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A Canvas of Prayers, to the left of Chocolina.

Chocolina: It's not just an ordinary message board. It's called the Canvas of Prayers. And it's magical! An ancient spell has been cast on it, and now it can show people's hopes and dreams. [...] This board collects prayers from all over the world, from all sorts of people and makes them appear as words!
Lightning: You mean...anyone can come here and read them?
Chocolina: Just you! It's written in a mythical language. To anyone other than yourself, it looks like a jumble of nonsense.
Chocolina explains the Canvas of Prayers to Lightning.

The Canvas of Prayers (祈りのキャンバス, Inori no Kyanbasu?) is a message board in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that gathers the hopes of troubled people and presents them as item requests that Chocolina manages and only Lightning can see. Civilians occasionally approach the Canvas of Prayers, but all they see is text in a language only the savior can read.

By completing 25 quests through the Canvas of Prayers, the player earns the A Helping Hand achievement.


There is a special board called the Canvas of Prayers in each continent, posted with quests, or pleas for help, from people seeking salvation.

Talk to Chocolina once you have completed a quest and she will give you a reward from the client.

Quests marked as Global on the Canvas of Prayers can be accepted from any location and their rewards can also be collected from any location, but the results for other quests should be reported to the same location where they were first accepted. (In Luxerion, quests are shared between the north and south message boards.)

List of Prayers[]


Name Difficulty Client Quest Item Availability
Revenge Is Sweet ★☆☆ A Nameless Woman Niblet Hairball x6 Complete "An Evil Savior" main quest (Day 1)
Oooh, I hate those things, I really do! That loathsome Niblet took my boyfriend from me. If I could actually use a weapon, why, I swear I'd pay it back ten-fold!

Perhaps a kindly soul will hear my prayer and kill the Niblet for me...

Reward: 80 gil, Cute Heart, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 120 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Gift of Gratitude ★☆☆ Toy Maker Tattered Leather x8 Complete "An Evil Savior" main quest (Day 1)
Oh God, please help me! A rotten monster has torn a great big hole in my stuffed moogle, and now I need a strip of tattered leather to repair it. Can someone help?

You see, I made it as a gift. I am greatly indebted to a certain person, and this toy was meant to pay back some of their kindness.

Reward: 120 gil, Rangda Crest, Leyak Crest, Max HP +10, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 180 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Inventive Seamstress ★☆☆ Seamstress Nell Liquid Glass x3 Complete "An Evil Savior" main quest (Day 1)
I wonder if you've heard of the liquid glass that can be harvested from Meonekton? I think it would make a perfect coating for cloth—it would give the material a beautiful glossy sheen and make dirt and stains just fall away. I'd love to try it out. But how am I going to get a sample?
Reward: 200 gil, Noonblue Butterfly, Max HP +10, Strength +1, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 300 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Trapped ★★★ Likoma Niblet Hairball x60, Tattered Leather x60 Complete "Gift of Gratitude" quest
Argh! Someone, please help me! All these Niblets and Gremlins came pouring out of the Chaos and started chasing me all over the place. I wedged myself into this narrow cleft for safety, but they're right outside the entrance and it doesn't look like they're planning on moving! I'm going to starve to death in here if someone doesn't do something, and soon!
Reward: 1800 gil, Tinkling Bell, Crystal Feather, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +5, Ether

Subsequent Reward: 2700 gil, Max HP +15, Magic +3

A Song for God ★☆☆ Pious Lutist Demon Spicule x3 From Day 3
Oh, damn this lute! There's no way I can compose a decent hymn on this thing. I'm so close to finding the perfect melody, but this cursed instrument thwarts me at every turn! Of course, if I had a big pile of demon spicules, things would be completely different. Then I could pick the perfect bone to carve out a new bridge for the lute. Gaunt bones are the best, but how am I to find any?
Reward: 180 gil, Snowy Spirit Wings, Masquerade Mask, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 270 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Slay the Machine ★☆☆ Warren Merchant Motor Coil x5 From Day 3
You know the ensorcelled machine, right? Well, I think I've found a buyer for one of its components. It you can bring the beast down and salvage the part, I can cut you in on the profits.

All you have to do is fight the Gertrude and bring me its motor coil. Whaddya say? We have a deal?

Reward: 150 gil, Celebrity's Charm, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 230 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Mythical Badge ★☆☆ Wealthy Benefactor Proof of Legendary Title x1 From Day 3
In the past, the Order issued twelve badges of merit to the private citizens who made large donations to the church. What I am most interested in is the mythical 13th badge, issued by the high priestess herself. Could it really exist? Has it been issued to another contributor—by mistake, perhaps?
Reward: 2000 gil, Orange Bow Tie, Crest of Pulse, Max HP +10, Strength +1, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 300 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Grave of a Bounty Hunter ★★☆ Riche Stormdragon Down x1 From Day 5
My brother said he was going to get out of the bounty hunting trade, but what can he do but go and get himself killed by a Zomok! Him and practically everyone else in the band of reckless adventurers.

There's no bringing him back now. But at least, I wish I could kill that monster. Then I'd pluck a tuft of stormdragon down from its belly and place it on my brother's tombstone.

