvesting carrots.

In Chapter 8 Iris asks Noctis to look after the farm near the hideout where he can plant carrots and yield a crop of 3–5 the next day. The soil becomes impoverished from repeated farming and the player must wait for it to improve to plant more seeds.

The carrots can be traded with a restaurateur called Tony for prizes. The player can exchange them for the berries needed to complete the quest in Galdin Quay, whose chef, Coctura Arlund, was looking for rare berries to make a dessert in Noctis and Lunafreya's honor. Other rewards include:

  • 1 carrot - 500 gil
  • 2 carrots - Ulwaat Berries
  • 3 carrots - Car decals
  • 4 carrots - Upgradeable weapons

The decals and weapons can be obtained once each, but which one the player gets is random. If looking for a specific decal/weapon, the player can save their game before trading and then reload and try again.

The decals include the party member sprites that appear in equipment and recipe menus, and an Umbra sticker depicting Lunafreya's Messenger dog.

The weapons are Force Stealer (greatsword), Plunderers (daggers), Valiant (firearm) and Absorb Shield (shield). They all absorb elemental energy from defeated foes.


Cid is at the lighthouse in Chapters 6 and 8. The player can take the lift to the top after advancing to Chapter 9. The lighthouse is at the peak of the cape, and visible from the sea, although it no longer operates.

Secret harbor[]

The harbor inside a cave below the lighthouse is accessed via an elevator. The player visits in at the end of Chapter 8. The harbor has been used to keeping the royal vessel.

Tenebraen oak[]

Oak tree.

There is a Tenebraen oak tree north of Cape Caem from where the player can procure Tenebraen Oak. It is across the road and up a hill. Sahagins spawn near it. This is the only procurement point in Lucis for Tenebraen Oak.


The player can also read a Cosmogony at the basement of the lighthouse.


Daemons or magitek engines don't spawn in this area. In Timed Quests available on certain days (see below) the player can fight some tougher opponents to earn Quest Points.


Events with Iris[]

Iris with flowers.

If the player has triggered the tour "A Flower For Iris" at Lambath Haven (Ravatoghan Trail) Noctis gives flowers to Iris at Cape Caem, yielding the party a Moogle Charm accessory that boosts EXP earned from battles.

In Chapter 7, Iris provides the Moogle Doll items, which Noctis and the team can use as decoys in battle to draw attention away from enemies. She can be found at Cape Caem if the player wishes to repair the Moogle Doll for future uses.

Crazy about Cactuars[]

Talcott is collecting cactuar figurines which can be found for sale in various shops, and getting them for him completes a quest. Talcott already has one, and the player can find him four more.

Cactuar Statuette

The shop at Wiz Chocobo Post.

Cactuar Model

The antique shop in Lestallum.

Cactuar Sculpture

Shop outside the Leville Hotel in Altissia. The player must use Umbra to go back to give it to Talcott.

Cactuar Effigy

Formouth Garrison, the imperial base near Hammerhead. It is behind the white building after the player has cleared the area of enemies in Chapter 15.

In Chapter 14, Talcott's truck has a number of cactuar dolls on the dashboard, depending on how many the player found for him previously.


Photo atop the lighthouse.

Returning to Lucis from Altissia and onwards either with the royal vessel or Umbra lets the player use the lift in the lighthouse to go to the top, where they can take a picture.

There are also two photo quests around the area:

Photo Op: BeaconCape CaemReach Chapter 08 and go through Cape Caem's parking area on foot300 EXP
Photo Op: CapeCygillan Ocean off the coast of Cape CaemGain the means to sail the royal vessel250 EXP


Cid can upgrade Noctis's weapons if he brings him the required materials. After giving Cid the weapon, the player must complete a quest and then rest to get a call from Cid to pick the upgraded weapon up. After a certain point in the story, Cid will relocate to Caem from Hammerhead. Cid is found back at Hammerhead if the player uses Umbra to go back in time in the later chapters.

Hungry cat[]

The cat eats.

If the player fed a hungry cat back in Galdin, it has now moved to behind the lighthouse in Caem. The player can either purchase Luxury Cat Food from the JM Market at the Caem parking spot for 20,000 gil, or have Monica at the hideout cook a fish for it. Completing the quest yields a Sky Gemstone, one of the items Cid requests for weapon upgrades.

New recipes[]

Golden Egg Galette.

The player can find Orienteering Checkpoint E on a signpost when walking up the path from the road to the lighthouse. It teaches Golden Egg Galette.

Purchasing Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 4 from JM Market teaches Ignis Karlabos Cream Croquettes.

Scraps of Mystery[]

Top of the lighthouse.

Scraps of Mystery XIII is where Kimya Auburnbrie resides, at the House of Hexes south of the entrance to the Malmalam Thicket at the "House of Hexes". The map is around the side of the building near the parasol, in a wooden frame. The treasure is atop the Cape Caem lighthouse. The lift operates after the player has advanced to Chapter 9.

Open-Sea Angling[]

Open-Sea AnglingCygillan Ocean off the coast of Cape CaemSail the royal vessel manually250 EXP

When sailing the royal vessel manually in the Windows and Royal Editions, Prompto speaks up of a fishing spot off the coast of Cape Caem. Sailing onto the spot completes the mission. The player can fish there to catch a Dynnel Barramundi. Despite Cape Caem being on the coast, there are no fishing spots at the outpost.

Timed Quests[]

Malboros at Caem shore.

Day of the Month Enemies Location QP
10 Dread Behemoth Cape Caem 200
14 Malboro + Malbodoom Cape Caem 100
25 Cactuar + Slactuar Cape Caem 100

Behind the scenes[]

There are two wells in the game: one in the industrial area opposite the Coernix Station - Cauthess, and one at Cape Caem.

In the 1.00 version of the game, Cindy takes a long time to walk to Caem from the parking spot, and the party must wait for her. She was patched to jog the way with the party.

Cape Caem may have been planned as a "home base" for the player and been available for "upgrades", thus perhaps giving more utility to the vegetable farm that only a small portion of is used in the final game, and upgrading the hideout to perhaps add utilities or an EXP multiplier to sleeping there. In the final game Iris has a line of incidental dialogue where she marvels how the hideout has changed so much she barely recognizes it even if the house stays virtually unchanged from how the party finds it. Though having the most varied "stay" scenes, Cape Caem is the worst place to stay in gameplay terms, as the player gets neither an EXP multiplier nor food buffs.