Reward: 800 gil, Blue Feather Pin, Gadot's Black Emblem, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 1200 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Puppeteer's Lament ★★☆ Puppeteer Urma Quality Machine Oil x1 From Day 5
Woe is me! Or more to the point, woe is my favorite marionette, for I have run out of the special lubricating oil I need to keep his joints moving smoothly. Normal oil simply will not do. No, no, he must have the best. The best, I say! Which means quality machine oil of the kind used on Dreadnoughts.
Reward: 700 gil, Blue Propeller, Shooting Star, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 1050 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Revenge Has Teeth ★★☆ Sellsword Ramdall Chipped Fang x10 From Day 5
Damn! I want my revenge on the monster that slew my pal, but this sword couldn't cut through toilet paper, let alone monster hide. I asked the forge to sharpen the blade, but they tell me they need chipped fangs from Gorgonopsids, and lost of them. What am I gonna do?
Reward: 500 gil, Guardian Corps Badge, Max HP +20, Strength +2

Subsequent Reward: 750 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Enchanted Brush ★★★ Priest Madya Demon Spicule x10, Stormdragon Down x8 Complete "A Song for God" and "Grave of a Bounty Hunter" quests (Day 5+)
We have commissioned a group of devout artists to restore one of the Order's most treasured murals. But to undertake the task, they must have fine enchanted brushes. Alas, this requires demon spicules from Gaunts and stormdragon down from the belly of a Zomok—not items that are easily procured!
Reward: 1400 gil, Lady's Brooch, Strawberry Ice Cream, Max HP +30, Strength +2, Magic +4

Subsequent Reward: 2100 gil, Max HP +15, Magic +3

Night Patrol ★★★ Captain Delilah Chipped Fang x10, Motor Coil x15 Complete "Slay the Machine" and "Revenge Has Teeth" quests (Day 5+)
So I've been hearing talk about a lady warrior who's handy with a blade. I'm not such a slouch myself—maybe she's up for a little challenge? In this day and age, there's no sense in fighting each other, not when there are so many monsters to hunt.

What I suggest is that we have a competition to see who can bag the most Gorgonopsids and Gertrudes.

Reward: 1200 gil, Replica Pilot's Badge, Training Pilot's Badge, Max HP +30, Strength +4, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 1800 gil, Max HP +15, Strength +3

Heretics' Beasts ★★★ Grand Inquisitor Quality Machine Oil x5, Liquid Glass x10 Complete "Inventive Seamstress" and "Puppeteer's Lament" quests (Day 5+)
Those Etro fanatics have used dark sorcery to summon Dreadnoughts and Meonektons and are trying to use them to menace their foes.

Although the heretics do not have full control of the monsters, they are still a terrible threat. Can you send them back to the Chaos whence they were summoned?

Reward: 1300 gil, Warning Beacon, Gentleman's Beard, Max HP +30, Strength +4, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 1950 gil, Max HP +15, Strength +3


Name Difficulty Client Quest Item Availability
Secret Machine ★☆☆ Alchemist Monique Ether Coil x3 From Day 1
I am a practitioner of the alchemic arts, and I am in need of a certain component. I trust that you can help me. Bring me ether coils, as many as you can, of the type found in the Desdemona machine. I do not require them for evil purposes. Of that, you have my word... Hehehe.
Reward: 150 gil, Silver Padlock, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 230 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Soulful Horn ★★☆ Artisan Saila Poisonous Sting x10 From Day 2
Welcome to Yusnaan. Ours is a city of revelry and music. I make instruments of all kinds, but, alas, these days I find myself short of key components. As a craftsman and music-lover, it grieves me to see someone tooting futilely on a broken bugle. Especially when I know that with poisonous stings from an Anubys, I could repair that bugle and have it play notes so pure they can drive the Chaos away!
Reward: 400 gil, Bubbly Party Hat, Rum Raisin Ice Cream, Max HP +20, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 600 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

A Dangerous Cocktail ★☆☆ Black Market Nej Clear Ooze x4 From Day 3
So, anyone wanna give me some clear ooze?
Reward: 200 gil, Caution Beacon, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 300 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Time Doesn't Heal ★★☆ Marmo Jade Hair Comb x1, Bronze Pocket Watch x1 After defeating the Cyclops during main quest 2-1
Ah, my sweet Lesia! What madness prompted us to part ways? You were the love of my life, my soul mate, yet I lost you over some foolish tiff I cannot even remember... We went our separate ways, and now we have our own families. But perhaps it's not too late to turn back the clock. if I were to find our old treasures, the jade hair comb and the bronze pocket watch, could we rekindle our love?
Reward: 800 gil, Sentimental Parasol, Mark of Lindzei, Max HP +20, Strength +2

Subsequent Reward: 1200 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

A Man for a Chocobo Girl ★☆☆ Love-struck Darg Chocobo Girl's Phone No. x1 Unlocked during main quest 2-2
So I've fallen hard for one of the chocobo girls. When I told her she said I was just a kid and blew me off. I don't mind, though, 'cause I've got a way to prove I'm serious. See, there's a chocobo girl poster out there with a secret phone number on the back of it. Anyone who calls can ask for a date with the chocobo girl!
Reward: 400 gil, Afro & Red Chick, Afro & Blue Chick, Max HP +10, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 600 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Unfired Firework ★★☆ Pyrotechnician Zod Unfired Rocket Fireworks x1 Complete main quest 2-3
Argh! One of our unfired fireworks has gone missing from the stores. God knows what might happen if it gets into the wrong hands or goes off accidentally in a crowded place! Will someone please find that firework and return it to us so we can put it back under lock and key?
Reward: 900 gil, Twilight Shades, Stormy Motors Logo, Max HP +20, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 1350 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Rebuilding ★☆☆ Architect Charkra Statue Fragment x5 Complete main quest 2-3
God's divine status has been toppled by an evildoer, and the crime must be punished! But in the meantime, we need to rebuild the statue and dedicate it to the glory of God. This town is drowning in corruption, but if there are any good, decent people left, they will return all the statue fragments they find, rather than selling them to the unscrupulous merchants.
Reward: 500 gil, Bushy Mustache, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 750 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Source of Inspiration ★★☆ Ink Seller Norto Shattered Bone x3 From Day 5
Aye, maybe most folk don't be needin' pen and paper no more, but my writer clients know how inspiring a fine quill, a full ink pot, and a clean sheet of vellum can be. Now I make the finest ink, ground from the ash of shattered bone. Skata'ne shattered bones, mind. Expensive material in this day and age, but I refuse to compromise. Maybe someone can help a poor ink seller out?
Reward: 180 gil, Water Spirit Wings, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 270 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

True Colors ★★☆ Artist Daia Firewyrm Scale x1 From Day 5
i have been commissioned to paint a mural within one of the great halls of the palace, but I cannot find the color I need. I seek true crimson, the red of flames and lava and fire dragons. Such color is not easy to fabricate—impossible, in fact, without a firewyrm scale from the back of a Zaltys...
Reward: 600 gil, Lebreau's Black Tattoo, Lebreau's Green Tattoo, Max HP +20, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 900 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +1

Beast Summoner ★★☆ Alchemist Naggle Shattered Bone x5, Poisonous Sting x10 Complete "Soulful Horn" and "Source of Inspiration" quests (Day 5+)
A young woman showed me powerful magic that can summon fiery dragons and grim demons from the depths of the Chaos. It is sorcery that I, too, can weave, but only if I have the right ingredients for my cauldron. Shattered bones from Skata'nes and poisonous stings from the tails of Anubys to be precise. But where is an old alchemist to find such things?
Reward: 600 gil, Single Horn, Antler, Max HP +20, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 900 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Youth Potion ★★☆ Alchemist Mahto Single Eye x1 From Day 7
In this world of our, no one grows old. But at the same time, no one gets any younger, either. Children stay as children, youths remain youths—and the old and infirm stay that way, for century after century. I have devoted my life to discovering a potion of youth, and I think I may be close. The new recipe I have developed requires the eye of a Cyclops—unfortunately, that is not easy to find!
Reward: 700 gil, Lucky Clover, Festive Tree, Max HP +20, Strength +2

Subsequent Reward: 1050 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Spell for Spell ★★★ Alchemist Zalton Radial Bearing x30 From Day 7
Ensorcelled machines rampage through our city and in the battle arena. Built with arcane alchemic methods, they were meant to protect us from monsters, but now they themselves pose the gravest threat. Alchemy cannot control them. Our only hope is to build an even more powerful machine. But for that, we must have large quantities of radial bearings, of the kind used in Hoplites.
Reward: 1300 gil, Light Bulb, Blue Guitar, Max HP +30, Strength +4, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 2000 gil, Max HP +15, Magic +3

What Seekers Seek ★★★ Alchemist Ludero Firewyrm Scale x5, Single Eye x5 Complete "Youth Potion" and "True Colors" quests (Day 7+)
The synthesis of life! It is one of the dreams of alchemy, and for many years now I have pursued it. To the four corners of the earth I have been, and with these hands of mine I have collected rare ores, monster bones, and deadly fungi. Now, I need only two more ingredients—scales from a Zaltys and Cyclops eyes. Once I have them, my research shall at last bear fruit!
Reward: 1200 gil, Prophetic Headdress, Saint's Beard, Max HP +30, Strength +4, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 1800 gil, Max HP +15, Strength +3

Ultimate Craving ★★★ Alchemist Sildonius Radial Bearing x10, Ether Coil x15, Clear Ooze x30 Complete "Secret Machine", "A Dangerous Cocktail", and "Spell for Spell" quests
Some of us within the Alchemic Society believe we are on the verge of turning the dream into a reality. We only lack a few key ingredients...
Reward: 1600 gil, Wind-Up Halo, Red Propeller, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +5, Ether

Subsequent Reward: 2300 gil, Max HP +15, Strength +3


Name Difficulty Client Quest Item Availability
Sun Flower ★☆☆ Ellerith Dayring Blossom x3 From Day 1
Oh, how my feet hurt! I can't leave the house, not even to pick a flower for my dear brother, who has been taking care of me. Can someone please bring me a dayring blossom or two? They bloom during the day, out on the open plains.
Reward: 250 gil, Crimson Flower, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 280 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Moon Flower ★☆☆ Shepherd Morrel Moonsoul Bloom x5 From Day 1
I look after my sister, Ellerith, who can't get around on account of her injured leg. I want to give her flowers to cheer her up, but I'm too busy nursing her. Can some kind person bring me a moonsoul bloom or two? They grow out in the Grasslands and on the Eremite Plains.
Reward: 400 gil, Blue Flower, Frost Tree, Max HP +10, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 600 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Forget Me Not ★☆☆ Claris Vibrant Ooze x8 From Day 1
I fell head over heels for him—and landed right on my face! Ah, gods, what I wouldn't give for it to have never happened! Hmmm. You know, that reminds me of a potion that Lumina told me about. One that can make you forget unpleasant things. All you need is some vibrant ooze, she said...
Reward: 120 gil, Sunny Butterfly, Twilight Butterfly, Max HP +10, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 280 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Chocobo Chow ★☆☆ Hunter Stable Hand Gysahl Greens x5 From Day 1
Curses! The whole village is short of gysahl greens, and without nourishing feed, our chocobos are going to go hungry—and if they go hungry, eventually we will, too.

Canopus Farms was supposed to send a big delivery, but we've seen neither bushel nor leaf. Where are the greens, I ask you. Where are the greens?

Reward: 500 gil, Gold Chocobo Figurine, Silver Chocobo Figurine, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Subsequent Reward: 750 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Digging Mole ★☆☆ Savanah Rocky Crag Mole x1, Chocoborel x3, Luminous Mushroom x2 From Day 1
I found a cutting the other day with a very unusual recipe. I'd love to try and make it, but I haven't even heard of half the ingredients. I mean, rocky crag mole? Chocoborels? Luminous mushrooms? Where on God's earth am I going to find those?
Reward: 800 gil, Youthful Parasol, Unicorn Mart Logo, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Subsequent Reward: 1200 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Moghan's Plea ★☆☆ Moghan Arboreal Spore x10 Complete "Peace and Quiet, Kupo" quest
Oh no! Those monsters are back, kupo! And what's worse, there are more of them than ever before, kupo!

They have yet to find our village, but when they do we'll be in ever so much trouble. Please, savior. One more time. Won't you save us from the menace of the Dryads?

Reward: 300 gil, Green NORA Symbol, Sky Blue NORA Symbol, Max HP +10, Strength +1, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 450 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Moogle Gourmand ★★☆ Mogcha Mystical Meal x1 Complete "Peace and Quiet, Kupo" quest
So I heard about this amazingly delicious dish they eat over in Aryas Village. The mystical meal they call it, kupo. Oooh, just the name of it makes my mouth water, kupo! What I wouldn't give to have a nibble or two of the mystical meal, kupo! One teensy, tiny bite, that's all I ask...
Reward: 850 gil, Pink Rucksack, Afro & White Chick, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 1300 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Emergency Treatment ★★☆ Seven Chocobull x1, Animal Potion x1 Complete main quest 3-2
A hunter's chocobo has been brought to Dr. Gysahl for treatment, but we're short of the medicine we need. We put in a special order, but with everything that's been going on, supplies are hard to come by. Chocobull and animal potions are what we need—I only hope the people in Jagd Village and the Research Camp have extras they can spare.
Reward: 1000 gil, Afro & Black Chick, Afro & Purple Chick, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 1500 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Fresh Fertilizer ★☆☆ Tally Goopy Goo x5 Complete "Land of Our Forebears" quest
So, I've heard rumors that some of the best natural fertilizer come from Triffids. A bit of goopy goo on the soil and the crops just burst out of the ground. I'd like to try some out before recommending it to Sarala of Canopus Farms, but I don't have any. Perhaps some kind soul could bring me a gloopy handful or two...
Reward: 200 gil, Tropical Tree, Scholar's Beard, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 300 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Secret of the Chocoborel ★★☆ Midsworth the Poet Chocoborel x10 From Day 3
I have heard tell of a mushroom called the chocoborel, which grows in the forest of Jagd. The puzzling thing is, chocobos refuse to eat it. So why is it called chocobo-rel? Maybe because it is shaped like a chocobo? Now wouldn't that be the most amazing thing if it were true!
Reward: 600 gil, Red Chocobo Figurine, Blue Chocobo Figurine, Max HP +20, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 900 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Wildlands in Danger! ★☆☆ Kinka, Seed Supplier Vegetable Seed x10 From Day 3
Yikes—the storehouse is nearly empty of vegetable seeds! We are the only farm in the Wildlands that produces seeds, so if we run out, vegetable cultivation would come to a screeching halt.

Can anyone bring us seeds? They can be from wild plants or traveling merchants—it doesn't matter to us!

Reward: 300 gil, Flower Pattern, Frying Pan, Max HP +10, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 450 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

A Word of Thanks ★☆☆ Singer Rosvalle Wonder Gel x3 From Day 3
I have come to the Wildlands in search of my voice. I was once a singer of some repute, but a throat infection means I can no longer perform on stage.

Ah, if only I had some wonder gel from an Ectopudding! Then I could cure this accursed infection and once again take my place on stage.

Reward: 240 gil, Aqua Ribbon, Pink Ribbon, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 360 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

For the Future ★★☆ Researcher Grove AMP Chip x1 From Day 3
It's been a while since I last heard anyone mention Antimatter Manipulation Principle. Nowadays, all anyone cares about is alchemy, and we are forgetting the old technologies.

However, I am determined to preserve as much as I can for future generations, and an AMP chip from an Aster Protoflorian would be an excellent place to begin.

Reward: 700 gil, PSICOM Officer Epaulets, Mobile Guard's Badge, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 1050 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Hunter's Challenge ★★☆ Bounty Hunter Gahl Green Monster Moss x2 From Day 3
Although I make my living from hunting, I am not part of the local hunting band. I am a bounty hunter, and I have come to test myself against the monsters of the Wildlands.

My greatest achievement has been to slay a single Chocobo Eater by myself—it was not easy, but I prevailed. So how about it? Are there any other warriors out there who think they can do better?

Reward: 800 gil, Black Chocobo Figurine, Purple Chocobo Figurine, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 1200 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Echoes of a Drum ★☆☆ Tradesman Nebro Green Leather x6 From Day 3
I've come from Yusnaan to purchase leather to repair our great drum, but none of the shops have any to sell.

In the past, I'd have turned to the hunters for help, but they have their hands full these days. Is anyone else brave enough to fight the Goblins and gather enough swatches of green leather?

Reward: 180 gil, Gadot's Red Emblem, Seadog's Beard, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 270 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

A Voice from Below ★☆☆ Explorer Marif Monster Mince x10 From Day 3
Someone, help me! I fell off a cliff and now I'm trapped. I spent days wandering this narrow valley looking for an exit, and I think I've finally found a place where I might climb out. The problem is, I haven't eaten a morsel in ages and I'm far too weak now. If only I could find some meat—specifically, the kind often found on Vali and Hanuman beasts—then I would recover enough strength to escape this death pit!
Reward: 200 gil, Thrilling Party Hat, Love-struck Party Hat, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Subsequent Reward: 300 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Two Together ★☆☆ Inkeeper Dayring Blossom x8, Moonsoul Bloom x6 Complete "Sun Flower" and "Moon Flower" quests (Day 3+)
In Aryas there are a brother and sister who are very close. Sadly, the sister has hurt her leg, and that means they're both stuck inside most of the day. I'd love to give them a gift of flowers to brighten their home. The dayring blossom flowers during the day, and the moonsoul bloom only at night. People say that if you put them in the same vase, neither will whither for an entire year.
Reward: 750 gil, White Flower, Pink Flower, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 1125 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Dumpling Cook-off ★★☆ Hunter Potts Monster Mince x15, Green Leather x15 Complete "Echoes of a Drum" and "A Voice from Below" quests
Chocobo Eaters continue to menace the Wildlands, but I have a plan to get rid of them once and for all. I will cook a batch of dumplings, lure the Chocobo Eaters into a trap, and then finish them off. I just need lots of monster mince from Valis and Hanumans and green leather from Goblins to make the bait.
Reward: 600 gil, Silvered Insignia, Bronze Medal, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 900 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

A Secret Wish ★★☆ May of Aryas Vibrant Ooze x20, Wonder Gel x10 Complete "Forget Me Not" and "A Word of Thanks" quest
I heard about a potion that can make you forget the dead—wipe them from your mind as if they never existed. All the sadness, all the pain, gone for good.

Well, I want some of that! Unfortunately, the recipe requires large amounts of vibrant ooze and wonder gel. Where am I supposed to find such things?

Reward: 700 gil, Summery Parasol, Pink Tattoo, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 1050 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Sylkis Secrets ★☆☆ Miss Warbler Gysahl Greens x3, Tantal Greens x2, Sylkis Greens x1 Complete "Chocobo Chow" quest (3+)
Hey, did you know that the moogles grow sylkis greens in their village? Apparently, if you leave a gift in the woods together with a note saying how many you want, they'll give you some of their crop. Sounds far-fetched to me—but boy, I'm in the mood for something crispy and leafy.

I want to make a salad with nothing but gysahl greens, tantal greens, and sylkis greens. I think it would taste divine. If only someone would bring me the ingredients...

Reward: 900 gil, Dusk Feather Pin, Dragon Hide Backpack, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 1350 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Hunting the Hunter ★★★ A Hungry Hunter Green Monster Moss x8 Complete "Hunter's Challenge" quest
Chocobos are big animals, but their mortal enemy, the Chocobo Eater, is even bigger. As hunters, our entire way of life depends on our chocobo steeds, and when a Chocobo Eater is on the prowl, our bellies go empty. These days, with Chocobo Eaters appearing all over the Wildlands, we are going very hungry indeed. Is there no one strong enough to drive off the menace?
Reward: 1300 gil, Red Chocobo Chick, Blue Chocobo Chick, Max HP +30, Strength +4, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 1950 gil, Max HP +15, Magic +3

Gatekeeper's Curiosity ★☆☆ Darius Slug Sweet x12 From Day 5
I serve as gatekeeper for the Jagd hunting band. Here in the woods, we're plagued by Rafflesia monsters. They produce little pellets of a sweet-smelling nectar called slug sweets. Now you'd think the butterflies and bees would be all over that nectar, but they don't seem interested.

Don't you find that curious? I do. So, do me a favor, would you? If you happen to come across any slug sweets, share a portion with me.

Reward: 120 gil, Medic Guard's Badge, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 180 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

What's in a Brew ★★★ Brewery Broker Arboreal Spore x10, Goopy Goo x20, Slug Sweet x50 Complete "Fresh Fertilizer", "Moghan's Plea", and "Gatekeeper's Curiosity" quests
The brewery is gearing up to produce another batch of its famous Bacchus's Brew, and I've been tasked with the securing of the ingredients—arboreal spores from Dryads, goopy goo from Triffids, and slug sweets from Rafflesias. But damn me if I can't find enough!
Reward: 1700 gil, Purple Chocobo Chick, Black Chocobo Chick, Max HP +30, Strength +3, Magic +5, Ether

Subsequent Reward: 2300 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +3

Brain Over Brawn ★★☆ Melnor the Inventor Sinister Fang x1 From Day 7
I've invented a revolutionary new trap to boost our monster hunting effectiveness. The design is complete, but I need better and stronger materials. Specifically, a sinister fang from the jaw of a Reaver. I has to be in good condition, and fangs like that are hard to find.
Reward: 650 gil, Shogun's Mustache, Politician's Beard, Max HP +20, Strength +3

Subsequent Reward: 980 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

A Prayer to a Goddess ★★★ Poltae Headman Sinister Fang x5, AMP Chip x5 Complete "For the Future" and "Brain Over Brawn" quests
We servants of the goddess wish only to live in harmony with the world and then die as nature intended. Unless, that is, nature intended us to be eaten alive by monsters—that is a fate we'd rather avoid! Monsters from the Chaos are roaming the land and menacing our way of life. We pray that a servant of the goddess will rid us of the crimson Reavers and the mechanical Aster Protoflorians.
Reward: 1600 gil, Cie'th Wings, Behemoth Crest, Max HP +30, Strength +4, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 2400 gil, Max HP +15, Strength +3

Dead Dunes[]

Name Difficulty Client Quest Item Availability
Flower in the Sands ★★☆ Bandit Marie Desert Rose x1 From Day 1
Has it been a year already, since he died? He proposed to me, just before it happened. Said he was going to take a Desert Rose gem from an Earth Eater, the romantic fool, and then I'd have no choice but to say yes. That was the last time we spoke. I don't know what kind of rock that Desert Rose is, but I'm sure it wasn't worth getting killed over.
Reward: 700 gil, PSICOM Air Medal, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 1050 gil, Maximum HP +10, Strength +2

Biologically Speaking ★☆☆ Professor Pannono Dried Scale x3 From Day 1
Very little is known of the biology of the Desert Sahagins, the strange creatures that swim among the dunes. Are they cousins of the water-dwelling sahagins? Or are they a breed apart, adapted for life in the sands? I cannot start to answer these questions until I have performed an analysis of the creature's biology. To do that, I need samples—even just a scale or two would suffice.
Reward: 200 gil, Long Gui's Shell, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 300 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Banned Goods ★☆☆ Bandit Psmith Goblot Hairball x8 From Day 1
I'm puttin' together booze ingredients for shippin' back to Yusnaan. I need Goblot hairballs, as many as ya can give me. 'Course, ya gotta kill the Goblots first to get the hairballs—but that won't be a problem for a seasoned bounty hunter, right? I'll make it worth yer while.
Reward: 240 gil, Lebreau's Rainbow Tattoo, Tribal Tattoo, Max HP +10, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 360 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Desert Cleanup ★★★ Bandit Rimmich Desert Rose x10, Dried Scale x30 Complete "Flower in the Sands" and "Biologically Speaking" quests
The order's come from the boss herself. We're supposed to clear the desert of every last Earth Eater and Desert Sahagin. And guess who's been put in charge of the whole operation? Me, that's who!

I've already got the gang members on the job, but now I'm instituting a bounty system, too. I'll pay for every monster killed, whether you're a bandit or not. Everyone's welcome to pitch in!

Reward: 1700 gil, Crystal Petal, Max HP +30, Strength +5, Magic +2, Ether

Subsequent Reward: 2300 gil, Max HP +15, Strength +3

Lucky Charm ★☆☆ Bounty Hunter Bosk Lizard Tail x3 Visit Yusnaan once
I'm heading off to a dangerous place, and I'd like to take a little something to ward off evil. It sure would make me feel better if I had some dried lizard tails.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Maybe it's just stupid superstition, but the bandits claim they really work, and well, where I'm going, I need all the luck I can get my hands on!

Reward: 400 gil, Pumpkin Head, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 600 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

A New Application ★★☆ Barkeep Lizard Tail x20 Complete "Family Food" quest in Yusnaan
You've heard about the lizard tails, right? Well, if you dry 'em out and hang them around your neck, they're supposed to keep misfortune at bay. Prices have gone through the roof and the bandits are rakin' it in.

Well, that got me thinking. Maybe I could turn lizard tails into a menu item. You know, while they're all trendy and everything. All I need is for someone to deliver me a stash, and I can get to cooking. Who knows, maybe Gordon Gourmet will drop by to sample 'em!

Reward: 1600 gil, Craftsman's Beard, Regent's Mustache, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 2300 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Supply and Demand ★☆☆ Merchant Dolph Lizard Tail x5 Complete "Lucky Charm" quest (Day 3+)
Suddenly, everyone in the desert seems to want a ward against evil made out of lizard tails. They claim that the tails keep monsters away and will make you immune to injury. Well, I don't know about that, but what I do know is they're selling like crazy. I ran out of stock in five minutes! Damn me if this isn't a golden opportunity to make some serious gil—if only someone can get me more lizard tails!
Reward: 800 gil, Dandy's Mustache, Servant's Mustache, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 1200 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Pride and Greed I ★☆☆ Bandit Moogor Yellowed Skull x3 From Day 3
Me and my bandit buddy Reglan are having a contest. The rules are simple—whoever collects the most yellowed skulls wins. And that's gonna be me, or my name ain't Moogor! Now, some might call this cheating...but, whatever! Can someone donate their spare yellowed skulls to my cause? Please? I'd be a helluva lot grateful if you did.
Reward: 300 gil, Commissioned Pilot's Badge, PSICOM Medic Medal, Max HP +20, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 450 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

For My Child ★★☆ Mattisse Cactuar Doll x1 From Day 3
I was told on good authority that you can get Cactuar dolls from Cactuars, so I naturally thought the desert would be littered with the things. Or, at least, the merchants would have some to sell.

Well, was I ever wrong! I promised my boy I'd get him one, so I can't go back empty-handed. What am I going to do?

Reward: 500 gil, Cactuar Figurine, Mint Chip Ice Cream, Max HP +20, Magic +3

Subsequent Reward: 360 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Climbing the Ranks I ★☆☆ Bandit Zellio Dead Man's Teeth x5 From Day 3
As a bandit, you've gotta prove your mettle if you want to move up the ranks. The boss is big on merit-based promotion, and that means beating monsters, among other things.

So, anyway. Me and my mates are having a little competition to see who can collect the most dead man's teeth from Skeletons. I aim to win—especially as there ain't nothing in the rules that says I can't get someone else to do the Skeleton-slaying for me!

Reward: 200 gil, Replica PSICOM Epaulet, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 300 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Climbing the Ranks II ★★☆ Bandit Boddel Dead Man's Teeth x20 Complete "Climbing the Ranks I" quest
That Zellio's gettin' a big head. He says he slew a bunch of Skeletons and now he's sittin' on a stonkin' big pile of dead man's teeth. Damn. How'd he do it? I bet he filched them from an adventurer. Not that it matters, though. He's got this contest in the bag if I don't find a stash of dead man's teeth of my own.
Reward: 600 gil, PSICOM Mobile Medal, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 750 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Miracle Vintage ★★☆ Bandit Tapp Pot Shard x10 From Day 4
Have you ever seen pot pieces? I mean fragments from the pots that Schrodingers hang out in. Well, spacetime is all twisted inside those things. It's the kwan-tum in tangle mint, or something like that. The point is, I've been told by reliable sources that if you pour cheap wine into a re-assembled pot, it'll instantly become 1000-year-old vintage. I've gotta try that! Just need to find some pot shards...
Reward: 500 gil, Yellow Bow Tie, Canned PuPu Logo, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 900 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Heightened Security ★★☆ Armorer Coxilla Organic Carapace x1 From Day 4
So the order's come down from the gang bigwigs that we've gotta tighten security around here—turns out them priests from Luxerion are tryin' to muscle in on our turf. We gotta post more lookouts and stock up on weapons, and do it fast. But where am I gonna get the supplies? I mean, for starters, I need an organic carapace. That ain't easy. You know how big those Gurangatches are?
Reward: 700 gil, Replica PSICOM Emblem, Bandage, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 900 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

The Real Client ★★☆ Bandit Lilly Goblot Hairball x10, Pot Shard x5 Complete "Banned Goods" and "Miracle Vintage" quests
Hey, can someone help me? I know a person who wants certain rare ingredients to use as catalysts in an alchemy experiment. Apparently, they'll pay good money for the stuff. So, if you have any hairballs from Goblots or pieces of a Schrodinger's pot, give them to me, would you? I'll make it worth your while...
Reward: 600 gil, Blue Newsboy Cap, NORA Logo, Max HP +20, Magic +3

Subsequent Reward: 380 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Bandits' New Weapon ★★★ Gunsmith Mannon Organic Carapace x5, Cactuar Doll x5 Complete "For My Child" and "Heightened Security" quests
Those damned Order priests are up to something again. Bunch of their lackeys were spotted moving along the main road, so we've been told to arm up, and fast. I can make a good gun, but I need organic carapaces from Gurangatches and Cactuar dolls from Cactuars. This is a golden opportunity to get myself noticed by the gang bigwigs, and I don't want to let it slip through my fingers!
Reward: 1300 gil, Electric Guitar, Yellow Propeller, Max HP +30, Strength +2, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 2300 gil, Max HP +15, Strength +3

Pride and Greed II ★☆☆ Bandit Reglan Yellowed Skull x5 Complete "Pride and Greed I" quest; Unlocked on Day 7
Young Moogor and I are having a competition to see who can collect the most yellowed skulls. I don't know how the little bastard did it, but he's collected a huge pile of the things.

I've been mentoring that kid since he was a snot-nosed punk, and if he beats me now he'll start thinking he's better than me. I can't have that. Can anyone help me? Please? My pride is on the line here!

Reward: 500 gil, Gadot's Blue Emblem, Dark Knight's Shades, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 750 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Pride and Greed III ★★☆ Bandit Coconan Yellowed Skull x20 Complete "Pride and Greed II" quest; Unlocked on Day 9
Now, I'm in a bit of a pickle. The Alchemic Society has put a large order for yellowed skulls. They're a valued customer so I can't turn them down, but I've got a real problem trying to fill the order.

Turns out some of the younger bandits have been collecting skulls left, right, and center, and there are barely any left in the desert. It's going to take some serious hiking to find more...

Reward: 1500 gil, Staff of Judgment, White Guitar, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 2250 gil, Max HP +15, Strength +2

A Treasure for a God ★★☆ Priest Menot Pilgrim's Crux x3 On completion of main quest 4-5
The high priestess has commanded that we recover three Pilgrim's Cruxes from the desert and offer them to the sacred statue. The priestess has made it known that God spoke to her personally and made the request, so I cannot possibly return to her empty-handed. But how am I supposed to find three little cruxes in the sprawling sands?
Reward: 600 gil, Sky Blue Silk Hat, Max HP +10, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 900 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1


Name Difficulty Client Quest Item Availability
Shoot for the Sky ★★☆ An Engineer Broken Gyroscope x1 From Day 2
I dream of rebuilding an old airship and taking to the sky one more time. A foolish fancy it may be, but I've been collecting airship parts for centuries now. I just heard about a downed airship in the north of the Wildlands that's in pretty good shape—but I can't get there by foot. Too bad, because I'd love to salvage the gyroscope from the wreck, broken or otherwise.
Reward: 1300 gil, Gold Windup Key, Afro, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 2000 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Where Moogles Be ★★☆ Dreaming Nonnoh Moogle Dust x1 On completion of "Saving an Angel" quest in the the Wildlands
I'm in shock. Shock, I tell you! I overheard my father whispering that somewhere in the Jagd Woods stands a small village inhabited by—wait for it—moogles!

Can you believe it? If I was a bit older, I'd go to the Wildlands right now and look for proof of the moogles' existence. Not that I'd expect to find any!

Reward: 1000 gil, Nymph Wings, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 1500 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Fading Prayer ★☆☆ A.Z. Old-Fashioned Photo Frame x1 On completion of "Saving an Angel" quest in the Wildlands
Where am I? What is this place? It's so dark here. Am I in the Chaos? If so, then I must already be dead.

Who was I? What did I look like? If only I could see a photograph of how I once was, perhaps I would remember what I am. I was a scientist, I'm sure. Perhaps in the Research Camp, someone will have known me...

Reward: 800 gil, Crystal Star, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 1200 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Seeing the Dawn ★☆☆ Young Padd Lapis Lazuli x1 Complete "A Man for a Chocobo" quest in Yusnaan
Up for a game? There's this hotel in the Reveler's Quarter of Yusnaan. You should know which one. Anyway, every night at seven o'clock, I leave my lapis lazuli there, but only until four in the morning, when I take it back again. I'm going to keep doing this until someone claims it. As for why—well, that's part of the game. You'll have to collect the lapis first if you want to know.
Reward: 800 gil, Urban Shades, Max HP +10, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 1200 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Key to Her Heart ★☆☆ Chocolina Beloved's Gift x1 Complete main quest 5-3
If you want the soul fragment that's inside me, you need to find the key—a precious coin that was a gift from my beloved. Well, I say it was precious, but wouldn't you know it, I dropped it somewhere! Silly me.

I'm pretty sure that "somewhere" is at one end of the main road that connects the Wildlands to the Dead Dunes. I've searched and searched, but haven't been able to find it.

Reward: 1000 gil, Chocobo Girl's Cap, Max HP +10, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 1500 gil, Max HP +5, Strength +1

Staying Sharp ★☆☆ Blacksmith Dray Power Booster x1 Complete "Death Safari" quest in Yusnaan
Some scoundrel has nicked my power booster, when I need it to hone the sacred swords in the Order's collection! I bet the culprit was one of the Yusnaan workmen, but Bhunivelze only know where they dropped it. The booster comes on automatically at 11 AM, and the indicator light stays lit until 4 PM. That should make it easier to find...
Reward: 800 gil, Silver Windup Key, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 1200 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Digging Mysteries ★★☆ Archaeologist Davia Golden Scarab x1 Accept "What Rough Beast Slouches" quest in the Dead Dunes
Bandits are not the only ones drawn to the ruins of the Dead Dunes: archaeologists and historians are, too. I have heard that one such scholar has managed to get into the Temple Ruins via the south entrance.

He reports that there are archaeological relics there that have not been plundered by the bandits. Oh, how I would love to examine them—even one would be enough!

Reward: 1400 gil, Gold Anchor, Adamantoise Shell, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 2100 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

A Girl's Challenge ★☆☆ Righteous Liv Proof of Courage x1 Complete main quest 1-5
I heard some girl claiming that she's the savior, but I don't believe her for one minute. Lumina told me that the true savior has a way to hear my silent prayers. Which means you can hear this. What I want is for the savior to come to the Cathedral Plaza in the holy district and collect the Proof of Courage. If you get this message, you must be the real deal—which means you shouldn't be afraid of the dark, right?
Reward: 600 gil, Silver Medal, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 900 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

What's Left Behind ★☆☆ Lesia Violet Amulet x1 Complete main quest 1-5
Oh dear, oh dear. What to do? I've lost my violet amulet!

If only I could remember where I had it last. I think it was...yes, yes! Near Luxerion's South Station. I had it then. I sat down at one of the tables on the terrace...and then I didn't have it anymore. That must be where I left it!

Reward: 800 gil, Purple Flower, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 1200 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Forbidden Tome ★★☆ Alchemist Matheux Etro's Forbidden Tome x1 Complete main quest 3-3
In the Wildlands lies a secluded village called Poltae, inhabited by worshipers of the goddess Etro who devote themselves to lives of pious contemplation.

Somewhere in that village, I have been told, can be found Etro's Forbidden Tome, a book that records a prophecy that has been kept secret for many long centuries.

Reward: 1200 gil, Silver Chocobo Chick, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 1800 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Roadworks I[note 1] ★☆☆ Works Manager Dent Proof of Unlocking the Light Gate x1, Proof of Unlocking the Green Gate x1 From Day 9
The main road connecting Luxerion and the Wildlands had long been closed, but we just got permission to open it again. If you're so anxious to travel it, you can do the honors, if you want.

I'll give you the key for the gates on either end, in Luxerion and the Wildlands. All you need to do is unlock them and bring me back the "proofs of unlocking" so I can raise the shutters.

Reward: 800 gil, Ul'dahn Blade, Ul'dahn Crest, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Subsequent Reward: 1200 gil, Max HP +5, Magic +1

Roadworks II[note 1] ★★☆ Works Manager Ford Key to the Green Gate x1, Key to the Sand Gate x1 From Day 9
The main road connecting the Wildlands and the Dead Dunes has been closed for a while, but we just got permission to open it again. If you're that anxious to use it, you can help me out. I need the keys to open the gates at each end. One key is by the massive ruin atop Aryas Hill, the other near the Oasis Lighthouse. Bring them here once you've found them.
Reward: 1200 gil, Gridanian Sword, Gridanian Sigil, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

Subsequent Reward: 1800 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2

Roadworks III[note 1] ★★☆ Works Manager Zaphod Oath of the Merchant's Guild x1, Bandit's Bloodseal x1 From Day 9
The higher-ups have ordered the road connecting Yusnaan and the Dead Dunes to be reopened. The Yusnaan Merchants Guild and the desert bandits have signed oaths swearing not to smuggle prohibited goods,so help them God. Find the Oath of the Merchants Guild and the Bandit's Bloodseal and bring them to me.

Hint: Check one of the Shrines of the Tablet and the Underground Route in Yusnaan.

Reward: 1200 gil, Lominsan Cutlass, Lominsan Escutcheon, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

Subsequent Reward: 1800 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +2

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The Canvas of Prayers requests that unseal the world's highways belong to NPCs named Ford, Dent, and Zaphod. This alludes to Ford Prefect, Arthur Dent, and Zaphod Beeblebrox, three major characters in the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy franchise.